Know before you go, part 1 of 3: Sean Cody

NOTE: Sean Cody revealed my legal name, and they may release yours too!


This is a three-part blog entry that will give background information about adult video projects and how they operate, so that others will have candid information before they decide that videos are the choice for them or not. I will be honest, and this means it will not be possible for me to sound completely unbiased in some instances. It isn’t my intent necessarily to besmirch anyone, but rather to describe events, so that possibilities aren’t overlooked (e.g. if it happened to me, it’s possible it will happen in a similar manner to you). In part 1, I am going to go line by line and describe the ins and outs of my experience with Sean Cody. In part 2, I am going to compare and contrast my experiences at the four houses for which I have worked thus far. In part 3, I am going to give some practical advice and talk about the advantages of working through an agency.


Recently there was a story written on Queer Porn Nation about a blog post I created. It has a rather sensationalist title, but it doesn’t go on to say anything untrue about what I had posted here. What is curious is that I have been holding off for a very long time on writing about my experience at Sean Cody. I wanted to get more screen credits first, so that I could have a basis for comparison. At any rate, I am now ready to give a very detailed account of how that year under the Sean Cody contract played itself out. I am sorry that my readiness happens to be timed right when this pingback has connected itself to what I was already going to say. But here we go…

Introduction & Phone Interview

If you have read my blog for a while, you will know that there was a start and stop process to my getting involved with my first video projects. I submitted pics on a whim, got a positive response, and I fell out of touch because of insecurity; then they contacted me quite a while later, we restarted the conversation, and they fell out of touch because of disorganization; and finally they contacted me through my profile on Model Mayhem, I explained how it was our third conversation, and we persisted in maintaining contact. I should mention that at this last juncture I was also being recruited by Randy Blue, and in retrospect I wish I had gone with them instead.

After the dates were set and the plane tickets purchased I then spoke on the phone with my recruiter at Sean Cody. He gave me tips and expectations concerning my appearance, and then asked me questions about myself, so as to create my “character.” He wanted me to be bisexual; however, “I have been out since I was 15, and I have been dancing in gay clubs since 1998. No one is going to buy that. I am gay. Period.” Okay, well, they could work with that. At that time I thought I was going to remain in the thirty-something closet (since I was still, at that time, dancing under the declared age of 24). Then the recruiter asked me about my career, and we had this conversation (or something to this effect):

“What do you do?”

“I’m a professional dancer and choreographer, and I am also a career exotic dancer.”

“Oh, wow. You can’t say that. Sean wouldn’t like that. Don’t tell anyone here that.”


“It’s too gay.”

“Oh. Well, I write for a gay newspaper, and I have taught writing at the college level. I’m an educator, and I’ve studied languages. I guess it wouldn’t be a lie to say I’m a linguist.”

“Okay, perfect. We’ll use that. What sports do you do?”

“I don’t. I’m a dancer.”

“Well, make something up.”

“I don’t want to do that. I was a gymnast before I was a dancer.”

“Perfect. You’re a linguist and gymnast. Don’t bring up the other stuff.”

“Okay. So, you guys don’t like gay guys then?”

“No! No, it’s not that. It’s just that straight guys sell better.”

“Oh. Okay.”

Travel & Accomodations

I will give Sean Cody this much: They absolutely go all out on travel, lodging, food, and general pampering off set. When I had some incredible airport drama they were right there helping me get the flights I needed. I was to be chauffeured in a limousine, and when my flight got redirected from San Diego to Orange County they sent the limousine 100 miles north to pick me up and drive me comfortably back to San Diego. I stayed at a gorgeous resort hotel for both trips, and the food before and after the shoots was awesome. They really didn’t scrimp at all on making sure I was comfortable. I really have to applaud them for being so generous in this regard. They also pay amazingly well – far, far better than other houses.

Solo video

I did my paperwork, and the person signing the contracts with me noticed my age. He made a big deal out of it. The camera man heard him, and this became part of the conversation on film. I don’t remember now if talking about being in my thirties is on the film or only in the write up, but there it was: Sean Cody had, for whatever reason, outed me as a thirty-something. Perhaps this was to play up some sort of diversity concept? Look! We have guys who aren’t in their twenties! AND THIS ONE IS GAY! OOOOOOO!

I’m sorry (and this isn’t a jab at Landon, whom I have never met and who is very beautiful), but there isn’t really any true diversity at Sean Cody. Landon, as picture perfect as he is, reminds me of the court ordered black model in an Abercrombie & Fitch catalog. I felt like I was being made a particular spectacle for being so much older and gayer than “normal” on their site, and I have never felt like I was particularly well portrayed in either video.

If I seem quiet, shy, and/or tentative in the videos on Sean Cody it is because of the direction I was given by the crew moments before filming:

“Okay, don’t talk with your hands; don’t use any big words; and keep your voice kinda deep.”

“So, you want me to speak as I am right now?”

“YES! The way you just said ‘right now’ was totally perfect.”


“So you understand?”

“Oh, yes. I understand perfectly.”

I felt compelled to move and speak as little as possible, because I was afraid I would ruin their film and not get paid. This became problematic during filming, because they then asked me to make noises, which is something I don’t do much of during sex. It felt unnatural, and the entire time I was terrified that I was overdoing the noise (which I don’t care for in general), and then on top of it I was scared the noises I did make would be ridiculous and over the top. But they liked it, so I did what they asked.

At one point they asked me if I would play with a toy. Normally I don’t use them, but I wanted to be gracious and cooperative, since my paperwork specifically stated that difficult models would not be asked back. And do you know what they gave me? A LIMP DICK DILDO.

What the fuck?

“This is a limp dick dildo.”

“Yeah, we teach the straight guys how to suck dick with it.”

“How am I supposed to get it inside?”

“Oh, just play with it and figure it out.”

So I ended up standing in an awkward position, corkscrewing a limp dick dildo into my ass, making noises that I feared were “too gay,” and hoping that I wouldn’t look completely ridiculous in the process. Have I mentioned yet that they fucked my hair up? OMG, maybe I’m too gay afterall, but don’t fuck with a bitch’s weave! GOD!

For the cum shot I was told to work the noise up to a climax. Great. I’d already made a bunch of noise. I have to get even louder? Oh, boy. So, I did. (I, personally, cannot watch my Sean Cody videos for a variety of reasons, but particularly because of all the hollering.) I offered to eat the cum, since that is rare on Sean Cody, and we finished up. It was a two-day shoot, each day lasting 2-3 hours. In the end they edited out anything I said that gave me any type of personality. The interviewers often ask questions in a degrading or creepy manner, so when the camera guy (who was VERY HOT, btw) told me I was attractive I said, “Thanks, you’re pretty, too!” It was a joke. I was just trying to undercut the weirdness of being talked to by an unseen person. Well, that didn’t make the cut. They almost always ask “Are you nervous?” I replied, “No. Are you?” That didn’t make it either. LOL

Let me say this: You cannot undo porn. I had just done a jerk-off scene. I was committed. There was no turning back. I went into Sean Cody to pay off my debt faster, and now I intended to go full steam ahead, no matter what, because I hadn’t made what I needed to wipe the debt out. It is for this reason that I tried to be as personable and cooperative as I could: Although I found some aspects of the solo problematic, I didn’t want to be left hanging with the debt AND a single porn project.

Duo video

I went out a few weeks later to do my duo. They told me a few moments before I met him that I was going to do my scene with Fuller. I looked him up, and I found pictures of a doll-faced boy. I thought, “Awww! What a sweetie pie!” That is not who I met.

I went outside to get the ride to the studio, and there was a blinged-out, rather ghetto, and intimidating man standing there smoking a cigarette and having a heated argument on the phone. I finally realized it was the same person when I saw the red cross tattoo. We got acquainted briefly, and he immediately began telling me about his girlfriend, who was angry that he was doing videos that weekend (he did the video with Martin a day or two after the scene with me).

“Great, I get to spend the day fucking some chic’s smoker, thug boyfriend.” I was very disheartened at the sight of him, because he was SO MUCH BIGGER than me. I thought they’d paired me with someone similar to compliment us both, but now I was suddenly suspicious that I was being paired with him, so that I could be “the lucky gay guy” to bottom for such a hot, straight stud.

Fuller, as it turns out, is very nice. He’s very business minded, and he is very direct. I admire that. I also admire his discipline and dedication to fitness. So my complaints about the duo are not really directed at him, so much as the situation. He and I have stayed in touch from time to time, and I do not wish him any ill whatsoever. I need to state that clearly up front. After my initial negative impression I was greatly endeared to him when he expressed disbelief at my age and said, “I hope I look half as good when I’m your age!” Okay… we like this one… He can stay. LOL

Then the filming began (after more paper work and more drama about my age).

Some people, especially some of the readers on the site, have been particularly unfriendly toward me in general, and I am going to now explain why they are deluded about a great many things. I do not apologize for undermining their fascination with gay-for-pay porn, because they shouldn’t be feeding such dysfunctional desire in the first damn place.

Once again I was instructed to not speak in a gay manner. This in front of Fuller. It reinforced my fear of being “too gay,” and I didn’t quite close my mouth in time and said, “I get it. You don’t like gay guys.”

“No, it’s not like that!”

“It’s exactly like that. I understand. Can we just do this?”

And so began the “cuddling” and interview. We were put into some kind of uncomfortable jigsaw shape in which to begin. They started by asking Fuller about his girlfriend (while he’s intertwined with me? WTF??), and I was struggling to not show annoyance on my face. I think it translated more into a “oh, you so craaaazy!” kinda face. When they started asking me questions I tried to remember to say and do nothing much, but accidentally slipped and said something quippish before I remembered to shut up and sit still.

Then the kissing. Wow. Minty ash tray. That’s hot. And then we had to cut recording, because I was supposed to be the submissive bottom, and I was leading too much. So, I just held way back, fearful that I was showing too much interest in kissing a man. One wouldn’t want to accidentally inject any homosexuality into this film, right? So, I’m sure Fuller kisses girls better than he does boys, and that’s understandable: He’s totally straight.

Next the oral sex. Okay, before Fuller puts my dick in his mouth, he looks up at me and says, “Sorry, dude. I suck lousy dick.”

Yep. All teeth. It hurt. Alot. But that’s to be expected with someone who doesn’t fellate with any passion for it. At least he warned me. Anyone who thinks porn models are incapable of acting is naïve at best.

Yay!! The fucking! YAY!

THIS. This is where my nerves start to get shot on set. The penetration is extremely problematic, and is made worse by a third man on crew who had never shot porn before, was totally straight, and had no concept of butt sex. More on him later.

I don’t remember the order in which the positions happen in the video, but, while we were shooting, the assistant camera homo got more and more creative as we went. As we got more and more tired he came up with more and more challenging shapes. And this is something you need to know about working with straight models: They can stay hard for about 30 seconds to a minute. By the time they get it up, they’re already going down. Editing makes everything look sequential and immediate, but that is an abject fallacy. “How can they be straight if they can fuck/be fucked for a 20 minute video?” Because each take is so short that what you are seeing is them being portrayed as gay-for-pay, when in fact they are gay-for-thirty-seconds.

So, what does all this start and stop mean? It means that Sean Cody videos are exciting, because the camera angles always change. It looks like a music video or car commercial, because the visuals are constantly moving around. What else does it mean? It means that if you follow the Sean Cody formula of 4-6 shapes shot from 3 angles (and 4-5 takes of each angle) that you have 12-15 short takes of each shape (ergo over 50-70 takes, easily, for the anal alone). And what does that mean? That you have to get hard over 50 times, and (in my case) get penetrated ALOT. We went through over 40 condoms in seven hours. I thought I was going to pass out a few times. You would think Fuller would be a tad more compassionate, given his bottoming scene.

Then there’s the issue of fluffing yourself. Sean Cody provides 20-30 modern porn videos for their straight models to choose from between takes. They work with so few gay models that (when I was there) they had three. One was from 1986 and had more hair product and eyeliner than lube in the scenes. Another was a video of out-of-shape bondage guys dunking each other’s heads in toilets and pretending to rape each other. The last one was Bel Ami (which would be perfect, if I liked that type of guy). I went with the Bel Ami, and hoped for the best. But another problem was that I was stuck with the DVD player that didn’t work well, so when Fuller would holler out that he was ready with a boner, I hadn’t even gotten my video to play yet (and then everyone would get impatient with me for holding up the process). When I finally did coordinate a hard-on with Fuller I had to then run down the hall, flop back into the last position, and he would ram his softening cock into me and start fucking as if we’d not stopped for several minutes. His comfort and his erection mattered, not mine. I was expected to maintain a raging erection (despite the run from the other room and repeated ass ramming), because my dick was always visible, but I ended up flapping in the breeze like a surrender flag for many of the takes.

There was the constant threat of not getting paid. “If you cum too fast everyone goes home with no money.” Great, I get it. How many times do you have to say that? Fuller said, “Dude, if you fuck up my money we’re going to fight.” My gay eyebrow went up really fast. He stood down, and tried to go back into encouraging me. But it got worse every time Fuller would say, “Man, you are doing awesome!” or “Dude, think of the money.” I know he meant to help me, but everyone on the staff was getting shorter and curter with me as getting a hard-on got more difficult (and painful). I kept up fine for the first 4 hours, but going into hour 5 I started having severe issues from going numb. At hour 6 I doubted I could finish at all, and at hour 7 I was contemplating calling it all off and giving up completely. Fuller then said, “Dude, can we move this along? I wanna get to the bank before it closes.”



I made it known I needed a break. I took twenty minutes, and I was able to restart. I then told Fuller, “I’m sorry, but I don’t think you will be able to cash your check today.” I really felt bad for holding him up.

For a moment I want to talk about the breeder on set. I heard him complain, “What’s up with him? Why can’t he just hurry the fuck up?” To his credit, assistant camera homo replied, “This always happens. The bottoms get worn out. You have to be patient.” This straight guy had offered me some of his odoriferous fish in clam sauce a couple hours earlier.

“Hey, man: You hungry? You want some?”

“Thank you, but I can’t eat right now.”



“Where do you think that food is going to end up in about two hours?” (Insert several seconds of pause.)

“Ohhhhhhhh.” Really? THIS is the person who is being trained to film gay porn?

Anyway, time for the cum shots. I had been praying for this for hours, because I was starting to have trouble walking. Now that the time had come, assistant camera homo came up with the most ridiculous position of them all. He somehow thought I would be able to cum on my right side (thus pinning my j/o hand to the bed) with my legs in some kind of Kama Sutra bullshit. I didn’t use any particular tone in my voice. I simply said, “I can’t cum like that.”

“Well,” he said with a thoroughly bitchy voice, “how CAN you cum?”

“At this point? On my back,” I replied neutrally.

“Not everyone can cum on their back! It’s boring.”

“Well, I can’t cum like that.”

“Oh, GOD! Is it really that difficult?!” Oh, no she didn’t. The gay eyebrow shot up again, my hand went to my hip, and Funquita Jackson came roaring into view before I could stop myself.

“Yes. Actually. It is.”

Suddenly I was the most important person in the room. Suddenly they were about to have their bottom walk off set. Suddenly they’d better figure out a way to make the gay guy happy. Everything changed from that moment on.

“I’m sorry,” he replied. “We’re all just tired. It’s been a long day.”

So, I finally got to do my cum shot, and I (horror of horrors) I couldn’t. I looked at Fuller and said, “I don’t care who you have to pretend I am, you have to keep your dick hard and fuck me until I cum or this will never happen.” So, I finally came. I wonder who he pretended I was?

On the video it looks like Fuller’s orgasm happened only moments after mine. No. That is editing. The time between my orgasm and his was about 10 minutes. I couldn’t get up off the bed, or my cum would go everywhere, and they wanted the continuity of the shot. So, this time, Fuller had to get it up in front of me. He looked down at me and said, “Don’t look at me, or you’ll fuck me up.”

“Remember,” the camera man said to me, “if the cum hits your face your can’t make weird faces or we can’t use the footage and you won’t get paid.” Right. Because I’ve never had a guy’s cum hit my face before. Thanks for the extra pressure!!

I turned my head, breathing as shallowly as possible, and tried not to exist long enough for Fuller to cum all over me. The end.

A few weeks later they asked me to come back and do a third scene, but I turned it down. At the time I was still talking to Steve, and I thought we were building a relationship. I’d already prepaid for the trip we took to the mountains, which happened to be the same dates as the filming for the third video. Ironically, I broke up with Steve two weeks later, and could have used the money to ward off the problems with my car that had come up at that time. But what can you do?

Contract exclusivity

But wait, there’s more. I knew that I had signed an exclusive contract that did not include a guarantee for further work; however, I had felt compelled to sign it when I did the solo, because it seemed I would definitely NOT get more work without signing it. It was a catch-22 in many ways. I do not believe the contact could be upheld in a court of law, but I didn’t feel like testing it (or paying for the litigation/arbitration to test the theory). I also did not want to develop a reputation for getting out of contracts. So, I said nothing, in the hopes that they would want to work with me more.

The solo came out on my 33rd birthday (exactly two weeks shy of a year before I wrote this). The duo came out on Labor Day 2009. Weeks turned to months, and every time I called to check on work, I was told that they had shot so much material in advance that they were back logged for a while. They asked that I check in on the first of every month, which I did in July and August, but then everything quickly turned to shit in September.

Adult Entertainment & Aftermath

I went into porn as a form of advertising for escorting. My recruiter made no mention of my exotic dancing to his managers, and I didn’t realize Sean Cody had a problem with escorts, so I never mentioned it. It didn’t occur to me that a web site that coerces straight men to have gay sex on camera would have a sense of moral indignation. Also, many porn models are escorts, so it didn’t occur to me that it would shock the people at Sean Cody.

At any rate they discovered I was using my Sean Cody stills from the solo on my RentBoy ads. They asked me to take them down, which I did within minutes. I hadn’t asked permission to use them, and I understand completely that they have a right to control their copyrighted material. I also removed all mention of Sean Cody from my ads, since that too is their trademarked name. But I had the following conversation via text:

“I understand you want to control your material, but what am I supposed to say at the clubs where I dance when people ask if it’s me? Am I supposed to say, ‘No,’ when it’s obviously me?”

“What do you mean? What clubs?”

“I’m an exotic dancer, and I have been for 12 years.”

“I never knew about this.”

“I told my recruiter all this before I came out for the solo video.”

“We don’t want to be associated with adult entertainers and escorts.”

“I don’t understand. There are multiple ads linking to Sean Cody all over the page where my RentBoy ad is. It is hypocritical at best for you to say you don’t want to be associated with adult entertainers when you recruit them and advertise on RentBoy.”

I never heard from them again, except to inquire about my tax forms (which they sent immediately). After that I had no desire to talk to them again.

I wished I had gone with Randy Blue. I chose Sean Cody, because their product seemed more highly polished and their pay scale was a bit higher. But Sean Cody expects his models to have no life before or during their tenures on his site. He also presumes to sit in judgment over me when he uses money to induce straight men to do that which they wouldn’t do otherwise? And it is ME who is shameful?

As much as Sean Cody doesn’t wish to be associated with me, I can say only that the feeling is entirely mutual. As my Filmography expands I will remove them from the list. I would like nothing better than for them to take me off their site, as if the videos had never existed. I am not going to ask them to do that. I have no basis upon which to do so, but I wouldn’t be upset if they did. I would never have worked with them, if I had realized the extent to which their attitudes are contrary to my entire existence.

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. I. Am. So. ANGRY right now! That is all….

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  2. It would be much easier to speed up production to allow all the Str8 boys to be the receptive partner and allow the gay gentleman to get the job done being the insertive partners. This could possibly stop the 50 trips to the Porn DVD to get hard every few minutes.

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  3. I hate that the Sean Cody shoot was so bad. I have been a fan of the Sean Cody site for a while, but never had the illusion that it was all happy and fun on the set, as they try to portray it. It is a fantasy, and I let my self into that fantasy sometimes, without thinking of the actual production (maybe I should). They have some beautiful men on the site and that is what I enjoy (you being one of them).

    I would also like to add two other things. First, I prefer the (albeit few) gay guys on the site. They have a few that they try to portray as straight when they act pretty gay (and sometimes not even close to believable), it’s probably just the acting, I don’t want to guess because I would probably be totally off base. Second, all the talk about the models girlfriends is really just a turn off for me. I generally skip that part of the films. I also like to read Sean Cody Reviews, Gef seems like a nice guy, and he seems to agree with me that the straight posturing is just bullshit. Those who make the comments though are sometimes real assholes, as too many people in this world are.

    In other words Sean Cody should let their models be more natural, if they are gay, let them show it, it makes it all the more hotter for some of us. I would much prefer to watch a gay guy than a straight guy who is obviously not enjoying what he is doing.

    I always enjoy reading what you have to say because I think you are a fascinating and beautiful person. I look forward to Part 2 & 3 of this post.

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  4. Thanks for a fascinating insight. I knew it was fake, but didn’t realize it was that fake. I was surprised at the incompetence of the production process. SC needs a few stunt dicks to speed it up. One other thing that irritates me about them is the way they trademark the names of every model. How can you get a trademark for common names like Ryan, John etc.?

    There’s a delightful photo of your butt-hole over at ‘Roids and Rants’ that caused me to get all hot and bothered, but in a nice way. Hope that it’s the real thing and not some Photoshop creation 🙂

    Looking forward to the next installment of Devon’s adventures in pornland.

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  5. Wow! That is a very interesting and enlightening read. I mean I know it isn’t real and the finished product is a result of editing but to see a nearly step by step description is fascinating. I only joined Sean Cody to see you (Devon) and let it lapse after seeing both of the scenes. I’m really looking forward to Parts 2 & 3 and really looking for to your new scenes with the new company.

    The Gay for Pay has always been hard to understand but after hearing how much editing is involved it makes much more sense. I can’t imagine myself having to “perform” in front of a camera with a woman (much like you I am a gold star gay) and don’t think any amount of editing would be helpful.

    Keep up the honesty and integrity. I have much respect for you.

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  6. Wow, honey! This is more expansive a description than you’ve ever shared with me, and I found it a fascinating read. I also found myself really pissed off for you, and pissed off at the homophobia in our culture that makes the worship of heterosexuality so prevalent.

    This line is one of many gems:

    “It didn’t occur to me that a web site that coerces straight men to have gay sex on camera would have a sense of moral indignation.”


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  7. Thanks all for your supportive words (and John: that’s all me, baby).

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  8. Great insight to what goes on behind the scenes… never dreamed they would be quite that rude. Especially to such a hot stud as yourself; their loss. Hope to see “more” of you soon!

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  9. The narrative is a tad bitter but a fascinating and insightful read. Thanks.

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  10. Devon, this is incredibly sad and bad what they did to you, all the way around. Treating people with respect–such as you do–is a much better way to get a positive result, but then, you would have thought that that would be obvious. Since your handler knew everything about you up front, he should have just turned you down then rather than put you into such difficult positions, since you aren’t what they obviously or really want, expectations-wise. To be so incredibly insensitive to you during the day of the shoot was pretty stupid on their part, I would say, since they wanted you to perform. To threaten you with non-payment if you had your orgasm too early is mindboggling, since it simply added pressure to it all. That a staff guy would not realize that you, as the bottom, needed to keep yourself emptied out of food is amazing. And you’ve got to wonder if some of those guys ever cum themselves, for them to question the way you physically do so. A great read.

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  11. Hey there Devon,

    Certainly an interesting read and it’s great to see such a frank insight into what it’s like to work on the set @ Sean Cody.
    I’m looking forward to reading your next two entries for the comparison.
    Have you seen the video that Paul Wagner did at Jasun’s blog?
    Certainly interesting when reflecting that Paul was openly gay @ Sean Cody as well.
    Looking forward to seeing your future flicks mate.


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  12. For what it’s worth, I saw ‘Kurt’ at the Black Party with some guy who was either is boyfriend or (more likely) trick of the night, prancing around in one of those black neoprene jocks he hawks for ‘Ft. Troff’.

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  13. This was soooo juicy! You gave me what I couldn’t manage to get out of “Fuller” when I met him last year. He really is all about the money. He almost suckered me (won’t get into how). Now he’s on Flirt4Free as “Jason Williams” playing with his butthole on private cam. He told me he wouldn’t return to Sean Cody because Flirt is better for him. I can imagine why.

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  14. devon, i’m curious…exactly how much were you paid @ sean cody>

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  15. In 2009 the pay schedule worked in this manner, and there wasn’t anything to debate as far as I could tell. It was a fixed scaled based on scenes completed.

    solo 1500 +400 exclusive sign on bonus
    duo 1 3000
    duo 2 3500
    duo 3 4000
    duo 4 4500
    all scenes beginning with the fifth are paid at 5000

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  16. Did you meet sean cody? what is he like? does he still direct the scenes and do the on-camera interviews? i hear, he has passed these responsibilities to other ppl

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  17. No, I did not meet him. He was not present for either of my shoots; however, when one of the cameras was acting up during my solo they called him to figure out how to fix it. He is still very much involved, but he didn’t happen to be on set with me either time.

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  18. I’m shocked how could a gay man sell his soul to devil and make money out of degrading gays that way. I guess we will have more closet cases “thanks” to Sean and his dislike of gays on his site.

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  19. btw, Devon i think you are very hot and far better than many of other Sean models. I think its really a crime they could treat such a beautiful man like that.

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  20. Wow, that’s a fascinating read…I live here in SD, and see the guys around off and on, I wondered about how the pay scale ran, and I can see that it was enticing. That exclusivity kicker is pretty sneaky/smart. I’ve met Sean at a few social events, and he’s very low key, and really I would have thought he was an accountant or something…LOL..I’ll bet there’s lotsa drama that has to be managed. I’m impressed with your honest, frank take on it all..thanks!!

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  21. I seriously wish as many gay men as possible would read this and learn. Open your eyes. I’ve always said that this ‘gay for pay’ farce does absolutely nothing good for the very gay community that supports it so much but will not hire them as they are.
    Without ‘too gay’ there would be no Sean Cody.

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  22. …..Correction on the above………

    I seriously wish as many gay men as possible would read this and learn. Open your eyes. I’ve always said that this ‘gay for pay’ farce does absolutely nothing good for the very gay community that supports it. I refuse to subscribe to anyone who wants to sell to my kind of people and yet will not hire them as they are. Truly gay is the new black.
    Without ‘too gay’ there would be no Sean Cody.

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  23. Devon,

    Thank you for posting this. I’ve been a Sean Cody subscriber on and off for the past several years. I am now an “off” subscriber permanently after reading this.

    Even though you were not happy with your experience, I was definitely happy with having you on the site. I’d always lamented there not being more out gay men on Sean Cody but recognized that his schtick was gay for pay. Still, when you appeared the first time it was so great seeing such an attractive, sexy, well put together, unapologetic “gold star gay” man before me. I kept looking for your return after your second video and was disappointed when you didn’t come back. Over time from reading your blog, it was obvious there was a story behind the Sean Cody appearances.

    I am embarassed and ashamed that a company founded by a gay man would treat a gay model in this manner. I’m sure there are many who want to live in this world of gay for pay fantasy and are more than willing to throw their money at Sean Cody, but I am not one of them. We have enough issues with acceptance and support in this world without having a company owned by one of us treating other gay men in this way.

    I wish you well and much success in all of your endeavors. I look forward to seeing your future projects and enjoying your writings on this blog. All the best.

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  24. I predict that your future includes a best-selling book and/or honoured screenplay. Bravo!

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  25. One of the most annoying things about SC’s “straights are better” mantra is that it’s not true. Gay men don’t want straight men. Gay men want to see HOT men. It doesn’t matter if they are gay or straight. It’s about hotness, not straightness.

    Devon, I only wish more models would speak out about this.

    You mentioned RB’s pay scale was lower, how much did they offer their models?

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  26. Devon this interview is excellent and although I love Sean Cody, I never bought into his ‘straight guys’ illusion.

    Thank you for giving us such a good insight to whole process and it would useful for the future models to see how it really is.

    This also explains why the current interviewer always bangs on about the models fucking their girlfriends and generally humiliates the guys to work them up to perform better and at times it just does not work. Cameroon is a perfect example as he just looks completely out of it, but the money is good and it is great to see how much they actually pay the models for each scene that they do.

    Unfortunately the studios and the media have created a real fascination with Gay Men worshiping ‘straight men’ getting coerced into gay sex and I have always thought that in fantasy maybe that works, but reality it just isn’t so.

    When I read comments on the various blogs it concerns me, that there is a increasing hatred towards gay performers within the industry as it appears that the consumer feels ’straight is best which is sad.

    Thanks again

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  27. i knew there was a reason i never liked sean cody videos. now i know why. thanks. best wishes to you.

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  28. This is FASCINATING! Thank you so much for such an honest, brave, and well-written piece. I’ve often thought that an incredible book could be written about fetishizing straight men within gay culture, and your experience just provides more evidence of the pain–physical as well as psychological–that goes into making this fantasy.

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  29. Wild – and sad. Glad I read this. Have to say that you’re a damn fine writer – clear, articulate, creative and funny. I don’t know what Sean Cody clears in a year (or month) but you were definitely underpaid – industry standards notwithstanding.

    Keep on being you man – thanks for this blog post.

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  30. first of all I don’t really get what the big deal is about gay for pay, I am a gay man & I haver no desire to really have sex with a str8 guy, the just don’t do anything for me. I have had sex with bysexual men and to tell you the truth it was not so hot either. most of the porn that I have seen of late is in my opinion rather boring, there does not seem to bve any chemistry between the models and that is what makes a sex scene hot, it really is all about the chemistry and nothing else.

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  31. —-
    “Where do you think that food is going to end up in about two hours?” (Insert several seconds of pause.)

    He wasn’t an idiot or ignorant by offering you food. I takes about 17 hours before it reaches your colon.
    Perhaps you have to go to the toilet 2 hours after eating, but that’s your body responding to food, not the time it takes to digest it.

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  32. Ryan – It sounds like this was a horrific experience for you. But you’re an excellent writer. Hold onto this, revisit it in a few years when you’ve got some distance, and I’ll bet you could turn this into a funny and twisted essay. There’s so much here that begs for humor.

    Mind you, I’m not making light of your experience. It’s obviously weighing heavily on you. But I have to ask – if it was as awful as you describe, why did you continue to contact Sean Cody about more work? Did you have no other options?

    Have you gotten a response from Sean Cody on what you’ve posted here? And finally, do any of Sean’s other models that you keep in contact with have the same experiences?

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  33. Peter – thanks for that info, it’s good to know, but whether it’s the fish from two hours ago or the fish from 17 hours ago, I’d prefer to not deal with it on set. 😉

    Colby – I contacted SC for more work, because (as I said) I was under an exclusive contract, could not work for anyone else for a year, and wanted to pay off a sizeable debt that my last boyfriend lumped on me. Although my mother helped me with a large portion of it, there was still the remainder of it (plus my own pre-existing debt) that I was having to contend with. I did not have any other adult video work options at the time, no. I have not gotten a response from Sean Cody, nor do I expect or want to (though his enslaved fans are flitting about on the intrawebzes on his behalf). As for other models: The straight ones have called me a cranky bitch, and the gay ones call me a lying diva. I didn’t write this to get corroborating narratives from the other models (who evidently lack the spine I developed after coming out in rural Georgia and South Carolina).

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  34. I’m a swede and gay, and being that I could not possibly avoid the Tag Erikson / Fredrik Eklund JetSet exclusive model. He wrote a book about his life around the time of the gay porn, Bananflugornas herre (pardon the stealth advertisment. I tried to find an english link but it seem to only be available in swedish).
    Anyway, there he talk about the same things as you, how really non-glamorus it is.
    He also mention, which is what my question is really about, that he and his co-star was stuffed full with Viagra to keep it hard.
    Is this not something they suggested for you or your co-star? I have never used Viagra so I have no idea how it work, but I assume if it can make the straight guys hard for an hour it would be much prefered than having all these short clips where everyone run to the porno flicks to get hard again.

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  35. Man, you’re lucky to know Fuller. I am fantacizing him for a lot of times already.

    But your post just… I don’t know, it really a shame that this is the backstage scenario. I’m really surprised how Fuller is so determine with working with SC. You guys must had been paid A LOT!

    And now, I am not surprised at all that Fuller never bottom again. 7 hours of getting fuck and maintaining boner… and that’s for a straight guy too, that’s got to be insane.

    Oh well, if money can pay, why not…

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  36. I live in San Diego and this isn’t the first Sean Cody Horror story I have heard. and it’s probably wont be the last, and as for “Sean Cody Reviews”, I stopped posting on that ridiculous site. Gef Smith it’s owner is some sad old aussie queen spending his days trolling straight men for sex while living with some boyfriend, talk about sad.

    He has no sense of humor about himself and get’s offended if you make a remark about one of his latest tryst he sometimes like to regale his subscribers about. They worship these guys on the site, some of the vid’s are entertaining and sexy, but most of the time, its business as usual, which to me has grown hum-drum and ordinary.

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  37. I’m with Mike etc – if anything I prefer to see gay men on camera, as the sex usually has an energy to it that you just don’t see otherwise. Tho I will confess, I am surprised SC haven’t layed up a buttload of viagra to help with the up-down-up-down problem.

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  38. From a medical perspective, Viagra and similar drugs only help you if you have a pre-existing problem with reduced blood flow (e.g. older men, diabetics). As the saying goes, 80% of sex is in the mind. Even if the equipment works properly, you still have to be sexually aroused to achieve and maintain an erection and have a satisfying orgasm.

    You can have brief non-sexual erections like, for example, morning wood, but you can’t really expect to maintain that for long without actual sexual desire. And if you can even manage to climax and cum in this situation, it won’t be a particularly satisfying experience.

    I agree with those who feel gay porn actors are often better. And if you get two of them on screen who truly have the hots for each other, such a scene really crackles with sexual energy.

    Personally, I believe most of the so-called straight guys on sites like SC doing “gay4pay” aren’t straight at all but they’ve learned to their financial benefit that these sites tend to favour the “straight illusion” and so have gone back into the closet, ironically, for their gay porn career.

    Devon, your account is very enlightening and even amusing in parts. You actually write quite well. If you could inject more humour into your writing, you should consider penning a semi-fictional novel based on your experiences, like Carrie Fisher did with “Postcards from the Edge”.

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  39. RJ – oh, we got humor, babe… You have caught me on a bad week. If you want to read some funny stories, go to Favorites and read about the dick pump or cigarettes and ass 😉

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  40. I always think that being a porn star would be awesome. Now I know it’s not ….

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  41. Devon,

    Thank you for the insightful look into this house. I agree with the commenters who would rather see gay men having sex with gay men (even if the fantasy scenario that is being acted out is a str8 fantasy, its nice to know that there is actual desire and passion behind it). To that end, its a job, and whether you are gay or straight, I wouldnt expect a guy to look at it the same way as having sex in a committed relationship. It is all about the acting! 🙂

    I commend you for your honesty – if you dont mind me asking, did you have any experience or know of any experience where “supposedly straight” guys have been more into it (recognizing that it is still a job, but that they may classify themselves as straight but able to enjoy their work)? I guess what I am saying is that I dont believe that a straight guy in gay4pay has to “hate” their job to maintain that they are straight – It just makes me wonder of those guys who have been in many videos (ie. Lucas over at CF) if any guys who are gay4pay are still able to enjoy their “job” without people thinking that means they must be gay.

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  42. Justin –

    You make a very good point: No. Not all gay-for-pay models hate what they do. My experience with Gavin Waters yesterday was extremely positive, and I think he is both happily attracted to women and passionate about the craft. But, as you said: there is a separation.

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  43. Hi Devon, this is very interesting, getting to know how the industry works behind scenes. Did you ever consider outing Sean Cody himself after he did the same to you?

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  44. Hey Gus – at this point, given the harassment I am already starting to experience there are a few names I may drop. For now, however, I think they are doing a fine job of proving that they are everything I said they were.

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  45. This was a very interesting post. However, I disagree with most of the commenters here. I don’t see this as a “horror story”. DH got hired to do porn and that is what he did. SC didn’t misrepresent anything and they held up their end of the bargain. If DH didn’t like the terms, he didn’t have to do it.

    Also, I don’t get where people are talking about how this story shows that gay-for-pay sites are an “illusion.” On the contrary, DH states very clearly that Fuller is straight. And Sean Cody does NOT try to pass DH off as straight. DH’s “Ryan” profile states his real age and sexual orientation. If anything, this story shows that SC is credible. The only shocking “truth” exposed here is that there is editing and re-shoots. Not exactly big news.

    The only thing that I did find disturbing was the idea that a model could work for hours and not get paid if he screwed up any particular aspect of the shoot. That seems unfair and potentially open to abuse. But if this was all spelled out in advance, then I don’t see that DH has any basis to complain.

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  46. David – thank you for disagreeing in a civil tone.

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  47. Hey Kenneth – thank you for the link, but I do not read what people are saying about me regarding this matter. I have found that it doesn’t serve any practical purpose for me personally; however, I do hope it is a conversation that has generated some interesting debate.

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  48. Have you met or talked to any other Sean Cody Models besides Fuller?

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  49. It comes across on camera that Sean Cody certainly has their more favorite models. Are some models treated better then others?

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  50. I can’t speak to how other models are treated. I know “Emory,” and I have met “Jake” very briefly. “Joe” is someone I have exhanged emails with, and I did a scene at HotHouse with Gavin Waters (whose name on that site I do not know). “Harley” is a friend of a friend, but we’ve never met.

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  51. hi thanks for all the great info in that article. As a referrer for male models it is good that this stuff is out there. I havent referred anyone to Sean Cody but it is good to know this stuff if the situation every arises.

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  52. It is taking them 7 hours to shoot 15-20 minutes of usable material? They’re doing it wrong.

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  53. Devon thank you for such an enlightening article, it should be required reading for any prospective porn actors. If any choose to work for SC, then at least they will do so with their eyes open to what it can be like.
    I’ve never really understood why straight men in gay porn is so desirable anyway. The sex is often mechanical, lacking any real intimacy and they look like they would rather be somewhere else entirely. Not sure in what world that is supposed to be a turn on, but it definitely isn’t mine.
    The gay porn industry is all about men having sex with other men for the enjoyment of a paying audience, the idea that the participants are discouraged from being enthusiastic about it to keep this straight fantasy alive is quite sad and disheartening.

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  54. I wonder what Paul Wagner (Barry) thinks about your blog because on his videos he seemed to indicate it’s not a problem for him to have done Sean Cody work. Berke Banks I know him, not personally but I have communicated with him and when I watch him he seems ok with guy stuff.

    The other thing is this – in the annuals of time, is this going to matter? Did your cohorts over the years that came before you not experience the same things? I do agree that at the moment being paid to do gay porn is maybe more acceptable than say in 1986. But one of William Higgin’s models was a total bottom boy (did top as well) over and over on Higgin’s movies, yet was reported as 100% straight.

    My point is I support your view and your experience should serve as a warning to those who want to do gay porn especially in this internet age where your future employer and partner can find out about you. It is obviously edited but some seem to come to porn with the view it will be well paid and hot. I also do agree with the morality issue that in some way it is putting down homosexuals and worshipping the concept that hetrosexuals are better. Trouble is, are we not hypocrites in other areas? How often do we hate obese gay people and demand our lovers look like Sean Cody or whatever models then eat junkfood? We still like to watch or have the good stuff no matter what the intent. We buy designer labels from sweatshops. Another example.

    The other issue is Sean Cody. I think we get what we give, but based on your account it is obvious they were not nice in some ways to you forcing you to be someone who you are not. But does that stop me from viewing Sean’s work? I like it. Does that make me a homopobe as a gay man? Maybe. But it’s hot and if that is shallow so be it. But Sean Cody, Cody Cummings and Jake Cruise cannot be stopped. You live in a country that prizes free speech. They have a right to do what they do. They might have treated you poorly, but they have a set agenda.

    Trouble is, I agree with you, but will I stop looking at Sean, Jake’s or Cody’s work. No. Gay men will continue to fight against these three, and no doubt others, wanting Jake strung up for being old and espousing barebacking, which I am angry about not about his age and looks, and Cody for being straight, yet will still look at the blog entries with the pictures on it. Are we not in some ways just doing double standards? Are we just as bad as the moral majority and other prudes?

    I don’t know the answer but at the end of the day if I want to look at Sean Cody I will, I might feel a prick to use a cliche of remorse but my dick won’t. Shallow, but realistic.

    Just don’t pick on Paul Wagner, yes he has done Cody and Sean Cody’s work, but he had his reasons and again I live in Australia I can’t speak for him but if he is in anything, even having his partner urinate in his mouth, which I dispise, I will watch.

    Thank you for giving this debate airtime on your blog.

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  55. Actually Devon I just want to correct, in no way am I implying you are commenting on Paul Wagner’s life or choices, I use him as an example only because he has commented on his work as Barry at Sean Cody and sees some issues on working with straight men. Ironically, he was gay on the set and when you see him in non porn roles or being interviewed he comes across as soft and gentle. Even more so he did Berke Banks a stright guy and then a year or so later they do a gay scene in a Hot House movie.

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  56. Michael Australia, your posts here confuse me very much. I’m not sure I understand your logic. You ask, “is this going to matter?” Yes. To be frank, it IS going to matter. The powder keg of gay-for-pay was building to an explosion long before I wrote anything. I have already been told of adjustments in the Sean Cody format, and I have seen that they no longer advertise on Rentboy. I know they have lost affiliates and subscribers over their botched response to what I put here. Yes. All of this does make a difference. As per your comment, “…if I want to look at Sean Cody I will, I might feel a prick to use a cliche of remorse but my dick won’t. Shallow, but realistic,” this requires a blog entry all unto itself… And I am going to write it. Right now.

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  57. Hello Devon

    Thank you for the reply. This issue needs a lot more deeper thought. I am sorry the thoughts are jumbled. It is a bit like comparing say I go to my local Ralph Lauren shop, I live in a city that is hot most of the year and Ralph’s shirts are pure cotton comfortable but can be worn in corporate settings. With Sean Cody what I meant is, you bring up excellent issues that start any form of change. I can’t say I will stop looking at the site, but you put in my mind, ‘hmmmm, this maybe ain’t good’. That is a part of any social change.

    I think one reason is that in Australia we don’t have a porn industry. Some gay and hetrosexual movies have been made here, but most American companies like Jocks and Falcon, even Kristian Bjorn have filmed here. We don’t concern ourselves as much with hetrosexual men doing gay porn. The sad thing is Australia gay men think bedding a straight guy is a prize to brag about. Therefore, I can now see it is an issue in the United States and of concern there, just does not rate as much of a concern here. Hence why I probabably did not articulate my thoughts as well.

    Now here is another dimension. If you did approached say Brad Armstrong at Wicked and said I’m gay but I want to do a scene with a lady and he went oh yeah sure, is straight for pay going to get everyone upset? It is obvious sex and porn is political. Yet we might sexually experiment. Chris Steele brought up that if any gay actor did straight porn they can not get those jobs because some straight actresses and directors link gay with disease whilst they bareback in straight movies.

    Yet ironically, if you look at Big Sausage Pizza I have counted 4 guys who do that site yet are in gay movies before or after doing them. Not to mention Zeb Atlas who didn’t look too disgusted at having sex with Adam Killian after years of having sex with women on film.

    My point is this – you have brought up some excellent points to think about because I would not do porn but at what point do I boycott something based on the behaviours of individuals and the way they treat their staff or the environment? That is where the problem is. For example, I dislike Jake Cruise on the grounds of his barebacking attitude but think what right does any muscle guy tell anyone who does not look super fit they can’t have sex? The thing is in the United States you have freedoms and that means you take the bad things. People have the right to say they hate JC for example but unless they are breaking the law he is not going to pull the plug. If you don’t like some chubby guy doing young fit porn stars don’t look. Have a view, but unless you have the money to stop him you can’t.

    So my point is Devon you have given me much to think about. Will I stop looking at Sean Cody? I doubt it I like the look etc. But will I stop looking after what you wrote? Maybe or yes, it won’t shut them down, they won’t care about someone from another country not looking but it shows how awareness changes attitudes. For that, your blog is excellent.

    Again I am sorry if this seems random in writing I think what it comes down to is I enjoyed Sean’s site but after reading your experience about their attitudes i’m thinking that is an undesirable place to work so why should I support a workplace that does that to people especially disregarding aspects of your personality that are unique to you. I think of it more in terms of their work practices rather than gay men are forced to alter their sexuality to fit in with their culture. But as your wrote, that is important to think about.

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  58. I’ve had my suspicions about Sean Cody for a long time. Their unmitigated nerve to pass moral judgement upon gays. In the end we get what we deserve for desiring something we can’t have.

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  59. Thanks “devon” for making me look like a complete dick when I’m really one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet and you know that! I am hurt that you shared all the information about me, sounds similar to what Seancody did to you, I can’t believe one of my fans showed me this 🙁

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    • I didn’t make you look like a complete dick. I told the truth about what I experienced, and I said very specifically this wasn’t about you so much as the situation in general. I’m sorry you’re offended, but I’m not changing my memory of what I experienced in order to flatter you. My describing you is also nothing on the order of what Sean Cody did to me. I said very specifically that I liked you just fine. Liking you as a person doesn’t mean that I enjoyed the process of making that particular scene.

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  60. All in all is that porn is work and has room for lots of improvement; Porn actors deserve to be paid a lot more; The gay community has plenty of introspection to do on it’s own shallow and superficial attitude; just because ‘it is as it is’ does not mean it should stay that way!
    Thanks Devon for the courage to be upfront and hope this will bring some sensible outlook on how we treat each others as human beings…and that for a community who clammers on wanting ‘equal rights’, is also a way to look at how we treat each other and the need to improve our own existence in the ‘gay world’.

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  61. Why do so many guys like these “gay for pay” sites? I just don’t get it. What’s hot about watching a straight guy have sex that he’s not even enjoying? That doesn’t turn me on in the least. I want two full-blown homos going AT it!!!

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  62. Thanks so much for this eyeopening account and your insights into this at times twisted industry. Frankly, none of it is a surprise. But hopefully when more people like you speak up the gay community will see this crap for the soul killing vice it can be at times. Sean Cody is a homophobic, twisted creep. He can stuff his videos as far as I’m concerned.

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  63. Sorry to hear about your Sean Cody experience. Here’s some more bad news.

    Given Sean Cody appears to be based in San Diego, I suspect your Sean Cody contract (1) was signed in California and/or (2) contains an “interpretation clause” specifying that the contract should be interpreted according to California law. You should also be aware that noncompete agreements are typically not enforceable in California. See Given how profitable and legally sophisticated Sean Cody appears to be, the “noncompete clause” in your Sean Cody contract was probably put in for the sole reason to intimidate the legally unsophisticated. I doubt that Sean Cody would ever try to enforce the noncompete clause in California.

    In any case, keep up the good work in warning those interested in making porn.

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    • Nothing surprises me regarding their capacity for deceit. How stupid of me… But hindsight is 20/20… I suppose my only option is to launch a site that is so much better than theirs that they simply cannot continue to exist… In fact, I think that is precisely what I intend to do.

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  64. loved reading all this. i’m an aussie guy and find this amazing.

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  65. A harrowing story indeed, but it’s a classic case of getting into something you know nothing about, which you kind of admit here anyway. Why anyone thinks porn would not be self-serving and exploitative has too fragile a psyche to…well, do porn!

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  66. Devon– I’m so sorry your experience was so horrible. That doesn’t sound like a good work environment AT ALL. I did quite a bit of porn for a porn site– most of the guys were bi and I have to say that I absolutely loved the environment! At one point the director says “ok now in 5 minutes flip her over and start fucking her that way.” So of course I responded: “What am I an egg?” There was so much laughter on set and everyone was so darn nice. I hope that your new company treats you with the respect you deserve!!

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  67. It’s rather clear that Sean Cody has built his success on the fantasy of straight men having sex. I would think that anybody who chooses to work for SeanCody would understand that maintaining the “straight” fantasy would be central to the experience. I have to wonder why you would choose to walk into a situation that gave you such a philosophical struggle in the first place?

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    • You’re coming to this conversation years late. Honestly, I’m sick of having it. Make up whatever answer you think I should say to please you best.

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  68. I apologize if the wording of my question caused confusion. I’m not seeking to be pleased, just wanting to politely ask a question that kept recurring in my mind while reading your story. If you are indeed sick of the topic, you may want to consider taking the page down. Regards.

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    • I can’t take it down without the gossip blogs then accusing me of lying about the whole situation. So, here it stays, drawing in 25% of all the traffic to my blog to this very day (as if nothing else I have ever written was worth reading).

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  69. DH, can you tell us for example if Harley aka Simon Dexter is a gay for pay actor? He seems very very excited in all scenes and honestly it would be very hard to believe he is not gay. Any other seancody guys you keep in touch with? Do models have sex again in real life with their on scene partnerts afterwards? Just out of curiousity!

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    • Simon Dexter is gay for pay. He’s quite frank about it (or at least he used to be, but that’s the joy of feigned “bisexuality,” isn’t it?). He is not gay. I don’t keep in touch with anyone from that company. And I cannot speak to what the models do with each other in real life, but my experience was that you didn’t really have a chance to get acquainted before or after the shoot.

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  70. Devon,

    Take down your site, stop talking about SC models (e.g. Simon Dexter), and stop trashing the company. It’s obvious that you got into this situation because of your big mouth. Own up to your mistakes, grow up, and move on with your life. By leaving this blog up, it’s clear that you’re not interested in doing so.

    And BTW, you should be flattered to have been featured as a SC model as you clearly don’t fit the mold.

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    • Oh, fuck off. You’ve come to this party three years past my having any patience left with talking about it. Go impale yourself on a bareback straight Sean Cody cock and die.

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  71. Devon,
    I am late to the game, just came across this entry and your blog for the first time today. I have to say it sucks about SC but also I too am sick of gay men supporting these gay for pay guys, there are plenty of gorgeous, sexy, hot gay men like yourself out there to watch having sex rather than taking the money out of the gay community. I was wondering about your site, is it up? I can’t locate it.

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    • Hey Bill,

      Thanks for the vote of confidence. 🙂 didn’t work out after we launched, so I took it back down. The content still exists, so perhaps one day I can figure out a way to distribute it in a manner other than via dedicated website. But thanks very much for asking. xo

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  72. Hey Devon,
    Sorry about your experience at SC. I’ve been a fan for years. And my favorite was Fuller! I love his look.

    But when I came across your blog, you had me rolling and literally LOL. I loved it! Thank you for sharing man. All the best to you.

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  73. I am so tardy to the party but I just had to say that I heard about your ordeal with SC years ago but could never find full info on it. I always managed to find bits and pieces but not the full story. It’s amazing how you quit looking for something and it just lands in your lap because this article just happened to be connected to a page on Queer Me Now about Casey Tanner and Connor Kline (whom is a former SC model like yourself). I can’t believe how ugly they were to you, Devon. I saw both of your videos and got pretty angry as to why you disappeared until you came back under your current alias. I was totally clueless about the world of gay-for-pay actors and was really surprised that it’s been going on for decades.

    One of my favorite vintage porn actors was Steve Fox. He was the epitome of the classic American guy: muscular body, gorgeous blue eyes, perfect smile and an all-around lovable personality. When I found out that he died back in 1997, I was sad. Last year, I was on the Men of Porn blog and an article popped up that caught my attention and floored me. It revealed that Steve Fox was actually straight and had a long-term girlfriend. It really made me wonder how many other vintage porn stars were gay-for-pay as well.

    Either, I really don’t like that they wanted you to change who you are. I had and still have that problem now with friends and my own family telling me “You need to act a little more masculine”. My thing is this: no matter what my sexuality, I’m always going to be me and I can’t change that. If you don’t like it then you can just move on and not be bothered with me. Hopefully, all the diehard fans will eventually tire and stop harassing you if they still are.

    BTW: I’m a little jealous that you were contact with one of my SC favorites in Joe. With Joe being only in three videos, I felt like maybe he was mistreated like you were especially after I heard another user out here say that Joe was escorting as well. Also, jealous that you performed with Emory too. Oh, and Gavin Waters’ SC name was “Jason”. In anyway, I wish you nothing but the best Devon and stay looking good. You’re still yummy-yummy!

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  74. Oh, I forgot to add that since you had met with Joe that you probably met others like Devin whom was straight then suddenly became gay in another video and even the (at that time) well-known Kurt.

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  75. Ryan, you are a nice guy, but very feminin. There is no need to mention in porn that you are “Gold star gay”. This sounds stupid. And I am sorry, maybe Fuller didn’t like you I mean you are not his taste, and so he had bad errection all the time. Sean Cody is for me the best porn site worldwide. Such passion and natural feeling sex scenes I didn’t find anywhere else. Also Sean Cody produces now Bareback sex scenes wich often end with breeding, and this the natural sex porn scenes, very natural and hot!

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    • Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Get the fuck outta here with this bullshit.

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  76. Of course that with “you were not the Fullers taste” was a joke. I think that Fuller is just a bad porn actor. I saw some scenes with him. Cameras are really changing very quick. You just had a bad partner. Nothing change my mind that some actor are very hot and get pleasure in sex scenes. For example Stu is a very nice guy. Or Curtis. Or Porter. Cumming shows how the guy liked the sex, it is difficult to hide it. And also understand that the viewer likes to see masculine porn stars, not feminine. I don’t have anything against feminine gays, don’t understand me wrong. But as I see porn, I will see nice body (your was perfect), masculine guys, passion, satisfaction. Every studio has “the behind scenes”. Funny things behind the scenes are interesting for the viewer. But all other stuff is actors and studios dealing. I have no interest to know how you clean your shit out of asses or what did to you the director said. You get paid for that. And we need a good result.

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  77. If indeed all that you have claimed is true, it is,very sad. I’m glad you got out with your sanity. You have eloquent writing skills. I have been getting off to sean cody for years. My perspective has changed thanks to you. One more thing.. don’t let the haters jade your tender heart. Keep winning and let Noone ever take that from you. Peace.. Sincerely, Joseph

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  78. You gurls are all delusional. Have you ever heard a gay guy doing straight porn, fucking pussy, to pay the rent? No? Cause there isn’t one, as there isn’t a straight guy doing gay porn … If they are that straight, why not do straight porn? Enought with that BS that only dumb gays buy, seriously …

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  79. I DIED reading this!!! Comments and the blog. God bless you.

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