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I believe that over the last year or two I have made it clear that I am a person of shifting moods, someone who is as faulted as anyone else, but who at least struggles with the internal questions of how to grow and become a better man on various levels. I have also written about what a friend is to me, and how precious that is in my mind and heart. With that in mind I would like to talk for a moment about sabotage.

I have written about sabotage very little, because I feel giving vent to it reinforces the stereotype that adult entertainment is more cutthroat than other industries. This is a perverse hypocrisy. I spent years in standard jobs, and to imply that sex workers are more manipulative than divorce lawyers, priests/preachers, bank CEO’s, school administrators/principals, or tenure-track professors is to throw very large rocks in very fragile glass houses. Politics is a game I do not play, not because I’m too stupid, but because I have no tolerance for hypocrisy and treachery.

With that said, there is a situation where a particular escort seems to have targeted a friend of mine. He shifts his own travel itinerary in order to get to a city a week before my friend. He then sees many clients, so that their finances are depleted just before my friend arrives. This Judas also casts aspersions on my friend. I don’t know the cause, and, frankly, I don’t care. My friend helped this person extensively in the past, and now he has decided to specifically undermine my friend in various duplicitous ways. I have never done this on my blog, but I will do it now:

Daddy can control the content of his own site, but he cannot control the content of mine. My readership covers people in 38 states, 24 countries, and four continents. I can make my content concerning you searchable with tags, including your name, that will show up in search engines.

I am a very nice person, but do not fuck with my family or my friends. I do not seek out confrontation – I loathe it; however, when in Rome…

Author: Devon Hunter

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