Bareback background: An official position

A reader/client/friend sent me an email making some observations about the scene I recently completed with Rusty Stevens for Dominic Ford. This reader brings up the valid point that

“Knowing you, I know pretty well that you would not do anything without thinking it through very well first, including working with a guy with the barebacking experience Rusty has. Was seeing a ‘clean bill of health’ enough to convince you to work with him? Again, the guy is an incredible turn-on and someone I’d love to get it on with safely, but it’s making me think again about what the background is of any person I might get together with. As you know, I have never had unprotected sex, and I never intend to, but I am wondering again about what I am willing to put into my mouth! Your doing this scene with Rusty Stevens has brought about this thinking on my part.”

I have spoken with my agent at Fabscout, and his position is that the agency does not work with models who currently perform in raw videos. Models with a background in bareback videos have to show they have not done any projects without condoms for six months before becoming part of the Fabscout stable, and they must undergo full panel screening for all STD’s.

My personal position is this: I will not do a scene with a model who has not passed a recent screening, and I will not do a scene that engages in the riskiest behaviors (bareback anal sex, cum shots on the face, etc.). I have no control over a model’s past, and I often don’t know who my scene partner is until right before the shoot (so I wouldn’t be able to perform due diligence anyway). And so, the best I can do is the best I can do: Treat each person as if he were POZ, and follow the rules of reducing risk. There is no such reality as safe sex, there is only safer sex.

There are many ways a model can mask his bareback history in video (e.g. changing stage names, altering appearance, etc.), and Rusty has done none of these. He has been quite admirable in his approach: He has kept his name and his tattoos, he has spoken about his background, and he has committed to doing scenes with condoms. He has not done a bareback video since 2007, and he is screened for HIV every 28-30 days. He takes all of this very seriously, and (like ChiChi, Brent Corrigan, and many others) has amended his practices within adult video. The whole point of using condoms after not using them is illustrating that life habits and behaviors can change. I do not think it is fair to refuse to let go of a raw past, especially if it is a mark of evolution from naïvité to responsibility.

Is it unfortunate that Rusty did several bareback videos? Yes. Has he adjusted that behavior? Yes. Does he respect himself, his partners, and his scene-mates enough to diligently monitor his health? Yes.

I definitely appreciate the concern this reader expressed, but if you are going to have sex, then it is important to recognize that it is impossible to do anything more than reduce and manage risk. The only alternative is abstinence. Each person has to decide for himself whether or not sex with others is worth more than the potential risks it brings.

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. This is good to hear, people deserve a second chance especially if they change. Leo Germani has been another one. What they do privately one can’t control but this is a good step for him.

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