Being a lesser cherub amongst greater angels…

So, I just made an observation while having a beautiful dinner with a delightful client: Many people are transitioning into adult entertainment (even if temporarily), because they cannot find other work. I noted after our dinner that many of the servers in the restaurant should put ads on RentBoy. My client then observed that it would create quite a bit of competition, and I observed that this career isn’t for everyone, which is forturnate since “I am already a lesser cherub amongst greater angels, and I don’t need any more competition.” LOL

So, I don’t know why I felt compelled to share this, but the wine was singing in my brain, and these were the lyrics that danced out of my head. At any rate, I’m going to go enjoy this wine buzz, taste some nice new chocolates, and enjoy the rest of what will sure to be a very pleasant evening.

I hope you are all drinking wine at least as good as what I had with dinner… Muah!

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. We shared a very lively California Cabernet Sauvignon… very good with beef and asparagus.

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