More HotHouse work: Gavin Waters :)

When I was last in San Francisco I got to do a Backroom Live scene with Lucas Knowles, and I did a Backroom scene with Conner O’Reilly. I was supposed to do a third scene, but I had to get home to rehearse and spend time with friends, family, and KITTY!!! OMG I miss my animal when I’m away. At any rate, I am in San Francisco again only two weeks later, because of my itinerary. And now I will do the other scene I was supposed to shoot before. I don’t know with whom I will be working, but I will update this entry once I do. 🙂


I will be shooting with Gavin Waters… omg… hottie!

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. I looked him up, babe. WOW. I understand why you look forward to it. 🙂

    Have fun!

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  2. Isn’t he lovely? I hope he’s gay 🙂

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  3. Well, it’s a wrap. It will be a good scene 🙂

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  4. Devon, you and Gavin should have been able to trade war stories on many levels. 1) He also worked for Sean Cody after he left Fratmen. 2) He took a beating from one of his former employers, Fratmen. After he left the site, the models left at the frat house trashed him so bad. They told the members he was homophobic and anti-gay. As a matter of fact, one time they played his Sean Cody video during a show and made fun of it and talked about how amazing it was that he actually did gay porn because he hated gay people. But, others swore it was all bullshit.

    Can’t wait to see your video.

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  5. In my opinion, Gavin Waters is not homophobic. At all. He was totally charming. In gay porn utopia I would work only with gay models, but since that doesn’t exist, working with someone who is as careful and courteous of my asshole as he was is the next best thing. Beyond the respect with which he treats people, he loves the craft, and makes the work he wants, without regard to judgment from others in his life. He’s actually one of the cooler “dudes” I have met in a while. I would totally work with him again. It will be a good scene.

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  6. This really is Gavin Waters.. i read this stuff you know. and just for everyone out there.. i take this stuff seriously. I had a great time on set, and it was wonderful working with you all and appriciate you having me out there. Im not gay or straight or bi.. im just a sexual guy. Meaning i have no preference and Its all about how I feel.. despite being in the industry. I hope you all like my films as iam training very hard to make sure i look better and better in the next films. keep an eye out for my personal website dropping thanks for the support, love always


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  7. Thanks for commenting, Gavin! See? Told ya… Very charming 🙂

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