I got it from my Momma

I’ve mentioned in the past that my family knows what I do for a living and is supportive and encouraging. But lately I’ve had a few people question the veracity of this claim. “Your mother couldn’t possibly (insert whatever she couldn’t possibly do here).”

Well, last night Mom called me while I was at Swinging Richards in the dressing room. I specifically answered it, “Hey, Mom!” just to see what the other dancers would do. It was very cute: They looked at me like I was a third grader who’d been called to the principal’s office.

After a minute I said, “I have to get ready to get on stage – I’m at the club.” All their eyes got big. It was cute. But, if you still don’t believe me, look at the comments on my Michael Jackson memoriam. Incidentally, for people who don’t want to bother reading that long entry about fitness and diet that has a link to your left, then just watch this video, and you’ll know how I maintain my body:

Author: Devon Hunter

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