Adventures of the disappointing dick pump, part 2

Okay, so lube didn’t help. Suffice it to say that I’m not very pleased with this contraption of torture. Everything I already said is ditto today, except stickier and sweatier. UGH! I am simply going to look for other options…

In part 1 of this little adventure I mentioned a practice called “tying off.” This is when a man ties something around his penis in order to keep it hard while performing. Some guys use cock rings, others use condoms or (GASP!) rubber bands. What you need to know is that this is illegal for a variety of Puritanical reasons in many places. Aside from being very dangerous to your sexual health, it can also get you arrested.

In many places you can’t have an erection while performing in the first place, and so tying off is illegal because it is done for the sole purpose of maintaing a hardon on stage. Find out if you can have an erection while on stage and then make your choices accordingly.

I do not advise tying off. Constraining blood flow has a number of deleterius effects on the body part in question. Tissues are damaged (or even killed if prolonged more than several minutes), the process of eliminating waste from the body is impinged, and within the penis the blood vessels can burst or be stretched (thus making it difficult to get erections at all). In retrospect, a dick pump, which operates in basically the same way, was not the way to go. Fortunately I’m out only $25. I wonder if I could put the stupid thing up for sale on eBay? “Dick pump, used only twice – in great condition. Starting at $50” HAHAHA

As for other methods for non-restrictive fluffing, I’ll get back to you sometime soon with part 3 of this ongoing saga.

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. $50 bucks for the dick pump and photos that proved you used it.

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