Sean Cody revealed my legal name, and they may release yours too!

And these will be some of the consequences within 24-36 hours of that happening:

  1. You will start getting prank phone calls on your private cell number
  2. You will hear of friends/family with private phone numbers being called by “journalists” from the AP
  3. You will receive hate-ridden messages on a variety of media from crazy people
  4. You will be recognized while driving and degraded by strangers
  5. You will find less important people in your life distancing themselves from you

I cannot stress it enough: You should NOT work for Sean Cody. They do not respect you or your private information. You are nothing to them but a meat sack with some money in it. In making this decision to “out” me, they have caused me a few inconveniences; however, I genuinely hope that people will realize that in trying to defend themselves from the truth in my account that they have damaged themselves so deeply that their brand is completely tainted.

If I find that there are unfamiliar activities on my credit report I am going to not only dispute those potential inaccuracies, I am going to lay the blame squarely on Sean Cody and pursue legal action against those who defraud me. Sean Cody was my former employer, and if they disrespect my Social Security Number in the same manner as they have my name (and by extension many other aspects of my privacy), I will be certain to tell all of you all about it.

If any further incidents happen, I may also publish the phone numbers/email address/names/aim chat names I have of the staff at Sean Cody (and publish the name of this anonymous Vice President who wrote the initial press release that used my legal name), so that you can call and tell them personally whether or not you think their actions have been appropriate. And while you have them on the phone, you can also ask them if it is particularly savvy on their part to respond to my review of their process of making porn by doing everything in their power to prove everything I said about them is correct?

At some point Sean Cody may release an email I sent to them a year ago. In it I am thanking them for allowing me to work with them, commending them for being supportive on set, saying I wanted to work with them again, apologizing if I held up the process of filming, or came across as bitchy. Yes. I definitely wrote it. I remember writing it. AND I WROTE IT, SO THAT I COULD GET MORE WORK OUT OF AN EXCLUSIVE CONTRACT THAT HAD NO GUARANTEE FOR FURTHER WORK. Kissing your boss’s ass is part of doing business. I said what I needed to say to get the most out of a bad situation.

But before you dismiss me as a liar for having written that email (which I will include below), keep in mind that when they asked me to come back for a third movie, I turned it down. At that time I already preferred going on a trip with a potential boyfriend and losing money, rather than working with Sean Cody again to make money. I decided to go to Biltmore for the trip I’d already paid for, losing $500 – $1,000 in the process, rather than skipping on the trip and going to San Diego to make $3,500. I apologize for what may look like an inconsistency, but it is not. I would also point out that I wrote to them from my DEVON HUNTER email account – if they had a problem with me being an exotic dancer prior to working with them why didn’t they ask me about this alias under whose name I had been writing to them for an entire year? If necessary I will post the ENTIRE conversation I had by email to demonstrate that I always wrote to them from my DEVON HUNTER account.

“From: Devon Hunter [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Friday, June 05, 2009 11:33 AM
Subject: Scene with “Fuller”


I sent you a text, but I wanted to send an email as well. Thanks for booking me to do a scene with (FULLER’S LEGAL NAME)/”Fuller.” He was really awesome to work with – he was very friendly and personable. So were the crew members. They were all very patient and supportive of me towards the end: By the fifth pose I was really exhausted/desensitized and getting more than a tad cranky, and I wanted to apologize to them if they thought I was difficult, or if I slowed the process down for everyone. If (INSERT CAMERA MAN’S NAME) or anyone else has any feedback for how I can do better next time, please pass this on to me. I look forward to working with you guys again soon!”

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. What the Sean Cody people did to you is so wrong and despicable!! Are you sure you can’t sue them for making your real name known to the public?

    On the subject of how people changed their behavior twoards you, I’m pretty sure I don’t have to tell you that the ones who really love you won’t go anywhere and the ones who did, good ridance. Teach you family and friends the 2 words every journalist hates “no comment” and soon they will stop calling. Also, prank calls are a nuisance but cause no real harm… if you survived being called names in high school this will be a lot easier.

    I wish I had a subscription to their website, only to be able to cancel it. Then again I’m glad they never saw a dime from my pocket.

    Try to remain stong and optimistic.

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  2. It’s also worth mentioning that anyone who cancels their membership at Sean Cody should send them an email and let them know why. I’m not sure it will make a difference, or if they’ll even read it, but in a perfect world they should be able to see that their unprofessional actions have real-world consequences for them.

    I mean, they may not care about their bottoms, but they sure do care about their bottom line.

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  3. There really isn’t any such animal as a “private phone number.” If you open an account in your own name, someone’s going to be able to find you.

    Jack, here is some heartfelt tactical advice for you from an older guy who (as you know) is definitely on your side on this one, but who has learned a few things the hard way:

    Don’t sink to SC’s level and release their names and phone numbers. If you do that, outsiders will equate you with them. It won’t matter who started it. You will be tarred with the same brush.

    Rise above it.

    More generally, you’ve made your point, so now you have to move on from the SC fight. No one can undo what they did, and chances are that you cannot bring them down. Your information will be available on the Internet; models who care about the issue will find it, and make their own decisions.

    One thing you COULD do from here on out is make brief comments on other sites, along with a link to your account of what SC did. That way, future models and SC customers can know of this. But that’s as much as you can do.

    Trust me, I wish you the best.

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  4. You know what, PW? I like your style. You have a very valid point. Thank you.

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  5. Good to hear, bud. You’ve spoken out. It’s all you can do, so go make the most of your life. All the best.

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  6. Hey Devon
    You don’t even have to explain yourself or justify anything. Your true fans, friends, and family support you without doubt. As previously mentioned, my SC membership was cancelled immediately after reading part 1 of your post. Here’s something to laugh about. Upon cancelling my account, they offered me a discounted rate of $9.99 monthly if I chose to remain a subscriber. So anyone who is still a subscriber, cancel to get the reduced rate, should you decide to stick around. I wouldn’t remain a member if the service were free.

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  7. You might get criticism for the Email but it will be from people who obviously have never conducted themselves in a professional manner or been bound by a contract. I can easily see where in being bound by that contract you needed to be diplomatic. In fact my first response to SC assertion that the scene was over a year ago and you had never complained before was “Uhm Yeah because you had him under contract for a year so technically you were the boss.” Who gets to openly criticize their boss? Not even the General in charge of the the nations military gets that much freedom. Even though scenes were difficult it doesn’t mean that if they had called you back with work you would not have done it. I’m a writer and a photographer. I HATE shooting weddings. They take along time with way to many spectators taking their own photos, the bride always wants more photos with extra people than what we agreed on, and some member of the family you have never met always pops up to “direct”. Let me repeat I HATE shooting weddings. However, I take very wedding I get offered, if it meets my rates, because it pays very well and I can use the money to buy art supplies or travel and take the pictures I want to take. While photographing a wedding I always have cards to give to people looking for a photographer and I always send a personalized “Thank You” letter telling the couple how much I appreciated them including me in the “special day”. Am I usually sincere? Not entirely but I can fake it well enough and I would never be rude. That is professionalism AND a good work ethic. As far as I’m concerned you tried to make the best out of a very difficult situation.

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  8. Yeah, PW makes sense. You’ve made your point. SC responded in a crappy manner. Doesn’t mean you need to.

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  9. I think PW may be right. You’ve given them the rope. Let them hang themselves with it now.

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  10. Are you still an escort? I can’t seem to find your profile on rentboy or rentmen.

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  11. Yes, I still am. I am contending with two family illnesses right now, and have made my ads invisible for now.

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  12. Hi, Devon…This entry (above) is from a long time ago, so you my not be interested in the topic anymore, but I am deeply shocked and dismayed that a supposed professional like SC would do such a truly rotten thing to you (or to anyone, for that matter). I never looked at his stuff, although my partner sometimes did (I say did because since reading this, he’s pissed, too!). We were never subscribers, though, so we never contributed to the ‘bottom line’. Sorry about that, because then it would have supported you in some way, too. Now I’m glad we didn’t. I, too, think PW is right minded in this turmoil, and I think you were being professional at the time and still are in all your dealings. You have had your say professionally and personally with your statement. You know, it’s so hard for me to believe that anyone would try to bring down a person of your calabre in such a cheap, bitchy way. You are truly better than they are and I know you can hold it together. P.S. I have recently sent a comment signed ‘Tom from Hamilton ON’. Sorry, but at my age, senior moments cloud the memory more frequently. Take care and be happy.

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  13. Devon,
    You have no need to explain yourself at all. I believe you are doing the right thing by watching your back so the mud slinging is done. You will reduce yourself to their level if you release their information and you are much better that than. I am a fan of your vids and I think you did a great job so never worry about that. I say move forward and move on and this part of your life will be behind you, just now learn from the things that have happened so they never happen again.
    Life has its ups and downs and you have experienced alot, the press will always be there but if you just ignore them and never comment they will go away eventually. I Know someone else who was on the site and says his contract was hoaky and he got suckered into 3 films one individual, one as a BJ type and the other as a Bottom and he was pissed but was in a position where he has to either comply or possible face charges because he could not afford to do anything else.
    Be your own man and rise above the BS they have put your through and continue to live your dreams and love yourself and this will go away eventually…

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