Interview: Josh O’Hara

Josh O’Hara was a porn model for Titan in the early part of the ’00’s, and after becoming acquainted with him, I decided to take advantage of a scenario I’d not yet encountered: Asking someone WHO HAS DONE PORN AND THEN LEFT IT BEHIND. Most of the people I meet are CURRENTLY involved, and I wanted to talk to someone who could look back after some time and distance had separated him from the experience. Here is the conversation I had with him (click pics to enlarge them):

Devon Hunter: OMG! Titan was the company I discovered when I first started watching porn back in 1998. That stable of Titan models from 1998 – 2002 were the ones that fueled my fantasy of doing video one day… They are still amongst my favorites, and I include them on my “Who would you love to do a scene with?” wish list when people ask… And you got to work for them! That’s just fabulous. How old were you when you decided to do adult video, and what were your reasons for doing so?

Josh O’Hara: Hehe. Hi Devon, I definitely love your enthusiasm! Should I answer your question with a question? Would I be on that list of guys you’d want to do a scene with?

DH: Yes, actually you are… I’m just sayin’…

JO: HA! I think Titan men are extremely sexy – at the time they had been known more for sexy bigger and hairy types. I was definitely a departure for them.

It was a great experience all around – though, far more work than I’d anticipated! Well, I was 15 when I’d first thought I’d want to get fucked on film, since you asked. What can I say? I started maturing sexually much earlier than some guys I know. Keep in mind that I hadn’t actually been fucked until a few years later when I was 17…. 🙂 It was another few years after this that I did my first film! So, in my mind it was a long time coming!

DH: Can you describe the recruitment process? Who/What/When/Where/Why/How?

JO: The recruitment process was a fresh experience for me. I actually was referred over by a friend and then went in for an interview with the founder, Bruce Cam. Contrary to popular belief, there was no “casting couch.” It was completely professional. I was actually very shy about taking off my clothes, so that he could see me naked and take a few photos!

I then met with the casting director, and we completed a profile for me (i.e. activities I’m into… stuff I’d try… types of guys I like).  It was all strictly professional, and I felt that each person in the process took great pains to explain to me the nuances of the industry, what was acceptable and unacceptable behavior on set. Details like, don’t jack off for a few days before shooting… and how to properly “prepare” yourself the day of the shoot… absolutely no drugs on set, etc. (which was, again, another stereotype that was blown out of the water for me).

It was all such a wonderful and exciting process! I couldn’t wait to get in the driver… er… passenger (?) seat. Of course I was cast as a bottom, which just happens to be something I love! I started off in the “training” ground by filming a Manplay video. I’m actually not sure if it was ever released, but I do remember being thrown onto a box and being fucked by 6 guys back-to-back… talk about EXHAUSTING! I was sore for days afterward.

I guess they liked me… I returned later to film “Slammer” in 2002, then “R.E.M.” and “Exhibition” in 2003. Wow, putting that in print makes me wonder where all the time has gone! All three feature films (as well as the Manplay) were directed by Harold Creg and shot by Brian Mills, who are two extremely kind, talented, and professional men!

DH: Although you were (and still are) a stunning man, you ultimately did only three videos. What was it like working for Titan Media, and why ultimately did you decide to opt out so early of your career as a porn model?

JO: Are you always this nice? LOL. I’ve never thought of myself as “stunning,” but thank you for the compliment! My brief experience with Titan was a great one!  I’ve heard stories from other friends who were in the industry at the time (working for different companies) that their experiences were pretty much the exact opposite. Guys showing up to shoots high, or not showing up at all… non-professional behavior on the sets, etc. I suppose I was very fortunate to have had the experience that I did, even if only for a brief time.

I decided to put the film career on the back burner, because at the time I we just getting started in a relationship with someone I completely fell in love with. We had actually just started dating around the time I went in to film “Slammer.” I just never really got back into it after “Exhibition” in 2003.

I started doing fitness modeling for local photographers soon after, because I  had gotten more serious about the gym. So, I put my energy and focus into my daily life and hobbies, and using fitness modeling as a means to express myself physically, though, mostly just for fun.

DH: What had your life plans been before you did the videos?

JO: Well, this is quite the question, isn’t it? Gosh, I was so much younger then… I’m not sure I gave much thought to how life would be when I was in my 30’s (as I am 31 now). At that time I was wrapped up in the novelty of being gay in San Francisco. Going out every weekend, go-go dancing on occasion, partying with my boyfriend and our friends. I was still figuring out life in many ways at that time!

DH: Did the videos help or hinder your goals in any way?

I don’t think they’ve hurt my goals or life in any way… at least I can say that until I try to run for public office, right? Hmmm… maybe they’d actually be of some help!?

DH: Yeah, the ethics in South Carolina’s politics lead me to think that it’s a free-for-all. Do these videos pose any problems for you now? If so, how have you adjusted your life to accommodate them? If not, do you think they ever might?

So far I haven’t experienced any problems at all. If anything, it makes for an interesting conversation when someone tells me that they saw me in films. I enjoy the attention, and I am not shy at all about having done them.

I’d imagine that if I continued a career in film that it might pose some problems. I’ve read your blog, and lived some of what you’ve experienced at different events… when people learn that you’ve done films, then they automatically have this (sometimes negative) view of who you as a person. They seem to forget that it’s all a fantasy. I’ve also found that a lot of guys are quite hypocritical… as those same people who snubbed me more often than not tried to get into my pants. Life is completely different now, and while I have no regrets for having done them, I know I’m on the right track.

DH: So many people say adult entertainment ruins the lives of the people who do it, but I just can’t imagine that being so. But I will admit it, if I’m wrong. Do you regret doing these videos? Are you ashamed of them? Is your life ruined?

I can absolutely understand if some people have their lives ruined by doing films, as I’ve seen it happen. Personally, that hasn’t been my experience. I see sex as a beautiful expression between two (or more) people. I’m not embarrassed to share that side of me with the world. Sexuality is only one component of who we are. We are all so much more than what’s inside our pants.

DH: Do you watch these videos and see how beautiful you are, or (like me) do you find yourself unable to watch your own work? Are you content with, proud, or critical of your appearance in them?

Oh, no no no. I don’t watch them when I’m by myself. One of my friends talked me into watching “Slammer” when it came out, and I was mortified the entire time! Let me just say that we are all our own worst critics, and I am definitely not immune.

DH: Will you autograph my ass? Please? With the pen in your mouth while you’re scribbling your name? Oh, and speaking of flirtation, sex, and romance: You are in a long-term relationship. I, personally, have not found dating to be any harder than it already was. Any tidbits you’d like to share about what being in a relationship has been like, in light of the existence of your video work?

I’d gladly autograph your ass… if you’d only come a little closer… I have my pen right here in my pocket.

Relationships are all about communication and respect. Our pasts have helped shape us into the people that our lovers (or future lovers) fall in love with. Though it’s not an issue with my partner now, I have had problems in the past with boyfriends being insecure, and kind of “throwing it back in my face” that I’ve done films; however, my partner now is amazing, and he embraces my past experiences. We recently watched one of my films together, and we ended up having the most amazing sex (on the coffee table and many other places!). My video eclipsed anything that we had playing on the TV. So, while it’s nice being part of the fantasies of other men… I have to say that I’m living my ultimate fantasy right now!

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Proves the best interviews are done by other porn stars.

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  2. Welcome – though I stand by my comment that Rusty should have topped you 🙂 *joking*

    PS: I should have posted this in the first posting to save time and space but I wanted to comment on Josh’s comments re relationships. At last, someone who has a view that is very true. We are shaped by our past. That is very nice of you to include that comment in the interview transcript. Thank you, that comment came at the right time.

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  3. wow! what a great surprise to find this current interview with Josh! he was a personal friend (and crush!) of mine in the early ’00s, but we didn’t ever discuss his work in porn. thanks for the great interview! it was also good getting some insights about you from your blog. sorry to hear of your problems with Sean Cody. it’s unfortunate, but they have hurt themselves in the process of hurting you. i look forward to seeing more of your work (esp. the scene with Benjamin Bradley!). i wanna see you dance, too! (any vids online??) well, take care. xo Scooter

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