It gets better… but WHEN?

RIP Lance Lundsten. He was on the verge of graduating from Jefferson High School in Minnesota.

I just read that yet another gay teen has committed suicide because of bullying, this time in Minnesota. I very much applaud the “It Gets Better” campaign, and I am especially glad that attention is being focused (finally) on this ongoing crisis within the LGBT community; however, I am getting tired quickly of being patient with a matrix that empowers homophobic bullies at the expense of people’s lives. It really is completely unacceptable in a “civilized” nation that this is even tolerated. It’s ironic that I would say this just as Martin Luther King’s day is closing out, but at what point does Malcom Q stand up and start hitting back? I am not Christian, and I do not hold with “turning the other cheek.” Those words sound nice on paper, but part of me wishes gay kids would beat the shit out of breeder bullies with a lot more frequency.

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Why does any person feel that they have a right to take an education and a life away from this young man (becuase of ignorance.) “On the verge of graduating”, what a crime to have cauae this young man from getting on with his life. The fundamental question raised is, Could these bullying acts have been avoided had school educators exercised the proper standard of care? Due care requires that school officials excercise the same degree of care that a person of ordinary prudence would exercise under the same or similiar circumtsances. This standard will vary depending on the degree of risk involved. There were high rish factors in this case with possibly a higher level of indifference from others who were in positions who could do something. The results are sad. I agree with Devon’s reaction. But, all kids in Lance’s circunstances cannot fight back to respond and resort to self-inflicted injuries to escape bullying behavior on “the verge of graduating from” school. Where was the care that Lance needed?

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  2. looks like such a happy kid…i wish someone could have just held him through his last dark time, and maybe got him, so sad. i am in total agreement with you–christian forbearance was probably a good idea in ancient rome, but nowadays fuckers need the shit kicked out of them sometimes. and i’m not a violent person, generally.

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  3. On a slightly different note, gay men do it to each other. Chat rooms like gaydar leave a trail of broken friendships as gossip reigns. It is very very important to address bullying like this. Just be mindful that it is happening between gay and lesbians as well, not just straight society and gay society.

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    • Michael- Your point is well taken. Although hidden, it is happening in schools. Technology has made it easier and possibly more effective. No matter what, it is still very sad.

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  4. Life is beautiful, yet fragile. We need to work together to form a better support network for those in abusive situations to help life sustain itself in spite of hate.

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  5. Hey Devon.
    Bullying is bad no matter who its being done to. Since we haven’t had much chance to get together in your whirlwind of a life recently…you probably didn’t realize that I started an anti-bullying awareness group. “Love over Hate”. Its goal is to raise awareness and educate against bullying of any kind, not just against gay teens, but for everyone. We hope to record as many short messages from those who have been bullied and show that those of us that have faced bullying as children often go on to have great lives as adults. There will also be as usual with me a photo campaign as well…but we can talk about that more later… Love ya.

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