Safer Sex Tip: Durex’s Avanti BARE condoms are AWESOME

C-Money’s turn to scold me about not blogging enough… SAWWY!!

Okay, in my young gay life I have managed to achieve orgasm while wearing a condom only two times. I use condoms with increasing frequency (I have definitely improved DRASTICALLY since I last blogged about this), approaching, I’d guess, 95% now. I am very proud of this. It has taken me years to develop the discipline, self-esteem, and hope/optimism to invest in this practice. I’m not perfect by any means, but I am so much better than I was that I wanted to brag a little. 🙂

At any rate, something happened about an hour ago that I have never experienced before: I was able to achieve an orgasm while wearing a condom WHILE I WAS MASTURBATING.

I bought some Durex Avanti BARE, because the SKYN and Pleasure Plus were out at the local drug store. I like SKYN and Pleasure Plus, because they don’t have latex in them (and I think that has made a world of difference for me personally: I think the latex hurts/irritates me). I bought a 3-pack of the Durex Avanti BARE, because I wasn’t sure I’d like them and didn’t want to buy a dozen. Inside, one was free and the other two were attached to each other. When I tried to separate the two, the packaging ripped open for one of them.


So I decided to see what I might expect once I use them. I got myself hard, put it on, and started to stroke myself. I could actually feel the warmth of my hand! I am not going to say that it was like wearing nothing, but I’d never been able to achieve that degree of sensation before in a condom. So I decided to see how far I could get. I had to stop and start a few times, gradually building towards an orgasm, but then I actually made myself cum!

OMG! This is so exciting!!

I have always loathed condoms. Their texture, scent, and nearly debilitating squeeze made sex feel like nothing, when I could maintain an erection at all. I started using the SKYN and the Pleasure Plus, and they were marked improvements (I even came once while being the insertive partner while wearing a Pleasure Plus – never yet with SKYN); however, I wasn’t all that excited about them. But now? OMG! I almost wanna get on Manhunt now, just so I can test drive one of these bad boys with a real person… 😉

So: I highly recommend Durex Avanti BARE, especially used in conjunction with Astroglide Natural lubrication and moisturizer (a new product I bought today with the consistency of Platinum Wet that contains aloe, vitamin C, vitamin E, and plant/fruit/flower extracts, but no glycerin, alchohol, fragrance, flavoring, or hormones). The two together are not exactly like nothing, but the combination sure as hell beats anything else I’ve ever tried!

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. yay for orgasms while wearing condoms!

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  2. Heh! You were right–that WAS a good blog! The visuals alone were worth the read. lol Also, the information was worth having, I’m sure, for a lot of people. I’ll have to recommend it to my gentleman callers. Safe sex is good sex! Go you!

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  3. Thanks for the tip. This is great to know. I can perform until the cows come home unless I put on a condom, and then my erection vanishes every time. I’ll try these!

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  4. I’m going to pick some of these up, I despise how condoms feel. Too bad I’m not on manhunt though… :p

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  5. Good blog! You are right they are excellent.I recently tried them and couldn’t believe how much better things felt.Regular latex ones to me always felt like having sex with a balloon.Bare felt much more natural!

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