I’m majoring in soccer!

I am going to Houston this weekend, and I’m really excited, because I’m going to spend the entire day Saturday at a soccer match! I am not big on most sports, but I love gymnastics, high diving, martial arts competitions, fencing, basketball (sometimes), and soccer! They are the sports I’ve seen that are closest to dance, and I really admire the refined techniques and skills of the athletes who do them. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a professional soccer game, so this is going to be a lot of fun.

When I was a freshman in college, they made us play a lot of “getting to know you” games. In all fairness, they were trying to get us acquainted and acclimated, but mostly the games just seemed like exercises in being nosy (my college has a NOTORIOUS rumor mill). Anyway, I had the following exchange with one of my classmates while we were roaming the room with the goal of meeting ten new people and learning three facts about each of them:


“Hello, Kara. I’m Jack.”


“I’m double majoring in Dance and French with a minor in Spanish. And you?”




“Ummm… hmmm… Kara, I’m not sure you can major in soccer itself.”


“Ah. Well… And there you have it.”

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Well, do you know if Kara got her degree in soccer? A B.S.? 🙂

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  2. Sadly, I don’t know that Kara even graduated at all, let alone with a degree in soccer. I don’t remember if she transferred or dropped out, but she wasn’t at the graduation ceremony 4 years later.

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  3. I think she married her coach in massachussets and is now selling scented candles and comfortable shoes.

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  4. Well, then she ended up better off than the last time I saw her… 😉

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  5. I hope you read this messages, I just wanted to tell you I reed about all the problems you had with seancody I had wondered why you werent working with them anymore since you are soo hot,I am nver having a suscription with them again, I never had expected them to misstreat their performers as mucha s they did with you… I am gald that you work with them though because I would have never seen you other way, keep the work comming and I am sure you will be successful…

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  6. Cumbaya my lord… Cumbaya! Sing it with me Kara!! BWA-HAHAHAHA

    “Do you mean like… you’re majoring in Phys Ed or…”

    “NO SOCCER!!”


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  7. omg omg omg… We were unstoppable… Roflmao

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