The Perfect Affirmation

In “The Master Key System,” Charles Haanel asserts that “when Truth appears every form of error or discord must necessarily disappear.” He created a mantra that touches every aspect of self improvement:

“I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.”

Wow! Now THAT is saying something worth saying. But I was having a helluva time remembering it, which made it a mantra I couldn’t repeat without stumbling…

So I approached it as if I were still an educator, and I was my own pupil. I realized that this list is a hierarchy of need (with wholeness as the foundation upon which all other expressions of positivity rest). With this in mind I created the following explanation for myself, and now I can recite The Perfect Affirmation just fine:

  • Being whole implies not only totality and completeness, but also integration and proper function. If all seven components of wellness (click here to see them) are balanced, then wholeness is achieved. This wholeness then becomes synonymous with perfection.
  • Perfection is not static (because life isn’t either!), and although we can be perfect one moment we may not be the next. Evolving constantly within wholeness recreates new incarnations of perfection.
  • All this evolving requires endurance and determination, so when we establish periods of perfection (and thus wholeness), we are using the expanding strength endowed to us.
  • The ability to focus and use strength to create change is, in itself, what defines power: Powerful people create change, both within themselves and throughout the world.
  • The most powerful emotions are love and fear; however, fear cannot come from the “wholeness->perfection->strength->power” chain reaction. This must mean that being whole leads to being loving. If you feel fear, as opposed to love, then something is askew. Make your adjustments in the circuit, and let the love flow, baby!
  • Whereas fear is ultimately going to create noise/frustration/struggle, love is a source of harmony unto itself. But remember this: Harmony is not playing the same note as what already exists. That would simply be layering the note that already reverberates. Harmony adds something different, but constructive and augmenting. YOU add something meaningful when you are whole->perfect->strong->powerful->loving. When you are harmonious, you don’t sing middle-C when someone else sings middle-C. You sing Eb/E, F/F#, G, or Ab/A. You bring something synergistic to what is already happening.
  • Extending the musical metaphor for a moment: Harmony is the part of a song or composition that augments the melody and makes you feel something positive beyond the basic good. It’s what adds dimension to the melody. Have you ever heard a song that makes your face crack open with a smile because of a moment that feels so luscious? That’s the happy that grows out of the harmony (which grew out of the love, which grew out of the power, which grew out of the strength, which grew out of the perfection, which grew out of the wholeness).

Whew! Well… For what it’s worth: Makes sense to me…

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. I have been reading the Master Key System for 4 months now. Does not work, however, bare with me, it might be working for you and if so that is wonderful. I guess the lesson here is one has to be ready: no matter how much life gives hints or how much you are told, it will work only if allowing it to. And i’m sorry I am not there yet.

    But what I find really good is the concept of fear and what it brings. I think with the GFC we manafested the ills of economics and social issues. Now if that is the case, can we manafest illness through fear? That is the bit I am still trying to work out, but importantly, how to replace fear with love. I’ll get there 😉

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  2. This is why I like coming to your blog and reading what you have to say. always well written, also insightfull. (I think I spelled that right) You write and post things that have a deeper meaning and make one think about himself and the world around him…Well done!!

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  3. what a lovely man.. mind and body

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  4. Devon, in what circumstance do you use this mantra…meditation, times of stress/uncertainty/peace??? Now, knowing how I feel about you, I wonder why you’d feel the need for this or any mantra. Unless, of course, in that gorgeous head of yours exists doubt about the presence of wholeness, perfection, strength, power, love, harmony, happiness. Or is the whole thing about the pursuit? For me, that raises the pivotal question of…Truth. Whose truth? Is my truth about myself, in fact reality? Is my brain capable of objective truth with regard to myself? I think my truth about you is not the same as your truth about you. Maybe this is all so personal; reality doesn’t matter? Is only personal truth germane? But then, what about the murderer/sadist/thief/slanderer/liar who uses this mantra? Can they use it meaningfully? When you consider the cellular, chemical, electrical structure of the brain, the implications are disturbing.
    My last two blatherings concern perfection/fear. Perfect? Really? If I say I’m perfect, mustn’t I be fooling myself? Can perfection ever be achieved? Though, you know that, in my truth, I believe it can, and I’d present you as proof. Fear…are we referring to fear in relationships? Fear in not achieving “The Perfect Affirmation”? Fear about the avalanche hurtling toward you down the mountainside? Fear of the perception of others? Is it really possible for the human animal to supplant fear with unconditional love of/for all?
    Well, maybe I’m too much the skeptic or cynic, and in the end, all that matters is: “Whew! Well…For what it’s worth: Makes sense to me…” And if that allows you to express yourself so beautifully in all venues…Well, ‘doesn’t make sense to me, but thank the powers to be that it does to you! And while I don’t think you’ve changed my thinking, you certainly caused me pause…to give my status quo a good shaking…which needs to be done every now and again. Thanks!
    Rob xoxo

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    • Hey Rob,

      I use this mantra to start and end my days on a positive note. By saying this and concentrating on what I mean by it (and why it is true) I find that my mood improves, I have a moment of gratitude, and genally have a great seay by starting off how I want before i even get out of bed. I also do it before I fall asleep, because I find my last thoughts before sleep influence my mood upon waking. It’s my way of starting the next day well in advance.

      Perception is everything: Most people have the moments you have described, and I am definitely not an exception, especially in the presence of other models, dancers, and escorts. This mantra helps me come back to that place of center.

      As for Truth: I believe there are both personal and universal truths. Personal truths are influenced by perception and the influence of universal truths, whereas universal truths exist independent of our opinions about them. I think we CAN see ourselves as we are, and that being dissatisfied with what we find is what leads us through the difficult processes of growing as people.

      In terms of the destructive person you mentioned: I believe this is infinitely more complex than what we could discuss here; however, I do believe it is too simplistic to glibly say, “Everything exists as a balance.” It’s too easy to say, “Destruction exists so we can appreciate creation.” Really? And what is there beyond that? I think that the destructive person is expressing symptoms of various imbalances, so I don’t consider him whole (which means he never progresses into the next parts of the mantra). And what if this person do not agree and sees himself as whole? Well… At some point along this circuit of positivity he will see (if he is being honest in his self-reflection) that something is remiss. Even if he can justify his actions within himself, he cannot be reconciled to the social aspect of integrated wellness. This imbalance creates isolation and then the other components of wellness are negatively affected. Once that happens he cannot be whole, and the rest falls apart.

      As for perfection: Yes, we can attain it, but we cannot maintain it. But the striving to come back to it is the motive and the reward.

      in reference to Fear: If Love is an overarching term for all that is Good that has been integrated into a personal experience of happiness, then Fear is an amalgamation of everything that undermines it. As to whether or not a single individual can achieve total Love: Again, I say yes, but only for moments here and there. Experiencing it makes us yearn to get it again. Why strive for something you know nothing of? If you want love, happiness, or anything else that is good, it must be because you know what you’re missing if you don’t have it.

      Michael: You said something important. “I am not ready.” That says everything you need to say. Making yourself aware of different methods or practices for creating your happiness may be all you can do FOR NOW. However, at some point you will be ready, and then the collected knowledge you have about yourself and your needs will make it possible for you to be exactly as content as you choose to be. It’s a process, just like any form of fitness training, so be patient in your persistence.

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  5. Devon thanks that’s what I am doing. Sometimes being 45, coming from being very fat and bad relationships, plus my crazy idea to get into Academia (maybe I should do fat porn LOL be easier) I get scared that my time on earth is running out. However, I persist and I do notice some bits along the way – say a hot guy I do, or I get a published paper, or my cm’s off my waist keep going. So I am very open to Law of Attraction, Master Key etc and am working with those beliefs and things to move towards what path I need to be on. I suppose I am just a bit impatient sometimes that it is not working. Although a christmas card from Paul Wagner would be nice 🙂

    But thanks Devon it is such an honour to find your blog and read over the past few months your views.


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  6. Still a bit delirious from an all nighter eclipsing. So, I’ll try not to ramble. First, thank you for that intense reply. Secondly, I’m not spiritual in the least. So, OK getting back to truth. Well, in my head, there’s empirical truth proven through scientific methodology. There’s data, cold and hard. Then, for instance there’s religious truth proven mostly by, well, nothing. Oh, right, faith and some great stories. Look at all that has been founded and rejected on religious truth. I think we all operate within some degree of our own personal sanity (insanity?), and it colors all of our perceptions about ourselves and the world. Hence, the elements of affirmation can’t help but be…Oh hell, I can’t get the picture of you in a tux(tails, contrasting vest…Wait…no shirt – just a bowtie, those pecs, creamy white skin, and that lovely chest hair, UH, I’ll be right back) OK so where was I? Oh right…out of my head, so…I love that you are spiritual and that you share it, your life, research, and intellect with us. I love that you are your own man and that you put it out there to be scrutinized (hhhmmm, ogled, drooled over…sorry, damn tux!). I love that you know the significance of 36 and I don’t (but I will or at least try). I know, I’m mixing posts, but semi-consciousness makes you do stuff. Well, I’ll keep ruminating on this affirmation thing and attempt to get it into some cogent form. ‘Think there’ll be gold lame’?
    Sincerely (no, really!) Rob

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    • I can’t argue with any of that: You are right… Except on one count: This isn’t an issue that boils down only to spirituality. When I speak of wholeness and wellness, they ARE impirical. Of the seven components of integrated wellness only one portion is spiritual (the others: physical, emotional, intellectual, social, sexual, and financial). Also, you ARE spiritual, if you understand that the way I mean it is this: Spirituality gives you a sense of connection between yourself and the world around you (and your responsibility within that). Ergo, if you have an intrinsic sense of right/wrong, justice/tyranny, and a desire to do what is good because of its own value… Well, that’s spirituality. And it doesn’t have to be connected to anything as specific as religion or faith. You are a good person, because it is better than being a bad person. The consequence of being a bad person may be only disappointment in yourself (beyond the consequences of the legal system), and that connection is what spirituality is when it doesn’t get tainted with dogma.

      Oh, and I am considering a Mandarin collar on the jacket. It’d be hot to do something Victorian or Edwarian… 😉

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