Zach at The Sword wants a reply about the GayVN 2010 nominations :)

Hey Zach,

I saw your Twitter requesting responses to the GayVN nomination lists for 2010, and here’s mine (for what it’s worth). I will post all this on my blog, just to make sure nothing is taken out of context. 🙂

1. I’m new enough still to video that I didn’t know GayVN was as important as it is, so I personally am not affected one way or the other.
2. There is so much good work, and so many beautiful models, that I’m not sure how they made their choices (and since I couldn’t find a rubric that objectively analyzed how they narrowed their selections, I’m not clear how anyone CAN feel). Exactly what about this process isn’t entirely subjective?
3. I would like to think that people don’t need this type of affirmation (since it smacks of being a high school beauty pageant), but for those who do: I hope getting nominated gives them practical validation that makes them better as people, and I hope those who were not nominated (but wish to be) will be inspired to try even harder (within the undefined matrix of the selection process)… How does one “try harder” in gay porn? I’m still a neonate, so I don’t know how to answer this. Again: What are the criteria for selection, and how does anyone aspire to excellence within those parameters?
4. Judging from the few responses I saw on Twitter, I didn’t get the impression people thought it fair in general.
5. I’m happy for the people who are happy, and I would encourage those who are disappointed to remember that their own self-determination is just as (if not more) valuable. Recognition from others is gratifying, but don’t forget to value yourself for your own intrinsic worth! 

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Now that is a deep question – how do you try harder in porn? Mind boggles how to achieve that.

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