The decay of model privacy: Mason Wyler

As many of you will remember, I’m the former Sean Cody model whose legal name was revealed in retaliation for speaking about their process for making videos, and I want to add my voice to this discussion about Mason Wyler’s HIV-status being leaked. No matter how Mason’s status became known, it wasn’t by his own choosing, and that should not be tolerated AT ALL. His medical information is private, and the status of that information is protected by law for many reasons (including the issues of stigma and discrimination mentioned on the discussion board at The Sword already).

As for legal names and other forms of private information that we models have to share for employment and tax purposes, I want to reiterate that I am absolutely ashamed of the people at Sean Cody for going out of their way to prove that they are everything I wrote about them. I hope Mason will be okay, and I hope some guarantee for privacy will begin to be worked into standard contracts, so that lapses such as those at Cody Media (and possibly Next Door Media?) can be countered with harsh legal penalties.

I wish I knew of a way to insist upon it, so that other models wouldn’t be under this threat.

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Devon I am 100% in agreement with your statments here.

    What disgusted me was one site that showed a photo of him which I won’t describe here but proceeded to get stuck into him. Typically, queens and maybe others, like to sink the boot in at a time when someone is at a low point in their lives.

    You talk about a privacy issue and I agree with you. But there are other issues as well. I know that he has put tons of stuff on his blog that was not good in disclosing so much. If you put stuff on the net it may come back. But no matter what his life choices are or were, this is pathetic because not only was it an invasion of privacy but also it gave those that for whatever reason dislike him, often grounded in jealousy, to attack.

    I know it sounds horrible but I do hope this is not another Joey Stefano situation.

    Agree with you Devon totally it should be private we have laws in Australia for this that are reasonable.

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  2. Blogs are not necessarily a reflection of who we are,or are just a small part of what we want ppl to know about us….in Mason case it’s pretty well known that he liked mixing fantasy with reality no matter if it was in a funny,cruel or tasteless way,and a large part of how he wanted to be perceived as,was a product of his fantasy…pure fiction.
    I don’t understand how they can use fanfiction to validate the fact that he was denied his privacy rights…in such a tasteless way that makes his whole blog pale.
    Just curious:did you sign a confidentiality agreement before performing with SC?(I guess you did not…otherwise they would have sued the hell out of you already)

    I have never left a comment before but I enjoy reading your blog,I read almost every entry and I appreciate how super partes you managed to be in every situation especially while dealing with the negative aspects of your job/lifestyle..

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    • Thanks for finally taking a moment to comment 🙂

      And no: One of the problems my situation seems to have uncovered is the fact that no one seems to have a guarantee of privacy. There’s nothing saying I can’t describe what it’s like to make films, and there’s nothing saying that producers have to keep private personal information private. I know that my experience has caused some changes in the way some sites portray the gay-for-pay aspects of their scenarios/models, but I don’t know whether or not confidentiality is now being addressed in contracts at the amateur sites (although, in light of their exploitative practices, I wouldn’t be surprised if they started including confidentiality expectations forcing models to be silent without placing the same restrictions on themselves for the benefit of the models’ privacy).

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      • I understand…your real names are pretty much already out there,it doesn’t take an insider to find out porn actors real identities even if in your case we know why and how they did it.It’s a very good sign that your story didn’t hurt your career in porn,it seems you are working for many studios…I’m actually surprised,it could have turn against you because every time g4prs are mentioned,and usually not to praise them,your name pops up so it left a mark indeed..I started following gay porn world half year ago so I’m still trying to understand how it really works(yeah I also like to just watch videos lol)so maybe I’ll sound pretty naive..But one thing is clear maybe your story didn’t ruin their business at all,but there’s always a mix of disappointment ans skepticism in the comments from crashed a lot of dreams.
        Maybe it’s asking too much but could you elaborate how studios have changed the way to “portray the gay-for-pay aspects of their scenarios/models”.
        Thanks again,my pleasure reading your blog!

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        • Sure thing: The company about which I was speaking had almost always at the beginning of their films interviewed the model(s) before the scene itself started, and they almost always asked the model to focus on talking about how much he just loved women. Girls, girls, girls, pussy, girls, titties, girls, girls, money. Then suddenly these straight guys launch into whatever the scene is. Now, however, that site (and this can be dated to the exact timing of my expose) seems to avoid any mention of the models being involved with heterosexual activity, and they are much more likely to just have the guys talk about “people” they’re attracted to. The “Know Before You Go” series on the Favorites page of this blog was written in depth for potential porn models, but the info is available to anyone. Read those three entries, and if you have any specific questions, feel free to ask them.

          As for crashing the dreams of many people: GOOD! I fucking hope so!! What a wretched dream to invest in… The idea that straight guys are hotter than gay guys by default is NOT TRUE, and is inherently demeaning to gay men. Paying for that fantasy empowers, emboldens, and encourages studios to sell even more internalized homophobia to gay men. If the models’ heterosexuality weren’t THE selling point, I probably wouldn’t have an issue with it; HOWEVER, when sites base their entire ad campaigns on this it is taking advantage of a disempowering preference that has been taught to gay men within the context of a process of marginalization.

          Oh, and I’m not trying to ruin anyone’s business. I wanted models to understand what they were getting into before agreeing to do porn. If G4P sites disappear, and if I had anything to do with it, that’s fine; however, I never set out to undermine or ruin anything. I wrote my blog entries in the spirit of helpfulness – that the gay porn gossip sites picked it up and ran with it has nothing to do with me. The fact that people got upset (both those who agreed and those who disagreed with what I shared) indicates that all I did was light a fuse that exploded a powder keg that already existed. I am not the only person who recognizes the problems connected to G4P, and (as you suggest) what I wrote comes up when G4P is mentioned (in a negative context), then that is simply icing on a cake. I wanted people to be aware, and now they are (whether they like it or not).

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          • lol I see what you mean..I also noticed that many guys turned bi overnight..
            Some studios not only edit scenes but heavily edit bts so what is supposed to be “the real thing” to the point of being a spoiler for just another tool for their own agenda instead.
            There are at least 3 major models I like and follow and I took for granted they were g4ps,because of all the bts parts that were cut,totally edited interviews..sometimes it looks like I’m watching a stop motion video!After a while it turns out they are not g4p,they are comfortably and openly bi or gay..They had to work for other studios to confirm it but in the meanwhile they were harshly criticized in blogs and forums.
            That’s why if I were a model I’d want to have a certain control of how studios sell my image especially off camera since a wrong step can ruin my career.
            The video descriptions are laughable but it’ all a fantasy and I get it but now it’s just dumb…I didn’t need Warner to try and convince me that Christian Bale is a superhero to enjoy The Dark Knight.

            I re-read your 3 part entry and can’t help but smh and laugh as well…it’s just too much…what kind of target do studios like this have?I mean most of my younger gay friends(17-early 20s) couldn’t care less about gay porn as it is,they know some names and studios here and there but that’s it,they never mention any fantasy with str8 guys.It’s mostly the older guys who seem have a total infatuation for the “straight guy”..I hope this trend is related to a certain generation of gay men and will gradually fade.

  3. I do your point Cal and I know it is about the privacy issue. I just felt that Mason put himself out there with his breakup and his mix of fantasy and reality, but my point was that saying it was good he got it was to me offensive. I also on another site, I think Devon you wrote this not sure, if say another star, let’s take Tommy D I think it was written about, stops making duo movies, the assumption is something is wrong. You may not be able to stop humans and queens spreading rumours, but that does not make it right and people should think twice before 1. assuming it’s a disease and 2. assuming the spread is deliberate. Oh this internet age! A place of paradise and fantasy but this proves also a place of hate and discrimination and reputation destroyed on the basis of hear say. It might have always been that way without the net, but the difference is millions are involved now in such things.

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  4. Yes, Mason put himself out there (and I am not necessarily defending anything he does), but it isn’t for anyone else to put Mason out there. He has made a name by being controversial, and that’s fine (although I think he courts risk too freely), but it doesn’t change the fact that his medical information isn’t anyone else’s to share.

    And, no, it wasn’t me that used Tommy D as an example in the conversation at The Sword; however, the person who brought up that point is illustrating another reason sensitivity is so important.

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  5. There are federal penalties for unauthorized publication of private medical information. I hope that Mason will explore the legal situation with a good attorney, and publicize the fact that he is doing so. That at least will put the studios and the crazies on notice that they are liable to find themselves in serious trouble for doing what has been done to him.

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  6. OMG! YES!! I would so love that… I’m nobody, but everyone knows Mason. If here were to put the weight of his name behind it, he could probably bring the necessary attention to bear on this problem about disrespecting privacy… I am calling him… I just hope the number he gave me a few months ago still works… Well… I’m getting ahead of myself. It’d be better first to see if he even WANTS to think about this nightmare anymore. I shouldn’t make him into the hero of a cause he may not even be interested in.

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  7. Oh my god . . . poor Mason. What ever he is or has done, this sounds awful. Going to catch up on the bad news, though I can surmise what’s happened.

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    • The long and the short of it: Someone other than Mason Wyler made his seropositivity public information. MAJOR FAUX PAS! UHN UH! NO!

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  8. Thanks for that information Devon re what you said. I don’t know if he should be pressured as such to do this. Australia’s laws on medical information being given out is strict but no system is perfect. To me it was simply, based on what has been written, a queen with a grudge blabbing. Of course only some know the real facts, so I can only but speculate. However, again my point was the nasty people and the photo that appears on one site which is vile. I understand the point of view of the other person Mason had a conflict with, but to tweet what he did. Anyway, I will leave my views out of these posts and everywhere else, but again I do hope the lessons of other porn actors learnt such as Joey Stafano are noted and he gets support because it is more than reasonable to say it is possible to live healthy as much as possible. But it will take a lot for him to get past all this. Devon if you want to talk to him give our regards thanks.

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  9. Hey D! Lots of support. The only thing I disagree with you are not nobody. You are a person with rights and thoughts like everyone. It’s in the constitution. I know you didn’t mean it like that, but keep it in mind. Regardless of your profession, gender, genetic make-up, we are all =!!! Now get your ass to LA and do our show “Cocktails with the Stars!” because that is what you are. Like it or not!!!!

    XOXO, Chris

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  10. By the way, do you know that in one website (which unfortunately I don’t remember now) they even published his real name?
    I find this lack of consideration for another human person terrible

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    • to be fair part of his name was given by Mason himself so it was not that confidential..(even by ppl who attended his same college).

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  11. (the lack of consideration was meant for the outing of his health status, the name thing is just an appendix)

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