COLT Buckshot: Fresh off the Vine

So it looks like the title of the movie I did several weeks ago for COLT/Buckshot will be titled “Fresh off the Vine.” I recognize the cast members and the picture backgrounds as being the place where we were filming, but I don’t know if Queer Porn Nation has gotten all the information correct. At any rate, it looks like it will be coming out soon. 🙂

This photo is added to the Gallery, but you can click the pic here to enlarge it in a new screen, then click it again for the full sized image:

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. What a hot shot of you, Devon! Woof. You make a pair of underwear look mighty fine….I want to run my hands all over them. Who was your scene partner in “Fresh Off the Vine”? I went to the link and think any of the guys shown would have been worth having a romp in the hay with. When you get a chance, how about sharing some of the details of filming your recent vids. (Your recent post explaining what you go through to get ready for an escort appointment made me think that staying “ready” for filming for hours must be more work than most of us realize.) I think the making of porn is as interesting as the finished product; I know I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when you were in there filming…. 🙂

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  2. Hey Pete! My scene is with Topher Dimaggio, and I would be happy to share some of the details. 🙂 As for staying “ready,” I begin fasting the night before. If a scene is set for noon on Saturday, then I finish eating whatever I am having by 10 pm on Friday, and it is probably something very lean, clean, and manageable (i.e. I had sushimi [sushi without rice] every meal while shooting for Falcon 2 weeks ago). I prep in the morning, and I don’t eat until the scene is finished. I don’t know whether or not everyone is equally fastidious (or if they even have to be – I know my body, not anyone else’s). Each person has a different metabolism. But that is what I do (and although it may sound morbid, my years of being anorexic have taught me how to get through the hunger pangs).

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  3. That photo makes you look good enough to eat..

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  4. Just remember us little people when you’re a big hot shot! LOL! Congrats on seeing all your hard work start to come to fruition.

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  5. Great picture cute guy! Its very inviting

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  6. Thanks, y’all 🙂 Charlie! I’m of a mind to spank you! Where have you been? 🙂

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  7. *heart palpitations*

    *reminds self that that is pal Devon*

    *reminds self that she cannot have none*


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  8. I agree with Justin! Congrats on making it to the big leagues, and remember those of us who have cheered you along as you went!

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  9. Of course, Ken! Always 🙂

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  10. Devon,

    can you let me know what info I have incorrect.

    You wrote “I don’t know if Queer Porn Nation has gotten all the information correct.”

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  11. I reread the blurb about “Fresh off the Vine” and the link about Topher and Cameron’s boyfriend scene for The Boyfriend Series leading off of it. Most everything in both articles pertaining to “Fresh off the Vine” seems totally spot on, but I’m confused about the reference to a scene with the two together in “Fresh off the Vine.” I was present only for two days of the shoot, so the reason “I don’t know if Queer Porn Nation has gotten all the information correct,” is because (to my limited knowledge) that is not the case. As I said, I was there only two days, so anything could have happened after I left. While I was there, however, they were not yet boyfriends (unless they were simply denying it for some reason), and their respective scenes had already been completed.


    The confusion for me is that on the “Fresh off the Vine” blurb they are kissing despite not having a scene together, but in “The Boyfriend Series” story you wrote, “This won’t be their only scene together as director Kristofer Weston filmed them for a yet-to-be-named Buckshot flick shot by the pool.” I’m also confused as to when and how long these two became boyfriends, because I have heard that since their boyfriend scene came out they have already broken up. I dunno. I guess it doesn’t really matter ultimately.

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