Best. Tweet. Ever.


Sometimes something will come out of my head that I have to put in my journal here. I already tweeted it, but those disappear in moments, and this needs more density. If you are in gay porn and have the chance to work with Jesse Santana, DO IT. That sexxxy muthafucka is AMAZABALLS.

This is what I tweeted:

“I just got the sass fucked back into me by Jesse Santana, and I saw a humming bird by the spa. My life is better than yours. xoxoxo
Twitter for iPhone • 10/7/10 4:50 PM”

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Gee if you wrote that in Australia the politically correct gay mafia we have here would be like 19th Century Old Ladies LOL and be on your case in seconds.

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  2. Humming birds and rosy pink round holey thingies!? This might require a redefinition of woodpecker!…Careful; you’ll be coming home newly sassy-assified in a new flavor! 😉

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