Falcon shoot (edit: with Benjamin Bradley)

Well, I have arrived in Los Angeles from San Diego where I was visiting with my friend Sean Knight. Yesterday I rode up, and there were some great views of the water along the railroad tracks, especially at San Clemente Pier. Today I do my still shots for Falcon, and tomorrow will be the action scene. I don’t know who I will be doing the scene with (see edit below), but I am sharing a room with Tucker Vaughn (whom I met a month ago during the COLT/Buckshot shoot). He is just precious. A very sweet guy. At any rate, I am going through the normal ups and downs of “I should have worked out harder,” “I should have dieted cleaner,” etc. (ad nauseum). But I am hoping Falcon will be just as efficient, friendly, and beautifully crafted as the COLT/Buckshot experience. In two weeks or so I will be in California again to work with HotHouse. I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend – if you get a chance to stay in San Diego, try to get into the Marriott at the Marina! Great facility that’s close to everything.


I just found out I’m doing my scene with one of my favorite models of all time: Benjamin Bradley! Yay! (OMG… now I *really* feel like I should have dieted cleaner and worked out harder…)

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Sounds like you’re in good hands and all is going well. You are your own worst critic and I for one am most certain your workouts and diets are right on par and you’ll have a fantastic shoot and produce a great program that anyone worth their salt will appreciate and enjoy to it’s fullest.


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  2. You & Benjamin Bradley.. I’ll reserve my copy now.

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  3. OMG! He was so much fun to work with! So warm and friendly. Not a diva at all. Anyone who says that about him is a total hater. I would work with him again anytime!

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  4. I just looked up Benjamin Bradley and I can’t wait to see the scene with you two. Two incredibly good looking guys!!!

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