OMG! Totally perfect day!!

Have you ever had a day that was just… perfect? I mean, everyone and everything about it was exactly as you would have wanted?? I totally had that type of day today, and it was SO appreciated… I know I can talk alot (I’m the Mouth of the South), but I’ve been trying to keep my entries to only 500 words. A brief recap?

  • Got a great night’s sleep with my kitty cuddled under my arm all night
  • Woke up in the mood to do something random and nice
  • Lazed about in bed figuring out what to do, and for whom to do it
  • Ordered flowers for the first time and had them delivered to someone’s place of business
  • Put a chunk of cash on retainer with my mechanic, so that when/if I need more work on the car, I’m okay
  • Paid off my John Hardy diamond pendant
  • Put a down payment on a present to myself (remember in my video interview when I said I liked diamonds and chocolate?? Sheesh!)
  • Got to spend nearly an hour with a thoroughly charming girl at the Aveda store while getting some product to remain 24 indefinitely (or, is it 23 next year?)
  • Spoke briefly but happily with the recipient of the flowers
  • Spoke briefly but happily with my lovely friend Jennifer
  • Went to see “Avatar” in 3D, and it is one of the best pieces of film in cinematic history!
  • Got a nice massage, and now my left side feels better (I am having trouble with my left triceps/shoulder/scapula, lower back, and left thigh/knee/calf)
  • Will now go read myself to sleep

And now I am sharing it with you, hoping that you, too, have excellent days to come. I hope, going into the high celebration of the season, that you will be healthy, happy, safe, and secure. Please take good care of yourself while you are enjoying the celebrations, and remember to spread the joy you feel (or to accept the joy that others try to give you)!

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. I wish you many more of these now and in the new year! From what you said in the RentMen interview, this is the kind of experience you want to give to others with all your energy and honesty. I hope you will always find the same energy and honesty reflected in their response to you.

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