Caveat emptor

Let the buyer beware…

There are some red flags you should be aware of when you go to a club. SOB licenses (sexually oriented business) are required in many places in order for lap dances to be permissible. Depending on the state/county/city laws, getting a lap dance in a club that isn’t properly licensed can get the dancer and/or the patron arrested. Of course everyone will say they are licensed, but how do you make an intelligent choice? Here are three cautionary situations to look for:

1) How often is the club shut down, raided, or inspected by authorities? More than a few times a year and you should be asking yourself some questions about what they’re doing and why they’d attract so much attention.

2) Do the dancers need look outs? If a dancer tells you that you have to be given a dance behind other dancers, or if the door has to be watched, you should definitely NOT get lap dances at that club. That kind of behavior betrays a sense of guilt or anxiety bred by concern for repercussions that wouldn’t exist if the club in question is properly licensed.

3) If dancers have to be convinced or tempted with unusually high fees to give you a dance, you should stop asking for one. Dancers should be willing to give dances – if they aren’t, there’s a reason. If they push hard to give you a dance outside of the club it’s possibly because they can’t give you one on site.

Author: Devon Hunter

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