MobileMe: A plug for the awesome Apple products!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE APPLE!!! Omg! Omg! I had my iPhone and iMac syncing through MobileMe for the past week, and I have just installed Outlook 2007 on my laptop (which is Windows based), and now all three are syncing!! Do you even understand how much this will simplify my life?????

I confess: I completely resisted getting Apple products, because everything in my world has always been PC; however, there will be no problems, since Apple can work with Windows files and programs. I am so giddy that I think I’m going to just bust.  OMG! Now I will be able to keep a constant eye on how my schedule can change: If someone needs to alter his appointment/update contact info (or ask about my current availability), I will be able to discuss it immediately, because I can use my iPhone to check all those details and make changes (which have hitherto been locked away on my laptop). Any of my three pieces of technology can now be used to make changes in all of the issues surrounding contact/calendars/etc., so whether I update at home, in my hotel room, or walking around on the street all the changes get synced at once via the 20-gig cloud I now have (for remote back up and web hosting/photo galleries). I have to do work only once now, rather than in triplicate, and it happens immediately!!

OMG! All my working boys need to know about this: GET MobileMe AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! The subscription is $100 per year; however, it comes with the ability to sync across ALL your computers, remote file back up/file sharing, photo galleries, web hosting (you can publish your webpage through your MobileMe account once you own the name of your site), AND THE ABILITY TO LOCATE YOUR iPhone ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD IF IT IS LOST OR STOLEN. You can remotely lock the phone through your MobileMe account, and you can also erase everything on the iPhone in question. This is a great way of protecting yourself and your clients!! Once you get your iPhone back (or replace it), you can sync it and get all your info back in moments. OMG!

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Love Apple products as well.. can’t wait to find a way to afford a mac laptop and throw the pc & microsoft out the window!


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  2. Ahem… I know, its an relatively old entry…
    But please just get an Android phone. It works definitely better than the iPhones I had and google calendar is just one of the best web interfaces for scheduling in the world wide web…

    Just stay away from Apple products, they don’t like sex and they don’t like gays. They just want your money…

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  3. Oh, hell… Really?? I wish I’d known that before I switched everything over. How do you know they’re anti-gay??

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