Sex Slavery in Nepal


My name is Devon Hunter, and I saw the CNN story about your organization that helps care for victims of sexual slavery in Nepal. I was deeply moved, both by the generosity of Maiti Nepal and the strength of spirit in the girls and women who have survived brutality. I want to help financially, and I know how to find the information for your bank account on your website. I plan to donate, but I have a specific question first: What is the annual cost of providing food, shelter, medical care, therapy, and job training for a patient for a full year? I would like, in my mind, to know that there is a single person out there with whom I have connected, even if I never know her name or see her face. If you could please give me the estimated total for this, I will then make arrangements to give what I can toward the goal of helping “my special girl” each year.

Thank you for the kindness you give to the world,

Devon Hunter

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Hello everyone – I will post a comment here, and write an update on this when/if I hear back from Maiti Nepal about the total support they need to help a single girl for a year. If you feel it is something you can afford, please consider adopting a Nepalese Heroine with me. xoxo

    I found the annual expense report. There are approximately 73.10 Nepal Rupee to $1 US. The annual budget of 63.5 Million NR is equal to about $850,000 US. If I understand correctly that there are 450 people being cared for, then an annual gift of $2400 US ($200 US/month) should “adopt” a survivor.

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  2. Once again, your face shines with gracious generosity and compassion. One of many reasons you are both beautiful and loved by so many.

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  3. See and then you go and do something like this. Just another reason I know you’re still in there and why I love you.

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  4. I love you, too 🙂 xo

    I have not heard back from them yet, so if I don’t get a reply in the coming days I am going to operate with the $2400 total in mind and start my process for donating. Perhaps I will just try to call them directly. They have their numbers listed on the site.

    I haven’t decided yet if I will save up and do it all at once, or if I want to contend with the monthly process of doing $200 at a time; however, I was pleased to learn that they don’t use the money you donate. If I understand it correctly, the use only the interest from the accounts they have, so that their resources do not get depleted. At least, that is what I understood. I may be wrong – I’m not a financial expert, and the terms may have confused me.

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  5. I recommend you call them if you don’t hear back soon. Your donation goal is admirable, but because it is so large, I think you would be very smart to discuss more of the details with them before you just start sending them cash. Your questions are really legit, and they should be very happy to answer them.

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  6. I am going to call. It’s been quite a while since I emailed, and I am assuming they are backlogged on paperwork (as many organizations are). I will update on this when I have information.

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