Compare and Contrast

It’s funny how certain conversations seem to happen in batches. This weekend I am visiting friends and seeing clients in DC. Last weekend I was dancing in Greenville, SC and Asheville, NC. I was booked for the latter first, which was a fundraiser, and since it interrupted my weekend I decided to book the former to have something to do. My good friend Roxy C. Morecox is a widely celebrated female illusionist, and we talk pretty candidly about the escorting. She asked me which I preferred, escorting or exotic dancing. Oddly enough, I have had three clients ask me that question recently too.

I have to say it: Unequivocally, I prefer escorting. The bookings at the clubs this weekend drew everything into sharp focus. I don’t do the clubs hardly ever anymore, so when I do I keep having the same reaction: I used to put up with this abject bullshit? Really?? For TWELVE YEARS???

First, my clients are ALWAYS sober, clean, polite, and respectful. The place where I meet them is comfortable, and I am very relaxed and happy with the time I spend with my clients. I walked into the doors at the clubs and already felt out of place. My asshole even puckered tightly shut when I first walked into one of the clubs. Really? I mean really?? Why does this place have to be so gross?

Let me start by comparing the two. Whether I escort or perform I have to be conscious of my body, appearance, hygiene, and manners. Regardless of which I am doing I also have to be very sensitive to others. Also, whether I dance or date I have to be on top of my business.


When I escort my clients are ALWAYS gentlemen. When I dance, gentlemen are almost nowhere to be found. When I escort my clients compliment my appearance. When I dance I get told any number of insulting comments about whatever feature is most offensive in that particular moment. When I escort the men are interested in talking to me and knowing something about me. When I dance they are far more likely to do or say anthing possible to embarrass or humiliate me. When I escort I can pay my bills. When I dance I am commanded to do any number of ridiculously inappropriate sexual circus tricks for a dollar. When I escort I stay in comfortable hotels. When I dance, the club owners stick me in places that I would be ashamed for clients to see. When I escort there are never requests for barebacking. When I dance I have this thrown at me in the dressing room: “Can I fuck you raw? I am into felching. I like to wipe it on my face – it’s good for the skin.”

Are you kidding me with this? I even had one loathsome individual try to tip me with my own money. He was so high that he thought the tips I’d handed to a friend to count was the cash he’d brought in to tip me with. Ummmmmmm… no. Not so much.

I had a very good time laughing and dancing with Roxy, and I would love to travel with her some more; however, I made in an entire weekend what I can make in two hours without the sleepless nights, smoke, drug addicts, alcohol, wanton groping, and strained muscles/sore back.

I definitely prefer escorting.

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Wow, I really never thought about what a dancer/entertainer may go through before. Makes me glad that I have very little rhythm when it comes to dancing!

    If I were younger and in school, I think (in hind site) I could now see escorting and/or film as options worth pursuing. Instead, I was rather traditional and worked myself to death with more “standard jobs” that were not very enjoyable.

    Whether I were to see you in a restaurant, a bar, dancing, escorting or in any other place/activity… I would like to think I would look at you in admiration for the courage to be happy, hot, and wonderful all at the same time.


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  2. Well, thank you Christopher! That was a pretty amazing compliments. xoxo

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  3. Seems like you are coming into your own. I’ve been getting to know you through your posts on RealJock. And while you are physically stunning (no brainer there-let he who has eyes see), what I find to be hot is your intelligence and thoughtfulness. I was a stripper with a Chippendales like group many years ago during and after college (only gay one on the bunch). I concur that while it is fun for awhile, feeling like less than a person sinks in pretty fast. Personally, escorting was never in the plan for me and I am glad to say that you Devon are helping me be open to the idea of knowing people for who they are despite being escorts (that was not a dig) and I greatly thank you for that. As they say-As long as you are happy and secure… So keep being happy, no matter what it is that you do.

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  4. Devin, I respect you for being able to flesh dance in front of lots of these guys that treat you like, er, flesh. I saw you in Asheville (I’m the one who didn’t want to touch you). You dance very very well, but I understand why it gets frustrating and even downright suckadelic. Thanks for coming to our ville and follow your heart.

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  5. What an interesting contrast and comparison between the two! I can definitely see why you prefer escorting. Not only is it much more palatable, it also calls for the type of professionalism and attention to perfection which you apply to everyday life.

    Great post, Devon.

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