Houston Symphony and Cirque de la Symphonie

OMG! If you live in or visit Houston, TX any time the Symphony is performing with Cirque de la Symphonie, you must, Must, MUST, M-U-S-T go see a concert. This performance is part of the “Pops” series, and thus all the music is “popular,” in the sense that even if you know “nothing” about classical music you would probably recognize some of the melodies. Well, as a dancer, I am more than a little familiar with classical, and it was still an absolute joy.

I am so, so, so gay. I really am. And I love it. I was crying (as in, tears streaming down my face with utter joy) for the first half of the first act. The program focused on Russian composers (and that isn’t a complaint), but there were also four short selections from “Carmen,” as well as some of Saint-Saen’s more familiar outtakes. And all of it was performed with spot-on enthusiasm by a polished orechestra under the direction of a clever conductor. I absolutely adore live music, and this was a real treat (especially given the wonderful accoustics of the Houston Symphony’s facility).

But I am a dancer/choreographer, and (for me) all of this sound and architecture was merely the incidental accompanyment for the Cirque de la Symphonie. How wonderful! There were women aerialists who used frames, ropes, and bolts of silk to fly through the air (and one magnificent blonde lady was not only twisting and rolling through space and thirty feet in the air without nets, she was also inverted near the ceiling in contortionist shapes WHILE PLAYING THE LEAD VIOLIN PARTS). There was a funny juggler, a man who twirled a huge cube, another man who used bolts of silk to fly out over the audience, a hand balancer, and a male duo who lifted each other and transitioned into various incredibly balanced shapes while Ravel’s “Bolero” built to its 14-minute climax.

I am proud to say that the audience was bursting to give a standing ovation, but were too shy to do so until yours truly lept up to his feet in ecstatic jubilation and started shrieking with happiness. The others fell into place along with me moments later. I told you: I am gay, gay, gay. I clapped until my hands and shoulders ached. I love my clients. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t have stories like these! If you have the opportunity to see this particular show, and you don’t… well… you’re crazy!

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. It sounds like a fabulous evening…I always love a good symphony production. We always have a symphony production here in Blowing Rock every July by the lake, and it is always a blast.

    Hope to get back to houston this year and shall have to find out when & where these guys are preforming!

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