Know before you go, part 3 of 3: The Advantages of an Agent

NOTE: Sean Cody revealed my legal name, and they may release yours too!


This is a three-part blog entry that will give background information about adult video projects and how they operate, so that others will have candid information before they decide that videos are the choice for them or not. I will be honest, and this means it will not be possible for me to sound completely unbiased in some instances. It isn’t my intent necessarily to besmirch anyone, but rather to describe events, so that possibilities aren’t overlooked (e.g. if it happened to me, it’s possible it will happen in a similar manner to you). In part 1, I am going to go line by line and describe the ins and outs of my experience with Sean Cody. In part 2, I am going to compare and contrast my experiences at the four houses for which I have worked thus far. In part 3, I am going to give some practical advice and talk about the advantages of working through an agency.


Before you make any choices you can’t undo, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Why do I want to do porn?
  2. What will I gain by doing so, and how will I use this to my advantage?
  3. How will it affect my life once I eventually retire?
  4. Am I making any choices out of desparation?
  5. Who can help me along the path?

Why porn?

There are a variety of answers. Tucker Vaughn knew when he was 16 that he wanted to do it – he was called to it. I don’t know whether he can articulate yet what this calling entailed, but he told me as soon as he saw porn that he knew it was what he wanted to do. As soon as he was of age he started, and he’s been a very busy boy ever since. ūüôā

I have heard someone say he wanted to be preserved for posterity while he was at the peak of his fitness and male beauty.

I use porn as a free, ongoing¬†form of advertising that I get paid to create. I am not a porn model who sometimes escorts. I am an escort who has done some porn modeling. That difference underlies the reason why I am free to speak so freely and honestly about my experience in the video industry: The threats that I “will never do videos again after¬†that Sean Cody essay”¬†fall flat, because I¬†am doing more videos (tomorrow in fact), and¬†I also don’t consider myself a “porn star.” If I do happen to go on to become a recognized persona in video, awesome. If not, okay.

Every man¬†has his reason for going into the video industry. Know what yours is, and come to peace with it. Own your reason: You won’t be able to avoid¬†telling people¬†forever (if at all), and living with shame is not living.

To what advantage?

This question grows out of the first. Alright, you have decided that you have a reason that can be reconciled¬†with your personal life (even after you stop doing video work): You are going to do adult video. Fine. Once you have identified why you want to do it, you should now consider¬†what you gain from doing so. Let’s look more closely at the three examples from above under the “Why porn?” section.

Are you like Tucker? Do you plan to possibly make an extended career in the video industry? Will doing the porn pay for an education you otherwise couldn’t get, or will it help you understand later how to produce video projects of your own? I don’t know that this is Tucker’s plan, but that is what Christian Owen is doing. It has worked for others in this way, including Kristofer Weston. We are all attracted to our careers for reasons we don’t always understand at first. Do you just need to do porn? If¬†so, know¬†that you can use it in several ways, especially later for a career in production (which can last far longer than a modeling career).

It sounds like a relatively¬†poorly considered¬†reason to me, but doing porn to capture¬†yourself at your prime is valid, I suppose. Couldn’t you just take a Polaroid? But it isn’t my place to judge. If this is your motivation, then pornography essentially forces you to remain in shape for as long as possible. If you are a body builder, does doing porn get you other gigs that help you maintain your life as a (semi-)professional exerciser? I don’t know. I can’t answer this, but I present it here, because I heard it touted as a reason to do porn.

Are you in my position, perhaps? It’s a very common scenario. A significant portion of the escorts I have seen in ads mention that they are also porn models. And let me clarify something while I’m¬†thinking about¬†it: I lose money (in the short term) by doing the shoots. I am paid for them, so the time isn’t lost; however, looking at a strictly dollars:effort ratio… Porn is definitely not my primary concern; however, I understand that the more I stand out, the better I may fare when it is time to connect with clients. But do not fool yourself: Porn (unless you have a series of contracts guaranteeing some regular gigs, paid at generous rates)¬†generally will¬†not support you as easily as a successful escorting practice.

And after?

There is no way to undo porn. Once you finish your video career you will have left behind you the proof of your profession. Before you go into this segment of the industry, you will need to consider what you will do later. Consider where your interests lie, and have a sense of direction when you begin the video career.

Pornography is a vehicle, if you steer it properly; however, there are some roads that will be closed to you. Which route will you navigate then?

Do not lose heart: Pornography is becoming more and more mainstream, and there are many people who simply don’t care if you are/were an adult entertainer. Between the liberalization of our culture and the bad economy, most people will probably end up saying, “Hey, you did what you had to.” You will probably not be able to run for governor (unless the current state of affairs¬†amongst South Carolina’s¬†governor and gubanatorial¬†candidates¬†becomes the norm everywhere).

So, you can forget about the careers where conservative appearances matter, but there are so many other options. I would also make another point: If you are entrepreneurial enough to be in adult entertainment, then you are probably possessed of stout enough heart to continue being independent later. What business would you like to start? I know porn models who have gone on to be landscape designers, accountants, lead mechanics, lawyers, and highly sought after tutors (though these latter two options seem a bit riskier to me, in terms of conflicts of interest).

I love being my own employer. I was miserable as an educator, office worker, and executive assistant. Although¬†I do¬†not have the security of a paycheck coming from a boss,¬†I have so much more control over¬†my destiny that it’s worth the exchange (since I have learned to¬†tolerate the endless¬†adventure). It is deeply satisfying to mold your efforts into your own visions, whatever they might be. Perhaps THAT is the answer to your “Why porn?” question: Use the money to set yourself up in¬†a business as your own boss. When you do the background check on your past employment, you can just overlook the adult entertainment stuff. ūüėČ

Are you desparate?

If you are¬†considering porn¬†simply for fast cash… Well, honestly… You should probably not do it at all.¬†I blogged quite a while back that you should never do anything that causes you guilt, grief, pain, sorrow, regret, or embarrassment. That is still true now.

Who can help you?

You need allies in this business. You need people who are on your side, who care where you are, and who will look out for your best interests. This¬†career is not a choice for the squemish or undecided. Once you jump into this pool, little fishy, the wet footprints will follow you after you’re done swimming.

I want to reiterate what I said in part 2: You should NOT make any agreements or arrangements with recruiters who come looking for you through social networking and/or modeling sites. If someone approaches you, find out if they are recruiting FOR a particular house, of if they are recruiting FROM a particular house.¬†Freelancers, to be frank, are often pirhannas. They do not care about you. They care only about their commissions. And why not? They’ve never met or spoken to you. Why and how should they give a damn if you are okay?

If you do accept work through a site like Model Mayhem (which is how I came to Sean Cody), be very certain that you have accepted work from a representative of the house itself. If you do not, you may¬†find yourself owing a finder’s fee to a recruiter who has done no work, and who may try to claim 10-20% of your pay from every assignment you do at that house (and possibly other houses as well). If you accept an offer from the house directly, you do not have to worry about the recruiter, though you will still be on your own to figure out the contracts. Again, I suggest a reputable¬†agent: An agent would have pointed out the¬†intricacies¬†of my Sean Cody contract.

(Edit, 08/14/2011: I can no longer advocate on behalf of Fabscout. Please disregard that which has been crossed out.)

Yes, there are horror stories about agents who have not done their jobs, and who have ended up cheating or hurting their models. There are agents who don’t call, agents who lie, and others who are flakes. And so I do not come to you saying, “You should get an agent,” and then NOT have one to whom I can refer you.

Without a doubt (and for very good reasons) the staff at Fabscout are easily among the most respected booking agents in gay porn. They have arranged all the assignments I have done since my Sean Cody contract expired, and they have made everything very easy. If you cannot work through Fabscout, then look for an agent who will do everything Fabscout does for me:

  1. Contacts you regularly with work – this means the agent is well-connected and proactive.
  2. Offers you assignments without pressuring you to take work you do not want – avoid people who try to coerce you to do anything you do not know you are willing to do.
  3. Shields you from bareback porn companies – although you can go from condom to bareback, you very often cannot go from bareback to condom. Aside from exposing yourself to risk, you may cut your nose off to spite your face by doing bareback porn.
  4. Acts promptly and responsibly on all project details, including transportation, lodging, wardrobe requirements, general appearance guidelines, and fees.
  5. Works only with video companies they know to be safe Рreport problems to your agent, so that they can help you, if needed.
  6. Checks to make sure you are en route – this establishes that you are safe, and lets the house know you are definitely on your way.
  7. Calls or texts while you are on set to be certain you are happy – this gives you the security of knowing that someone knows where you are, and it holds the house accountable for your comfort and safety.
  8. Negotiates with the house and communicates with you about the fee schedule Рyou should know up front how much you will be paid and what will be required for you to receive your check.
  9. Charges a reasonable rate – Fabscout charges me 20%, and I am happy to give it to them. Fabscout is rather like the AAA of gay porn. I don’t mind paying them, because when I need them they are there. Do not pay 20% to an agency that doesn’t match all this effort. Expect to pay more toward 10-15%/project¬†if you sign an on-going contract, rather than working shoot to shoot.
  10. Sends an invoice in writing and keeps accurate records – this ensures that everyone knows how much is owed and paid.


Writing this series has been quite the wild ride. I have no regrets. But I do not believe in regret. There are only lessons learned. As you go forward in your Adult Entertainment career, it is imperative that you pay attention. You must take care of yourself, but that doesn’t mean you have to victimize others to protect your interests. I suggest you work sober, treat your appointments, club bookings,¬†and/or¬†shoots¬†with an ethic that will defy the stereotypes associated with the industry, and live from a position of as much transparency as possible. Own your choices, and do not be afraid to speak out when you know you have experienced something that others should be warned against. Even if I have never met you, I want you to know that you can email me, if you need an empathetic response to a question pertaining to your¬†experiences¬†as a purveyor of fantasy and pleasure.

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. “You must take care of yourself…”

    This strikes me as the most important mantra for anyone who wants to work in the industry.

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  2. This was an interesting and useful series. It would be good if you would write something similar about escorting. I know someone who’s thinking about doing it, and I’d like to be able to point him to a candid and comprehensive account of how it works.

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  3. I have already written this… Lemme find the link…

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  4. Here you go:

    There are many topics here. Click the categories for Career Advice, or try looking for topics in the tag cloud. There is also an archive with a search engine at the bottom of the blog. ūüôā

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  5. Thanks for the link. I will pass it along. The advice there is excellent, by the way.

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  6. If I may interject here, Devon, didn’t you tell me that you had read Aaron Lawrence’s book on being an escort, and that it had been helpful, despite being about a decade old now? Porn Watcher, I read it as well–about the time I engaged my first escort– wanting to understand what all was going on before I did any hiring. It was very helpful and very interesting too.

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  7. Yes, the book in question is entitled, “Getting Rich the Hard Way” by Aaron Lawrence.

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  8. Devon…

    Any thoughts on Corbin Fisher? Have you heard anything about them with respect to the issues raised in these three essays?

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  9. Eddie – I have never seen a Corbin Fisher film, and I have never worked with them. I cannot speak to anything about them; however, I have found that if rumors persist, there is a reason.

    I viewed several CF films. The quality is good, and the takes are long (which implies less staging and, hopefully, more organic flow). I have no idea how this translates into being a model for that company.

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  10. Awesome Devon thanks for bringing a real perspective to this issue.

    I think that porn might have been a problem less for the past William Higgins or even Joey Stefano era as the net has made it more widespread. I think it is true also that the morals of many countries such as the USA might be more in tune with ‘oh you did porn that’s cool’ which is good. We live in societies that both condem those that do it yet we beat off to it.

    I think the point about being your own employer is fine. In Australia our Prime Minister is not married, has no children and lives in sin with her partner. How do we knot know that one day Paul Wagner or anyone will be President of the USA? Point is, society will continue to change, slowly yes, but even if it takes 1000 years it is now possible that a leader will have a male partner at the highest level in world economies. It is possible, that is what matters.

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  11. Michael Australia, again you confound me. There is light in your attitude, but darkness in your implication. You ask in other comments whether anything we do causes change, and yet here you look forward to the day when a gay man can be president?? How do you think that will ever happen if people like you and me don’t make it so?

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  12. Well we just have to continue to work towards making it so. There is no other way except giving up. I have no intent for darkness all I am saying is you presented your experience and it has made me think, well do I consume Sean Cody if they are doing this? It is just like do I continue to eat McDonalds if I know their food makes me fat? I could have just gone on and on without a care in the world slobbering over Sean Cody’s site.

    Here is another case: Jake Cruise. I don’t look not because of his weight or looks but because of his attitude towards barebacking. I was getting annoyed at people on blogs etc criticising him for being unfit, which compared to many men his age he really ain’t, but I thought well why look at his work, get sick and then continue cricitising him. Don’t look, don’t consume. If I had not had read a blog like yours where Jake had said condoms remind one of death then I would have continued looking at the site. The blog poster gave me awareness. Of course it is based on net postings so accuracy is questioned, but I made a decision that I will not pay for his stuff while he barebacks. Point is, I was made aware and changed. Your blog on Sean Cody has done the same thing: brought awareness of the issue. I am not saying you are wrong or right, what I am saying is I know see the things behind the porn and think maybe that ain’t so good i’ll go elsewhere.

    Radicals want social change with their issues yet when you consider and agree with their views, and change your habits to what they want, it ain’t good enough. Yet they complain the world won’t change to save the environment, or address poverty etc. You can’t win. Sometimes it is simply people want you to think like they do and when you don’t they get upset. Then again I am 45 so when I was younger I did the same. At the end, Sean Cody and his staff won’t change their attitudes or beliefs. It is only the consumers that can determine Sean’s site’s fate. If they stopped paying because they don’t like the straight gay fantasy that to me is what needs to happen.

    It’s great debating with you Devon look forward to reading more blog entries.

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  13. Devon,

    Thank you for writing this series. I worked for awhile for one of the major studios…not in production, but in the more mundane non-production end of things. However, I heard how many of the employees talked about the models, as if they were stupid, worthless pieces of meat. Nobody cared about their human worth, their emotional health, their physical health or their well-being.

    I took the job being pretty naive about how the industry operates. I thought they valued their models and treated them with a lot of class, but instead it felt like they were just a means to an end. Now I met a several of the models during my tenure there and unfortunately they treated me like bitchy queens who were too good to speak to me, but I let it roll off my back because frankly I’d be pretty bitchy too if I were in their situation.

    The models/actors should be treated like the life-blood of the companies. They should be treated with respect and care. The models who have a long-term (1 or more years) contractual agreement with the studio should be treated like a valued employee with a very decent salary and full benefits.

    But none of this happens and eventually I had to leave my job for moral reasons. Not because I found gay sex or pornography to be in-and-of-itself immoral, but because I found how they talked about & treated their models immoral.

    Anyways, thank you for writing this and providing a great resource for people who really want to get involved in the porn industry to do so with eyes-wide open.

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    • Thanks for your comment, John. That’s why I wrote them, and that’s why they’re still here throughout and after the hoopla.

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  14. I came over via Men of Porn to read your story, and I have to say, wow! I’m blown away by the excellent content and writing style of your articles. This whole series was engaging, informative, and eye opening. You have a great gift for writing, and I really do think you ought to consider having some of your work published.

    It’s an amazing show of your character to survive the experiences you’ve been through, and it’s wonderful and empowering what you’re doing to help those who are thinking about getting into the adult industry. Fantastic work!

    You’re truly a diamond in the industry–hard and strong, brilliant and dazzling, rare and precious.

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    • Thank you! What a wonderful compliment… thanks very much xo

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  15. Good Golly Miss Molly!(sorry, just had to say that)
    I stumbled across your blog and this article in particular doing some research on g4p for my own benefit. This is an excellent article, that actually confirmed my feelings about the g4p genre. I’ve never been a fan of the SC style, but I did notice how heavily edited the few movies were that I did see. I had the mindset that the number of actually straight performers was actually lower than it seems to be. So I decided to start compiling a list of the ones who are known to be g4p. I assumed that my list would be fairly short, once I began investigating what I could find online. However that isn’t the case, it just keeps growing. My opinion of this particular genre has fluctuated back and forth for the last few years. lately however it is pretty much on the “I don’t like it” side. For several reasons, and one that I would think most consumers of gay porn would see. Just how “robotic” the performers are. The total lack of chemistry, and even the blank look in their faces. Plus all the other reasons you and others have mentioned. As of the first of the year(jan 2011) I have stopped paying for memberships of any sites. simply because I can’t find one that exclusively uses truly gay or bi actors. I don’t want my money going to support what I consider to be leeches of the gay community, laughing behind our backs on the way to the bank.

    Anyway, thanks for writing this. And I’m going to look over your articles, I’m sure I’ll find many interesting things to read!

    oh, I do know that this is 13 months since your last post on this thread, but I still wanted to comment.

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    • Then you will love what I’m working on right now… Keep in touch, and watch for what’s coming this winter. ūüôā

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  16. Well-written, important informaion. Your organization, grasp of reality, and self-awareness are very evident. You would on the surface seem to be a prime example of someone who could not only expose but help affect change in the “industry”. Good luck.

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  17. Devon,
    I am a young attorney here in the LA/OC area as well as a part time professor in.Sociology, Psychology and Crminology at the University of California, Irvine. Upon doing some research for an upcoming class I’m teaching in Human Sexuality, I stumbled upon your blog. I find its content extremely riveting, informative and educational. At this point I would like to communicate with you in.possibly being able to use some of the content of your blog in an educational setting as well as the possibility of having you as a guest lecturer as the adult film Industry is going to be the subject of a large portion of my class. If you would please contact me, I would greatly appreciate it. Feel free to email m your thoughts on the matter and we can go from there.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to hearing from you, Chris

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  18. Devon,

    What an incredible, lengthy, and riveting read. I rarely feel the need to comment on things online, but I was throughly intrigued reading this. You certainly have a gift for writing, and I will definitely be checking for you contributions in the future. Well done my friend.

    I’ll start with a little background on myself. I am an out-and-proud bisexual male thirty-two years of age. On the inside I had never had a time in the past where I was confused about my sexuality, however it always felt as if the world around me was. During my youth I was always aware of my attraction towards women, but never really had a clue that I had sexual feelings towards men as well as women. When I was fourteen years old I found a magazine in my fathers briefcase featuring nude men engaged in sex with other men. I had seen plenty heterosexual pornography in my past but was utterly intrigued seeing men engaging sexually with other men. Not only did it turn me on, in a different way as heterosexual pornography did, but something just felt right about it. I never did discuss what I had found with my father. I remember being utterly shocked finding this magazine in my seemingly completely heterosexual militant man of a father. I was afraid of embarrassing him.

    A couple of years later I had my first kiss and sexually experience with another man. Although I knew that I had an attraction to both sexes, I figured I must be gay as I seemed to so perfectly fit the gay mold. I was always well dressed, groomed, and bad at sports. In school I was involved in musical theater and Madonna was my favorite choice in music. So now that I was involved in a sexual relationship with a man, I just accepted that must be gay, but kept it to myself.

    Then, very shortly thereafter, I met and fell head-over-heels with my first true love who happened to be a woman. It was an incredibly passionate relationship. I was her first sexual lover, and she my first, well woman. My feelings for her were so intense both emotionally and physically, nothing at all like I had felt with the prior man I had been sleeping with. This is where I became confused, thinking perhaps I really was just straight all along.

    Fast forward a number of years, relationships, and sexual experimentation. I’ve come to realize that while primarily sexually attracted to men, my emotional/romantic feelings are for women. It almost seems like a cruel joke mother nature has played, but is what it is and I accept it.

    It is not easy this day in age to be a male and out about your bisexuality. A large portion of society still believes that there is no such thing as male bisexuality, that men use that term who are afraid to come to terms their own homosexual feelings. In my twenties I had thought that the homosexual male community would be accepting of me considering the repression that they themselves had faced. Being out and honest about being bisexual always seems to hinder relationships. Most women feel uncomfortable dating a bisexual male because of infidelity and worries about a lot of stigma out there involving sexually transmitted diseases. A lot of gay men won’t become involved with a man who is bisexual, for fears that the bisexual man may in the future choose a woman over him, because society makes that type of relationship more accepted. And lastly, it’s hard for a person like me to find another bisexual male who is perfectly comfortable with their sexuality.

    I didn’t mean to go to so much length on my own sexuality, but I wanted to comment on the appeal for the gay-for-pay industry mentioned in the first part of this series. I can’t say that I like the fact that I absolutely love it. I can see why it angers many. I’m sorry that you had encountered what you did in that portion of the industry, and I applaud you for speaking up about it.

    It’s my own theory, that a huge audience for sites like SC are indeed straight men, or bi-curious men closer to the straighter side. Why? Well, it’s a bit safer for them when it comes to their insecurities. A curious man watching man-on-man porn won’t feel as threatened seeing a seemingly “straight” guy doing it with another man, almost like the less passionate it seems, the less “gay” it is for a guy to do it with another guy.

    There is also the taboo factor. Taboos are sexy. There is a lot I see in porn that I enjoy watching, but wouldn’t consider personally doing myself. Also, there is a lot I enjoy doing sexually that doesn’t really do anything for me when I see it in porn. But imagining myself in certain scenarios while watching porn can really get me off.

    So when it comes to gay-for-pay I don’t feel that the mass majority of subscribers to such sites are out and proud homosexual men. I think the biggest fans are teetering ‘straight’ guy. I enjoy those sites because well, they get some really good looking guys! Also, on sites like SC, they don’t seem incredibly experienced, which makes it well, more enjoyable from a viewers perspective. My favorite gay porn star for years was Damian Crosse, I fell right in love when he first started out. Now, he doesn’t really do much for me because he just comes off as too experienced.

    Wow, I really did not intend on leaving such a lengthy comment. I just really wanted to commend you on writing such a insightful series here. I’ve several friends over the years get into the gay porn business for different reasons. It clicked well with some, and others got chewed up and spit out before they even knew what happened. I like how you point out that it’s not for everyone. Just because you enjoy dining out, does not mean that you’ll be suited for working in a restaurant.

    Realize I’m late to this party. Keep up the good work! Off to check out your other journal entries.

    xoxo Bryan

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    • Well, this is a pleasant surprise: A divergent opinion that is well written, pleasant, and reasonable… You should go fix Congress. Given that I think bisexuality is far more common than we as a society realize, I can appreciate that “teetering” breeders might be a target audience, but I don’t know that they’re a large enough consumer base to be the primary audience. And yet what you assert is reasonable enough to be a valid postulation. Thanks not only for sharing your thoughts, but for doing so in a civil manner.

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