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Here’s a fun post. Nothing of any real depth. I just thought it was cool that a pic of me got posted on 🙂

I just go back from a nice massage after a short trip to DC. The dance company had a performance this past Friday night (we did a dance using “The Seven Deadly Sins” as a theme), and so I could do only a short visit up north this weekend. I do like the road trips to DC and Atlanta: I get to sing (badly) for several hours there and back. San Francisco next! (No singing on the planes…)

Just so you know: I have appreciated the support and condolences from all of you over the last few weeks, and everything my friends, family, and readers have done to be supportive has helped me heal since Grampa’s passing. He will always be missed, but I am back to feeling optimistic, energetic, and happy. It isn’t disrespectful to Grampa that I “already” am not sad anymore: I am a better person for having known him for 34 years. Being the person he helped me become is part of his legacy (and that gift would be squandered in sadness). So I dedicated all my (bad) singing to him on the drive home today. I’m sure he was smiling patiently somewhere…

Have a great week everyone!

UPDATE: 02/02/11 – Happy Imbolc! Here’s the back side.

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. That pic is hot so rugged

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  2. As all images of you that is hot. Grandpa is singing along with bouts of laughter with you no doubt.

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  3. damn.. i love it when you have facial hair. its my biggest turn on lol

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