Video Release Update: COLT/Buckshot, “Fresh off the Vine”

Hey there, everyone! I just got an email today from Kristofer Weston, and he gave me an update on the video release for “Fresh off the Vine.” You can look for it to become available on July 27, 2010 at This video was shot in Sonoma on a 40-acre vineyard, and I did my scene with Topher Dimaggio. There are some new photos included here, and they will be added to the Gallery as well. You can click these and enlarge them.

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. I’ll reserve my copy today!

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  2. For some reason I keep staring at the first picture. I want that underwear….well I want other stuff also but right now the undies will do. LOL

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  3. Devon, these photos are just great! The photographer sure got some hot shots, didn’t he? Did they take the formal posed shots before you shot your scene with Topher? My impression is that a still photographer is taking photos during the entire time you’re filming the scene, which is when the 3rd shot above would have been made. Was that ever distracting for either one of you, or were you able to just block it out?

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  4. Hey there, yes there are still shots happening during the filming, and yes, you learn to simply let everyone do what they’re there for. 🙂

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  5. In the porn industry are models required to douche themselves before filming?

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  6. Great photos, sexy!! Can’t wait to see your sexy self in person. LA awaits a future trip. Come get on our stage and make some more noise. 🙂

    Happy XXX Wednesday!

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