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  1. Devon,
    Whew, some interview and exchange afterward! And, thus, the following:
    You’ve written often of your view from the “front of the classroom”. I’d love to hear of your experience as a student, elem-UCLA. You’ve obviously made the most of the opportunity as you’re wonderfully well spoken, thoughtful in deep/meaningful/critical/deductive and inferential ways, creative, productive, accomplished; and well read. In your estimation, do you feel that you’re possessed of all these most enviable traits(in the eye of a teacher) because of; in spite of; or both as a result of your education. You pretty much embody what most teachers ultimately hope to nurture. 5 am and bleary eyes responsible for typos!

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    • Well, that’s an interesting idea… I will definitely give that some thought. It’d be instructional: How to avoid rearing a porn star. LOL Seriously, I will look into writing this out…

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  2. Why did he have to put a picture of your backside during the interview text very distracting 🙁

    The only comment I would make, aside from how articulate and humourous you come across which is wonderful, is your assertion that you fill a need in the lives of the men you meet and do escort work for. The issue is not you, the problem is, how do you feel when you meet someone who is obese, aged or you just don’t feel you can go through with it? Now, there is no need to answer that from your view, but rather, in Australia, and obviously it would be more logical to do a survey, but the complaints are generally that Australian escorts have contempt for anyone.

    Let me give an example. I met a nice escort and I find it rude to have the television on while I’m doing the deed I paid for. I also remember one escort that put lube on me then said I can’t do oral. Now, there may have been other circumstances at the time, but to me it is rude not to be present for one’s client.

    I wish there were more escorts with your attitude. Also all escorts are busy but you ring them and they don’t ring back. Some escorts here don’t know how to run a professional service.

    Sorry for rant Devon but I do find what was recorded on the blog very nice and I wish he had escorts here like you. I know this will sound harsh, but if the guy comes to the door and the escort is not attracted to me it is unethical to take that client’s money and then during the act pretend to be elsewhere or show utter contempt for the client.

    I have read escorts views, I know they should be treated with respect by clients but why be an escort if you look at your client with distaste, why not just say no?

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    • That’s horrible! This has happened to you?? I can’t speak for all escorts in the USA, but what you described sounds irregular at best… I would certainly hope it is anyway. That isn’t how I operate, at any rate… I agree: What you described is pretty awful. 🙁

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  3. @Michael – I trust the picture you’re referring to was distracting because it was so hot!

    But, seriously, it’s common practice to include pictures of the subject being interviewed so that the reader can enjoy and appreciate the subject on a different level.

    Also, it’s porn, first and foremost and most of my readers like the pictures. Also, visually, it helps break up large blocks of text.

    But I’ve read a lot of your comments and you’re clearly very intelligent so I can understand why you might prefer all text followed by pictures. I hope that won’t keep you away from MOC Blog in the future!


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  4. Thanks Devon I reflected on the post and again I thought it was a bit much. Victor sorry again I was just kidding seeing Devon’s arse (ass for my US people) is fine I mean it was not distracting really, considering I perve on his work on the other sites.

    And thanks for stating I am intelligent.

    All it was was this – I have spoken to a handful of people and they just suggest Australian escorts are not good, but again that is very general. But I have had three bad experiences but I should point out I have had tons of great experiences. All I advocate is, if the escort is turned off, say so before the act and not during, like I tried to rimm this escort and he screamed and carried on.

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  5. Devon,
    ‘Sorry if you thought I was being judgemental about your chosen career path(s). Far from it! I for one am ecstatic that you’re a porn star! Though, ‘not sure you could be raised one way or the other…Nature vs nurture? Hhmmm.
    I have the utmost respect for your ability to analyze your situation and make necessry life altering changes. Acting in porn(Acting because you made SC misery into fantasy) is but one side of you. I mean, jeeze: writer, choreographer, performer, MFA DEGREE HOLDER, dancer, entrepreneur, teacher, fitness trainer…
    Having the courage/foresight/conviction to go for what you think will make you happy, and leaving it behind when/if it doesn’t, is not a practice of which many are capable. All the more so when you opt out of the mainstream and then publicly advocate for it!
    ‘Would’ve loved to catch your performance Sat. Any plans to “You Tube” any more of your pieces? ‘Would love to see that UCLA audition.

    PS I’ll bet you were a hoot in second grade! 😉

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    • If it’s any consolation, I’m exhausted from preparing for the performance this weekend, and I really don’t remember what you’re talking about. 😉 xoxo

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    • Yes, I’ve just bought some new video equipment for the company, so I’m hoping to get some form of the dances up, and in second grade I was bouncing around the class room like a kangaroo (literally)… LOL

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