I don’t like a man with too many muscles…

In yet another example of how inaccurately I see myself, I was told by a patron last Saturday night that “I don’t like you big, muscley men. I like the skinny boiz.” Wow. I’m 5’7″ or 5’8″, and even with all the working out I’ve been doing I still weigh less than #150. But okay. Wasn’t expecting that one. My friend Carlos smiled and said, “Get used to it, papi – you’re getting hotter.”

What I’m learning to let go of is making all of that such a priority. I’m not writing this entry because he hurt my feelings, but because I was forced to take a pause. In the same night I was also told, “I like the big fellas, sorry.” Mhm. I think I fill a non-niche: The not-big-enough-to-be-manly-but-too-big-to-be-a-twink category. In other words, the neither/nor category that no one seems to want. LOL Oh well, I work with what I’ve got. You could do alot worse.

But in all fairness to me: I am beginning to achieve my personal goals on many levels. I feel I’m going to be one of those annoying people who keeps getting better with age. I’m fine with that: A refined Pinot Noir has more depth than a can of Red Bull or bottle of Diet Coke. Plus I’m beginning to really invest in appreciating that I have a whole lot more to me than my external “stuff.” So, on the one hand, yes, I do need to pay attention when someone says, “I don’t like a man with too many muscles,” but on the other I also feel obliged to quip, “I didn’t make him… for YOU!” (click the image with this article to see the joke I’m referencing)

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. “This one is too big.”

    “That one is too small.”

    Who are those guys. They sound like Goldicocks?

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  2. I know!!! This one is just right, dammit!!!

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  3. Although I have received positive feedback from some guys about my looks, I have a tendency to be a bit neurotic about my weight, and I am never entirely satisfied about my physique. I was chubby from a young age until 19 (I got thrush after a bad depression) and from then on I have yo-yoed between 137 and 173. I am now settling down at 153-155. More importanly I have re-examined my goals. As long as my blood pressure and cholesterol are good and I feel fit then I don’t stress out.

    To me Devon you look muscular without looking bulky. You seem to be doing a good job of balancing diet and exercise.

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  4. Bring on the twinks!

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  5. i actually know some twinks you might like, imageofman 😉

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  6. devon, you can be my muscle twink anytime you are ready!!! seems like some guys out there are just too hard to please, so why try. be who you are and that is one of the best persons i know.

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  7. Ehh, i tend to be called a twink. Id rather be inthe confusing area that ur at: Compact muscle. Im working on that. Amen, to getting better with age. That way they dont know what to call me, and maybe they will look beyond the external, and see ME.

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