All I want for X-mas is Method Dance to make art

Hello friends and lovely readers!! I have gotten questions asking what I want as a present for the holidays, and I wish I’d thought of this sooner: I need and want for nothing. My business has allowed me to surpass all my goals for the year. I am blessed to have everything I need and want for myself; however, one of the most amazing dancers/choreographers I have ever met is doing a fundraiser, and if you could give me anything that I would want, it would be to help this little dance company grow into a bigger one. I went to UCLA with Bradley Michaud (see a nice interview with him here), and I know him to be an artist whose work is exciting and intelligent. Please, consider helping me to help him! I’ve already given the gift that will push them past their goal and secure ALL their funding, but why not add a little more to the pot? 🙂

Thanks for considering it!

Click here to add your gift to their fund raising contribution system via’s secure processing system BEFORE THE CUT OFF DATE OF January 1, 2011.

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Happy Holidays sexxxy….wishing you and yours all the best this holiday season.

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