Addendum on Time Wasters and No-Shows

Two flakes here in Philly have reminded me of a class of time waster I’d overlooked when I wrote “Red Flags: Time Wasters & No-Shows,” but I remember them now…

The young and the beautiful: Clients under 30 years old, students of any age, and self-professed hot guys are extraordinarily likely to flake. Although a few will follow through, most of these are looking to get their egos stroked by getting a discount or freebie. If you agree, you have lost money; however, if you don’t relent, you are likely to get stood up. Beware of any client who tells you in some way that you will be lucky/glad/turned on by how young or beautiful he is. I take it with a grain of salt when “hot” people try to work me for their egos’ sakes. I am lucky/glad/turned on to have respectful, reliable clients. You would be best doing what I do: Schedule the young and the beautiful only if your itinerary is already full, and you can afford it when they flake out (which is why I am more amused than angry right now).

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. I still think there should be a school for escorts or a course (and no I am not joking or making light of this) because you advice is valuable.

    I still think also from a client’s point of view I know you operate differently but when you ring to ask them if they are top/bottom or will do this or that you can get hung up on. Escorts to me must accept that their clients will likely be old, fat and ugly (not all obviously) because as I said in a previous posting, the attitude here in Australia is contempt for most clients of male escorts. Must be a cultural thing because the ones I have met have said the pitfalls of the job are that dreamy clients never contact me. Give me a break I tell them why are you doing this then? They shrug and go life is unfair.

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  2. I have to disagree with your connection between “students of any age” and flaking out because they want a discount or freebie simply to have their egos stroked. I am full time student, a phd student now in fact, and there is a very attractive and sweet “Escort” guy in my town. For years I have always wanted to spend time with him, but I can never afford it. He knows how much I admire him and all, and he knows how bad I feel that I cant afford it. Course I also dont beg him to give me a discount or anything, and I’ve never scheduled anything with him either. Basically, I’m just saying that a student can have a good valid reason for flaking out. Its still not right of course, but dont lump it in with the assholes who are just full of themselves and want an ego stroke.

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    • Hey PJ! You bring up the good point that there is usually room for gray in a black and white world; however, I would point out 1) that you didn’t schedule anything, so you never stood your companion up, and 2) that I said there’s an overwhelming (but not absolute) likelihood that the young and beautiful will flake. I have had a few of the young and a couple of the beautiful keep their appointments as scheduled; however, I cannot change my assertion based on your good intentions and my few exceptions. As a cautionary consideration to other escorts I must maintain that the young and beautiful are a class to be treated with a fair bit of skepticism.

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      • Young and beautiful yes.. but a student is a different class. That was my point. Student’s can have extenuating circumstances, rather than wanting an ego stroke. For a student I would say the likely reason they would flake is a lack of money or fear (not out, etc etc). I know that for me, if I had the chance to meet a guy like you, I’d probably find stuff to pawn just so I could afford it lmao! And def not asking to change your assertion. I understand and agree. Its a business and you gotta do what you gotta do.

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        • You just clarified the point I was going to treat. 😉 xoxo I should be lucky to continue meeting people as considerate as you.

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        • PJ, Tampa Bay

          I truly understand what you are saying. I was in that student category at one time. But if you are a student and dealing with the cost of your education, how do you ask a quality person (who is an escort) to become less than his values reflect. Everything in life has priorities. Right now edcuation may be the priority (and there is nothing wrong with that).

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          • Bob, I never said a student should ask a quality escort to become less. I said I agreed that one should not give them a discount for such services. My point was that there is a difference between them being broke and wanting a discount and the young and beautiful wanting their egos stroked lol And education being a priority or not, even student’s have needs :p

            Devon.. thank you sweetie. I wish I could be lucky to meet a guy like you in RL 🙂

  3. I think this is another set of examples that apply to any business. Although, you are certainly young and beautiful yourself there Devon— with a much better mind and outlook than most of your contemporaries!


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  4. Some in my city offer student discounts but I think it is because they are body fascist pigs they want the young and hung so they lower their prices. I know one of them personally who runs a massage service which usually ends up with lifting the legs for a different massage.

    BTW Devon hope you read this an update. I have now allowed you to do films with Paul Wagner but don’t you dare do anything with my new husband Heath Jordan 😉

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  5. It still surprises me that you have to deal with so many different clients who are likely to flake and make you fall short on that investment of time and sometimes money.

    It seems porn industry specific. Is it? Or are there other examples that have a similar sort of issue?

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