They come in all shapes and sizes (so have matching condoms)

Dear Devon,

I was with a client today who presented me with a rather embarrassing scenario. His penis was too small for the condoms. I have seen larger condoms, but do you know of smaller ones? I told him we couldn’t have sex, because the condoms were too big. He got mad. What could I have done differently?


Dear Jeremy,

I have been in this situation three times. I think it is wise of you not to allow intercourse in this instance; however, I would suggest saying something a bit more sensitive than “your dick’s too small to keep the rubber on.” This scenario is awkward, but with some levity you can get around it (“Well, although you brought the meat, there’s a spoonfull short to fill the sausage…” I dunno… that might be even worse… just be delicate, whatever you say or do). Also, look online for Lifestyles Snugger Fit condoms: They fit guys with less girth.

If you cannot get access to smaller condoms and your client still wants sex, you have a few other options: 1) Keep female condoms on hand. They look strange, but they may help here; 2) Offer intercrural sex, which, alhough less risky than penetration, still carries the risk of transmitting skin-to-skin infections; and 3) Insist that barebacking is not acceptable to you – you may lose the client, but you have to take care of number 1.

Intercrural sex is the equivalent of the receptive partner laying on his belly, crossing his ankles, and squeezing his thighs together to make a little skin pocket under his own balls. The insertive partner then mounts from behind, thrusts his hips as he would for intercourse, and allows his penis to slide between the receptive partner’s thighs and perineum (i.e. the space between the testes and the anus; the taint). If you have alot of hair in general, course hair, or stubble, this is probably not a viable option. It will cause the wrong type of friction on your partner’s penis. The skin on your taint and legs needs to be relatively hairless with soft skin, and you will need to apply a good amount of lube. The insertive partner may eventually cum all over your perineum, so you should be laying on a towel to protect the bed from his fluids and to wipe yourself afterwards. Be sure to wash with hot soapy water as soon as you can, since herpes and other skin infections are still possible.

I hope this helps!


Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Here is a slightly related question (as far as tools needed): What is your favorite lube? Or which do you find to work the best for anal sex?

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  2. Hey T – I personally prefer Platinum Wet. Water-based lubes get dry and sticky. Silicone-based lubes stay fluid and slick longer. That is my preference, but people will have other suggestions. The one detail to ALWAYS remember is to avoid petroleum and other oil-based products, since they break condoms down.

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  3. I will have to try to Platinum Wet. I’ve heard Gun Oil has a new water/silicone hybrid lube out. That may need some testing also.

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