New video, photography, and interview projects for August 2010

Hello 🙂 Nothing much to report here. Just wanting to give a quick update.

I had a successful trip to DC this past weekend, and last night I got to visit with my friend Sean Knight (once I got home to Charlotte). He was here while I was away, and then we went to dinner once he was finished with his itinerary. It was a very satisfying 72 hours.

I also heard from Fabscout that I have some video work to do in August, and I just scheduled a new art shoot with an up-and-coming DC photographer. Honey, we feline types always alight upon our tootsies. 🙂

I have some new interview ideas (since I’ve not had any new conversations for the Interviews tab in a long time). Also, I completed a Skype interview with Jayson of The Cock 2 Go Show, and I’ve been in touch with some other people who would like to talk to me about LGBT adult entertainment issues. I’m excited, because some of these people are not specifically connected to porn blogs, and a couple are actually very large names with a broad audience. It means that I am in a position to have a conversation about the purpose of my blog outside the confines/comforts of a niche audience. And why shouldn’t I combine art, porn, and escorting into a divergent form of LGBT activism? I want to do my little bit in my little way.

Wow. I had more to report than I thought. I hope the week is starting off well for you. xoxo

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Damnit – you were in DC?! I was (still am actually) also in DC! Need to meet you before you become too famous for the little people! LOL!

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  2. Justin, send me an email directly.

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  3. Devon, sounds like your hard work and positive attitude are paying off! 🙂 Really nice to see something good happening to one of the good guys. Continued success and let us know when you have dates for performances please. Jamie

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  4. Don’t forget to let me know if you come to LA!!!!

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