Interview: Queer & Queerer interviewing Devon Hunter

“Zack and Peterson are pleased to welcome a special guest to today’s show. Beaming in from Charlotte, NC is Devon Hunter, who is an adult film actor, escort, and dancer. He’s also an avid writer and blogger who reaches out to educate about the adult entertainment industry and queer culture. Throughout the discussion, we discuss the morality of pornography, its role in queer culture, straight actors who are ‘gay for pay,’ the different ways that people touch each other, and Devon even shares one of his poems with us. Devon is a bright guy with lots of insights to share, and it’s likely this is not his last appearance on Queer and Queerer. Check out Devon’s blog and leave your thoughts and questions!”

– from (click to hear the 45-minute conversation)

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Great interview Devon! Insightful as always. Working on catching up on the blog from the beginning. One portion towards the end of the interview got to me a bit, but can’t elaborate on that here. Hope to talk to you more when time allows. 🙂 Mary

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    • Thanks, Mary! Give me a call Friday afternoon, if you can, and we can discuss your thoughts.

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  2. You are doing poems? Cool. Consider a book?

    BTW do you know a song by Silverchair called Anna’s Song (Open Fire) about male eating disorders? Try YouTube and google the lyrics (if you have time) you might relate to it.

    BTW any chance in the new year of doing some more suit and tie business porn? Don’t have a fetish but it would be cool.

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  3. Sorry the link did not work the guys name is Sean #3 located in the Los Angeles area.

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  4. Hey Frank,

    No, I don’t know anything about him, but he’s very handsome and has good reviews going back to 2006 or earlier. Sounds like a seasoned pro to me.

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  5. I really enjoyed your interview Devon. It doesn’t surprise me that your work in adult entertainment has lead you to realize that people are going to watch porn no matter what. More importantly is that the way pron is portrayed really can reflect on what the users do when they are in the bedroom. I love the condom idea. Seems like subliminal messaging to a degree. Could be a great tactic.

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  6. The interview was reflective of the truths of which Devon consistently speaks. One can disagree, but he clearly demonstrates that he will respect what others think when there premise is presented. However, it is difficult not to be respectful to the reality of his basic truths. Great interview, Devon…..Your energy is appreciated.

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  7. Devon, ‘Sorry I haven’t had time to listen to the interview yet, but was just watching the 11 o’clock NY news and found that today, Dec. 17, is the annual “Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers” and has been for the last seven years. ‘Never heard of it…You?? It seems to dovetail with your mission statement of humanizing sex workers. ‘Hope you’re enjoying Houston!

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    • I have heard if it actually… I didn’t know it was today though

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