flufflewumpus harumfulated gyrotastically…

I was in San Francisco for a while, and when I came home Kitty was in a tizzy. His dance of joy can be described best in poetry:

flufflewumpus harumfulated gyrotastically
while prrrfoofillating fabulumptiously,
but mired in schmoosh
he schmunked on the crunchulations
and then ambuflumpfled away in a schnook

Kitty asked me to share this. He was quite proud of it. He says his dance came to him after reading “Jabberwocky” while I was away. I have translated his interpretive dance back into verse. Talk amongst yourselves.

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. I think Smeagol should write a book of his poetry, complete with illustrations! 😀

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  2. Yes yes all good now can we go back to hot studs please 🙂

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  3. Before I read your response I was thinking Jabberwocky myself (seriously) . Was Lewis Carroll the influence or was it Johnny Depp’s Alice in Wonderful that inspired?

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