Advice: The lack of it lately

I have been getting some emails asking what is tantamount to “Why haven’t you been giving much career advice or offering personal observations now that you’re not dancing in clubs?”

There are (what I think) three very good reasons:

  1. I have been escorting for only 8 months or so. In my mind I want to have a solid year’s experience, so that I can properly look at what I have seen before I start trying to comment on it or analyze it. This summer I will start talking about the escorting in the way I used to talk about the exotic dancing; however…
  2. Talking about escorting is a far more sensitive matter than exotic dancing was. When I had observations/complaints/analyses/questions before it was directed towards an anonymous, generalized audience/public. Talking about appointments opens the client up to what might be taken as personalized attacks. One reason I want to wait at least a year before I start talking about this is so that I will have a large enough body of experience that no one will know a particular situation is directed at him per se.
  3. I don’t feel like I’m in a position to do so yet. I feel I can speak with authority about the clubs and dancing, because I was in them for 12 years. What’s more, once my exclusive with Sean Cody expires (finally, GOD!), I will also be doing more video work (I hope). I want to see how that component works itself into what I am already doing. I think it will offer layers of nuance that I can’t speak about yet.

So then, I hope you understand now why I’ve been focusing on my personal life more than my career in the entries for a while. I have had some pitfalls and challenges in my love life (which I have, I am happy to say, resolved for better or worse), and I felt it would be better to deal with them, rather than try to shove them to the side and risk speaking from a place of distracted ignorance. (Oh, and Pete: Yes, I finally gave up on Matt. He has been deleted and blocked – more to keep me from going back than to keep him from bothering me… he would have had to be a bit more accessible to do that, right? LOL)

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. While I”m always looking for good information; I am always thrilled to know about you – the man, the legend!

    If you’re ever in Blowing Rock, hit me up and let’s grab a drink/dinner… would love to know more about you.


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  2. Sure thing, Christopher. I love Blowing Rock… though I am mostly a legend in my own mind. 😉 xo

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  3. Hmmm… maybe a legend in your mind and my dreams!! Never underestimate your influence to others stud.

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