Orgasm and ownership: The etiquette of private masturbation

At this moment I would like nothing better than to flop my cock out and jerk off right quick. I’ve been flirting with a sexy body builder all morning, and I need to relieve some tension; however, I cannot.

I have appointments today, and one of them is an overnight who typically expects me to cum once before dinner and once before bed. Before that I have a client for whom I do not feel obliged to have an orgasm (being that it is only a one-hour session, and if I cum for every short appointment I would fall apart), but with whom I probably will since I’ve been engaging my fantasies all morning to no avail.

At any rate, I am not going to allow myself this simple pleasure that most take for granted, because it isn’t my orgasm to waste. I know what I charge, and I would be pissed if a professional I had hired couldn’t perform his duties. And so, the body builder will have to wait. Perhaps he will be with me in spirit this afternoon…

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Ohhh poor baby! Geez, as much as we’ve talked and I’ve read about the ins and outs (tee hee!) of the business you’re in, strangely enough I never considered this pitfall!

    And actually, I’m sure you’ve told me before, but this is the first time I ever considered the fact that you don’t cum every appointment! Now that I think of it, *of course* you don’t! That would be nigh on biologically impossible on busy days, and severe chafing would likely ensue!

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  2. Yes you are expected to cum when hired. Every profession has its drawbacks. Just save some for me.

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  3. Hey Charlie – it’s not an issue with you… you have always booked appointments that are longer than an hour 😉

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  4. Wow – talk about ‘something that never occurred to me.’

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  5. I’d like to know more about the sexy body builder: How delicious looking was he? 🙂 Surely he knew you were flirting with him, so how did he respond?

    Besides trying at the gym to turn myself into “eye candy” for someone else, the most fun part is getting to see all the OTHER eye candy already there. My gym is better than a chocolate store (and I say that knowing how you feel about chocolate, my friend!), in terms of the visual delights….

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