What happens in Palm Springs does not stay in Palm Springs

Okay, honeys… This will be short but festive. I did my first scene for this trip last night, and it was with Parker London. Very cool guy, and he is definitely a rock star: He was ooo-ing and ahhh-ing people’s music collections (and I didn’t recognize any of the names he was enamored with… That MUST mean he’s an aficionado, yes?). Anyway, I enjoyed working with him, and it was a hot scene.

Today, if I understand it right, I am shooting with Jesse Santana. Have you ever looked at someone and thought “This muthafucka is completely outta my league?” Yeah… That is how I’m feeling right now. He’s so gorgeous I’m a liitle afraid to touch him. But, I will do my best to bear this burden. 😉

We’re staying at one of the gay, clothing optional resorts here in Palm Springs, and let me just say this: The ass monkey is not necessarily a nocturnal creature (though I did nearly walk into a threesome on the sidewalk trying to get to my room), and you can peep some hot muscle daddy action from behind the blinds during the afternoons. I thought I was beyond the blushing stage, but I have to admit that it’s intimidating to do a photo shoot or scene and catch people watching the process with binoculars. LOL

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Just checked the Falcon website to see what Jesse Santana looks like and noticed he was listed as a bottom…He’s definately a good looking guy…was this a flip fuck scene or did you bottom for him?

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    • I was rampanly receptive in this scene. He took a bit of time off from video work, and has only just recently started again. I think he will be doing more versatility now.

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  2. Out of your league? This whole “league” thing needs to stop, seriously. I think youd be in any guy’s league if you want to be. Life is what we make it, good and bad 😉

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  3. Do you watch your co-stars other films? Just that Parker is so boring in two films but in others OMG *and should be yours* that scene in the school with Berke Banks! He sounds like a very cool guy. Look forward to seeing it.

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  4. good to hear that Parker is still shooting scenes.Recently,I heard gossip suggesting otherwise.Can’t wait too this!Parker is a God!Do you remember which music artists he’s enamoured with??

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    • During that trip, most, if not all, the models coming and going were in 3 scenes. So he did at least that during that batch. As to his current and future plans, I cannot speak. I didn’t recognize, and I don’t remember the names of the bands that were exciting him.

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