Guest Writer: “In Winter” by Josh O’Hara

Quite some time back, I did an interview with former Titan Man, Josh O’Hara. Since that time he and I have become good friends, and I enjoy seeing him every visit to San Francisco. He’s a beautiful man, but I think we as a community should start distinguishing what we mean by that. When I say Josh is beautiful, it is because he is as kind, good, and intelligent as he is handsome. Here is a poem he wrote (some of the imagery of which reminds me of my Valentine haiku from February, 2010). I love it, and I hope you do, too.

“In Winter”
by Josh O’Hara

In winter,
there will be no children passing from my door
to play in the hinterland of the summer stricken fields.

The dandelions will continue-

as they have for centuries,

to slumber on hilltops


winds rage through a cold,

and wild Nantucket.

Summer is a fable here.

While calmly,

I contemplate the rising heat from your skin
that swirls into the glacial sky.

I am struck by the beauty that is you


I can begin to imagine
what it would be like:

To hold your hand through an Indian Summer.

Bending low. Leaning low.
Though not breaking-

Yet, falling still-

my petals

scatter with the wind

Casting me into the wilderness

Of you.

Author: Devon Hunter

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    • Isn’t it lovely? Like so many of the men I have known: A strange balance between hot and cold.

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      • Great Poem! Expresses feeling and insight as well as the reality of the unpedictablity of nature.

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  1. Edgar Allan Poe defined poetry as “….the rhythmical creation of beauty in words.” I cannot think of a more fitting description for what Josh has written.

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  2. LOL Just goes to prove what I already knew, porn stars are more than just beautiful bodies and faces. People tend to try and make escorts and porn stars into being 1 dimensional objects, but I have found that the ones I have met and actually had a chance to talk to, are some of the most beautiful people on the inside, with some pretty deep thoughts (you included). Keep raising awareness my friend.
    Love you.

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