Compare and Contrast: MEOW! lol

Okay, so Spencer Reed is one of the hottest guys, like… ever. (Did you get the tongue-in-cheek tone there?) He’s very heteronormatively masculine in all his pictures that I have seen. He pulls it off very well, and I can only presume it’s because it comes naturally to him. I, however, would look ridiculous trying to do anything remotely similar to Spencer. Anyway, I was looking through Spencer’s photos on Facebook and almost shrieked in happiness when I saw a picture of him with bondage gear on and a whip unfurling (no, not because I have a fetish for B/D and whips, but because I often shriek simply to do it). Click the photo of Spencer to enlarge it.

Back in 2006 I did a photo shoot with Tim O’Brien, a local photographer in the Charlotte area who is pretty brave in his experimentations (especially given the conservative nature of this region). Anyway, I thought this compare and contrast would be hilarious, so why not share it? Oh, Spencer?? MEOW! LOL (Incidentally, my costume and assemblage are the fashion response to the idea of turning myself into my kitty, who is also pictured here for good measure). Click the photo of me to enlarge it. I think Tim entitled the picture of me “Afternoon with Fi-Fi.” LOL

(Click the kitty if you dare disturb his sleepy-sleepy-boo-boo-land time.)

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Well Paul Wagner *if you work with him i’ll never forgive you ;)* looks both butch and soft at the same time, hence my plans for marriage with him, so photos can pull off a certain look. So if you are asking for views, well you look very Spanish in that shot, it’s fine. But the cat is hotter. Sorry. 😉

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    • I have the hottest pussy on the planet, baby! LOL

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  2. Spencer’s hot, but I think he was much hotter in the past when he was thinner but incredibly defined. His features and hair and overall attitude gave him a very sinister, very sexy look. He’s given up that distinctiveness and become a more generically “hot” muscle man. Whereas your photo conveys the characteristics that make you distinctive and sexy — that natural mix of masculine and feminine that I think makes you really hot.

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  3. Interesting. Here’s my opinion – and it’s just my opinion so take it or not. Your picture has a very conscious camp look/feel to it. HIS picture on the other hand has an unintended camp look if you ask me. Neither of these things is good or bad – just my impression. But that said, I’ll take the intentional one over the ‘accident,’ thanks.

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  4. You have Elvis hair in that picture! I never noticed that before!

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    • Thank you. Thank you very much. (insert nod and wink)

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  5. Aww kitty.. every gay man always has to have some pussy somehow lmao 😉

    Love the pic devon.. but I am very partial to you with facial hair lol

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