There’s a light…

Okay, so this week has been a mixed bag… The trip to Florida has not been the financial windfall I’d hoped it would be; however, I have had a good time with my travel companions, and I’ve learned alot. This alone makes the voyage worth it.

But there is still a great deal to contend with in my head. I don’t want to focus on any of that noise: There are some points of improvement, and these are the lights I want to focus on. My roommate got my car to start, and she said she drove it around the block – it seems to be running just fine. The silicone I used to patch some tiny holes in my convertible top have held through several heavy storms. I got the electric bill transferred into my name at my new apartment, and they didn’t ask for a deposit. And my landlord is going to let me leave a month early from my lease (and will simply keep the deposit), so I don’t have to pay rent on two places for September as well as August. WHEW!

I do try to look for the humor in life. Without it all of this would be utterly unbearable. Although I still have some bridges to cross as I leave the clubs and enter escorting, I can at least put a few checks in the boxes on my list of items to accomplish. So… in the interest of finding the fabuluscious points of gay light in all this ridiculous Frankensteinian darkness I offer you a song from “Rocky Horror Picture Show:”

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Good for you!

    Two years ago, I was drowning in a sea of debt (my fault entirely) and renting a nice townhouse in a not-so-nice apartment complex. I clicked on a gmail ad link and two months later I closed on a beautiful condo in the up-and-coming neighborhood I wanted to live in. I invested in a community that needed the boost, the builder paid off my debt as part of the deal, and I can afford the fixed-rate mortgage payment.

    The moral to the story? Do what you think is right and it is amazing how things can turn around when you least expect them to.

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