Six months later…

I just wanted to give an update on all this. I was in the middle of shooting my scene at HotHouse with Gavin Waters when I got the email from a reader informing me about Sean Cody and QueerClick revealing my legal name. A minute later Gavin got the text telling him that his ex girlfriend had outed him as a porn model. That was an interesting scene to try to finish. I’ve never been able to watch it. I can look at each moment and remember too much about what I was actually feeling, and I don’t want to go back to that space. It’s a porn time capsule that I would prefer to leave buried.

When it all went down I have to admit I was a bit overwhelmed; however, I took time to myself as I needed, and around September the noise finally buzzed itself out. At any rate, I ended up doing almost a dozen videos last year, despite the predictions of Sean Cody’s disciples. It was funny for them to say, “You’ll never work again!” because I could reply, “The scene with (insert model name) is going great today!” LOL I had a flourishing year as a companion, and I got to spend lots of time with high quality friends and clients. Except for that “blip,” 2010 was an amazing year. I even got engaged on December 21, but that symbolic process is already described on my blog. Also, I am one payment away from bringing the balance to ZERO on the $30k fraud from my last boyfriend (whom I left in October 2006). Yes, I’m doing just fine without Sean Cody.

So, 2011 started with a visit from a great friend from Minneapolis. The day I took her back to the airport, however, my Grampa passed away. It’s kinda amazing how you pull energy and inspiration from life’s various experiences. It’s taken some weeks to get back into balanced head space, but I’m feeling amazing again. I’m so happy! There’s both good and bad stress, you know? At any rate, I’m feeling very energized, and I have all sorts of creative projects in mind. Specifically I am working on getting the dance company involved in performances outside our home geographic region, putting the plans together to start a gay-affirming adult media company (the home video I shot with DavidSF was an experiment in minimalism that I enjoyed), and collaborating with a composer friend to create an album of spoken word, poetry, songs, and other audio treats. I’m also achieving my goal of seeing fewer clients for longer appointments, and THAT is wonderful: There is so much more to exchange in those types of meetings. If you book only 1-hours, consider going longer with the guys you like: There’s so much more to gain.

Anyway, I plan in the future to give Sean Cody and the other homophobic “amateur” sites a nice square punch in the gut (and yes, some of the other sites are just as bad). Competition is beautiful, yes? They have stopped their vagina monologues at the beginning of the scenes at Sean Cody, because I was a “gold star gay” in their ass. I am quite proud to have embarrassed them into doing what is right. The day I finally get this media company going online, I am quite happy to say that I don’t see how they’ll be able to show their faces in public once my business model, process, and structure are known. Their intent in revealing my legal name was to ruin me; however, they don’t know the first thing about me, if they think I respond to bullying by running away. Six months ago they started the process of ruining themselves, because they inadvertently inspired me to make work better than their own.

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Devon,

    The information & insight you provide is invaluable! I enjoy reading every new entry. The positive energy you put forth to everyone is greatly appreciated 🙂

    Peace,Love & Light

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  2. Devon,

    You are a man of conviction. It was once said: “A leader is anyone who has two characteristics: he going somewhere; second, he is able to persuade other people to go with him.” Success is in your future for anything you want to accomplish.

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  3. Can. Not. FUCKING WAIT!

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  4. Despite life’s ups and downs, it’s great hearing that you are feeling such balance in your life. Your focus is an inspiration. Best to you.

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  5. Irony: I’m staying in the same hotel here in San Francisco as I was when I wrote the Know Before You Go series, the entry about the labyrinths at the Cathedral down the block, and the artisan chocolates at Christopher Elbow. Strange that I would be revisiting the same space physically for this “anniversay” as I was intellectually only a couple days ago. Another irony: It’s the exact same temperature today as it was back then, with the same beautiful sunshine, and yet today seems even brighter and more beautiful. Perhaps I need to go visit Christopher Elbow to commemorate these “coincidences.”

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  6. Just a general comment, I think there are two sides to every story BUT why is it that people both on personal and professional levels use the internet to hurt and damage people, despite the growing controls and trans national laws on defamation?

    Look I have been a cyber bully. I am anti it, it is real but to me maybe most of the world won’t care where your dick has gone, but being outed privately especially to family, friends and business associates is a coward bullying act. I am just shocked that a busines can be so bitchy. One day they will find the audience has moved on and new models and studios will come online. Don’t they want to survive forever? I don’t know the facts, it is not my business but to me it’s cowardly to hide behind screens and mobile phones say things and then run and hide. Pisses me off.

    BTW Devon I now give you permission to do a scene with Paul Wagner 😉 i’ve moved on 😉 but I still won’t look if you do it. However, if you do another scene with Rusty Stevens PLEASE bottom ok 🙂 Thanks.


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