I love doing GAY videos (as opposed to gay for pay)!

OMG! So I know that not everything in work is always going to be perfect, but I am SO FREAKING GLAD I’m out from under the contract with the stupid Sean Cody site and the latent (re: patent?) homophobia on their sets. Doing COLT/Buckshot and Falcon is so much better for me personally. I met my scene partner for HotHouse this weekend, and I am really looking forward to that now. The crew for COLT and Falcon are relaxed and friendly, and they don’t act like a bunch of burnt out, impatient, jaded assholes. We joke and play around on set. As I suspected, working with gay models is infinitely more conducive to doing good porn, and I have to say that I really appreciate Topher Dimaggio and Benjamin Bradley NOT treating my asshole like a vagina (take a hint, Sean Cody: you don’t HAVE to drill for oil in 4-6 yoga positions in EVERY scene). GOD!

Anyway, Benjamin is a very warm, funny, and sweet guy. Some people warned me that he or his boyfriend, Roman Heart, would be cold/stuck-up diva-bitches. But I didn’t find that to be true AT ALL. I would totally work with either of them anytime they wanted. They are very kind guys who happen to be known by alot of people (and thus opened to alot of unfair criticism). It reminds me of the blog entry I wrote a while back entitled -1 + 1 = 0.

So, in September or so, look for a DVD release with all our shining faces: Benjamin Bradley, Roman Heart, Devon Hunter, Lucas Knowles (yay, yay for HotHouse live shows… hint, hint), Parker London, Tucker Vaughn, et al. I hope you are having a fantastic beginning to your new week! 🙂

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Glad to hear this was a good experience for you! Look forward to seeing it in the flesh soon..

    From your calendar, it appears birthday wishes are in order to you as well!!

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  2. So wait…there are gay guys in gay porn? Who knew?! LMAO! Great to hear it all went so well!

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  3. Christopher, my friend: Don’t rush me across the 34-year-line so quick… I still have a month to enjoy be 24 for the twelfth time. I think it’s time to go with what I said in my video interview: In 2010 I am gonna do 23 instead. (Twenty-one with 13 years experience also rather catchy) And Justin: There’s at least one homo on set 😉 xo

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  4. Ah, come on now… it’s just a month and I need to celebrate! 🙂 sorry for getting May & June mixed up…at least I can say I was the first -to wish you HBD!

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  5. speaking of birthdays, thanks for asking it was nice. another milestone…sigh. so great to be alive!! smirk

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  6. OMG!!! how WAS your birthday??? we need to catch up on the phone very soon.

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  7. maybe we’ll do it with my b-day call to you…u know…like i do EVERY year!! was that bitchy?? haha

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  8. Your Sean Cody chip on shoulder is obvious. It is a shame it clouds the joy of working on Buckshot and Falcon. Think of how joyous it will be to go with these guys on those movies? Why not start to focus on the future now you are free of those creatures? But, remember this, it is just my suggestions.

    Re Hothouse and Buckshot. Please Devon never think I would demand you work with anyone. It depends on who is on contract and what you want to do. But obviously seeing you working with the current and recent past crop ie. Paul Wagner, Kyle King, Jason Kingsley, Brian Henson etc etc. One can dream 😉

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  9. The whole “gay for pay” porn that has men who are marketed as “straight” having sex is just marketing.

    These guys are not hetero/straight at all and if they really were hetero/straight they wouldn’t be having sex with men or doing porn where they have sex with men.

    I can understand how a Hetero/straight guy would do a solo j/o video where there’s no sex at all involved but the guys who you see on these porn sites who are marketed as being “straight” are bisexual or gay but just marketed as being “straight” or “gay” for pay.

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    • Hello,

      I was recruited a few years ago to do some solo scenes for Sean Cody and at the time I wasn’t comfortable enough to do such a thing, but now that I am a little older, I feel like I am ready to do it. Could you help me get into contact with the right people? I could send you some pictures if you want. Anything you could do to help me would be much appreciated. You can contact me at [email protected]

      Thank you

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      • Are you being ironic on purpose or by accident? 😉

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