Episode IV: A new hope…

(fade up to Star Wars theme song by John Williams)

Okay, sorry for the overly dramatic beginning. Well, my roommate got my car started, and all the electrical bugs got fixed, but the Miata ended up costing me $500 more anyway: The rear brake calipers started leaking, and they sprayed brake fluid all over the brake pads… Long story short: Had to get new brake pads (which were more than 50% worn anyway, so no biggie – they would have needed replacing anyway soon), but I also had to get new brake calipers. But the car drives like a dream again. Just have to figure out where the water is coming from that is flooding the floor panel under the passenger seat… HMMMM! Anyway, there you have it.


There is something wonderful to share: While I was getting my brakes fixed I went to lunch. At the table next to me were two of the happiest women I’d seen in a long time. They were having such a good time together. OMG! Their energy was captivating. They were laughing deep in their bellies, and it was like listening to music. They had beautifully braided hair, and their dresses were covered in colorful African (or African inspired) designs. Their bangled jewelry clinked like little bells every time they’d throw their hands up in hysterics. They were so happy!

“I’m sorry to interrupt you.”

“Yes?” one said with a delightful glitter in her saucy eyes.

“I’ve been having a rough time lately, and, although I’m not listening to your conversation, I can’t help but overhear how happy you both are. I just wanted to tell you that I feel better for having heard real friendship next to me.”

“AWWW! That is so sweet! And you know what, baby? Whatever is getting you down… It’ll pass.”

“I think it just did.”

Now… time to go pack some boxes, so I can start moving into the new home I’ve found for me and Sméagol. He’s playing in the tape and cardboard: He’s always so happy to see all the new places to hide and ambush me from. His collar jingles as he’s playing, and it reminds me of the laughter of the two friends.

I feel good.

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. See its the little things sometimes in life that can help the soul heal….


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  2. Funny – your story reminded me of a similar but long forgotten story.

    It was when I was living in Paris and I was on the metro late at night. It was a pretty quiet train except I started to hear someone laughing – not loudly but because it was so quiet, you couldn’t miss it. (This was in the days before ubiquitous headphones.)

    As the minutes passed, her laughter got louder and louder and just completely unrestrained. No one had any idea WHAT she was laughing at but it was something good.

    Before you knew it, total strangers started smiling and slowly, other people started laughing too – FOR NO APPARENT REASON other than this woman was having a huge laugh about something.

    Thanks for helping me remember that!

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  3. Hey, Devon! Great experience and thanks for sharing. I often find these ‘little things’ that capture my attention just at the right time, and make all the difference on my view of life. It’s good to know someone like you whose self-awareness is so outgoing that it can hear goodness and joy, and let them pull your mind back together after feeling broken by a bitter experience.

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