New Video: HotHouse duo with Gavin Waters

Hello! Sorry for the break in blogging, but this week has been intensely busy: We had more dance company performances (the first of which was tonight, and we enjoyed dancing for an enthusiastic crowd of people who asked intelligent questions during the Q&A afterward). Anyway, a stray Tweet brought my attention to the fact that my duo with Gavin Waters went live a couple days ago on HotHouse. I am about to go to bed, but I wanted to put an update out there for those who are paying attention to my little pocket of insanity.

I am doing well, though my back is killing me still (going on six weeks now): I finally had to graduate up from massage therapy to chiropractics, and that is helping gradually. Now that the malalignment underlying the muscular imbalances is being addressed I am noticing improvements; however, over the course of weeks my erector spinae have gotten accustomed to being pinched and inflamed at their insertion point near my sacro-iliac joint, and they’re taking their sweet time releasing… Sigh… But it’s yet another battle scar from the war happening between my body and gravity. Such is life. What is the alternative? To stop dancing?? Ummm… that’s not an option. (Oh, and for those who don’t know, the erector spinae are the muscles in the base of my back, just above my butt, and they make the deep canyon with the dimples that many of you seem to like so much… just so you’ll know where the pain is bothering me. Okay, shut up: It’s a reason to flash a cute pic of my ass at you.). This pain is very inconvenient. I am trying to figure out where to send my letter of complaint.

At any rate, I’m healthy and happy (aside from the back thing), and I hope your autumn has begun on a fresh, crisp note. The weather here is still fluctuating between chilly in the morning, nearly hot around midday, and then edging toward needing a light jacket at night. You can smell the change in the air (or at least I hope it’s change, and not just smog).

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Yeah I got that back thing too Devon get better soon. The head on Gavin’s…well not shoulders… is heave 😉

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  2. Heaven I mean oppps sorry I was distracted and hit the post button 🙁

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  3. LOL not a problem. 😉 I understood what you meant.

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