OOOOPS! Dontcha feel yooozed?! LOL

Okay, funny moment yesterday…

I was bored in Atlanta and surfing, so I decided to see who all was cruising on ManHunt. Anyway, this hot, 40-something muscle dude start chatting me up. I was definitely feelin’ it. Excellent strong, natural body. Thickness everywhere: Hefty and meaty, but still toned and lean. Just a touch of silver in the hair. Pretty eyes. I was like, “Let’s do this.”

So, an-y-way! (Yes, you have to go through the fabulous gay process of breaking that word down into three syllables sometimes.) After all the frolicking had been taken care of, what had happened wuz…

“Your pictures are amazing. One of the reasons I wanted to meet you was to see if you were real.”

“Real? What do you mean?”

“Well the photos are obviously professional, and normally that means the person you’re chatting with has stolen the pics or that he’s a RentBoy.”

“Oh? Really?”

“Yeah. But it’s definitely you, and you’re definitely real.”

“Mhm. I’m definitely real.”

“Okay, see you around.”


OMG!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I got my ass called OUT! LOL He never bothered asking me if I actually WAS a RentBoy, so I never brought it up. But how funny? HAHAHAHAHA

Quick question: Would I have ceased to be “real” if I had admitted to being a RentBoy? By not admitting the truth he took me for “real,” so how is it possible that honesty would have made less “real” than dishonesty by omission? What does it mean, do you think, to be “real” in this instance?

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. It may just be a case of there are so many frauds in the world that a real person seems too good to be true. I’m not certain this particular person realizes that people that charge for services are real people too.

    Imagine his shock when he logs into his favorite porn site and sees your fine body in all it’s grandeur and greatness splayed across the screen showing him how he should have done things for real!

    That expression that crosses his face will be priceless!

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  2. HAHAHAHA I’m still chortling about it all… lol

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  3. Far be it from me to play devil’s advocate here, but let’s not assume to know what he was thinking at the time.
    I KNOW that there are no escorts who use Manhunt to look for perspective clients (wink wink). Not ALL escorts have the system that you do.
    Perhaps he was just looking for a guy to have some fun with that didn’t have an undisclosed agenda. Perhaps he was looking for another hot guy to have some fun with that appreciated him for who he is and not what he has or what he can do for the other. Perhaps he uses manhunt to “meet HIM” because he has few outlets to meet guys.
    I would admit that there are better ways to say goodbye after the “frolicking”, as you call it, was over, but let’s not be so jaded and trash the guy without knowing what he actually meant. I did notice that he paid you a big compliment about your pictures.
    If in fact you were not a RentBoy, would you not have taken his comments as a bit of an ego boost or would you have been insulted?
    Just a view from the other side. Hope you are well!!

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  4. That’s very fair, Joey. I agree completely. I think too much sometimes (which can be just as bad as not thinking enough). Suffice it to say that he meant it as a compliment… 😉

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  5. What happened to the innocent little boy I used to know?

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  6. Caz, he was given a leave of absence, so that I could make ends meet. 😉

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  7. Right Dev. I didn’t mean to attack, I just wanted to again point out that there are people in this world who just might like you for who you are and not what you are. I know that you recognize that I NEVER point out the opposite point of view. 🙂

    To Caz: He’s still in there. I have to believe that.

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  8. He better be or I may just have to drop my purse!!!

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