Sean Cody debut

Happy Birthday to me: My solo video went live an hour ago! LOL They said it would take 3-6 months… it took only 6 weeks! LOL Someone sent me an email asking, “Happy birthday – and don’t you look familiar from a certain website?” Hahaha

If you don’t wanna be scandalized, then don’t click below:

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Great pictures. You are absolutely beautiful!

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  2. Congratulations!!! I wish you all success. I read your profile on the site, it’s very noble of you, in an industry that uses a lot of illusion to sell, that you were completely honest about yourself. Are they generally this honest about their models or were did you insist upon being yourself?

    Funny enough, I was looking at the seancody site today and read about one of their newers guys “Sydney”. They said he was Middle Eastern, it’s so rare to see that in gay porn. He seemed to play up the “straight, bi-curious” role. If you ever meet him (or if he’s lucky enough to get paired up with you), can you ask him how it’s like being Middle Eastern in porn, if he was raised with conservative Middle Eastern cultural values and if him being in gay porn causes him internal conflict. Is he playing the straight card because there’s less of stigma attached to it, or just to sell more of an overused, trite “illusion”?


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  3. thank you guys!

    silver: they are not generally so honest. i think the reason they played up my being gay is because i told them i’m out and proud (so there’s no point not playing it up, since everyone already knows). as for the age issue: fuller (my scenefellow for my duo) was very vocal about not being able to believe that i was 32. his comment was that he hoped to look half as good when he got to be 32 (we like him – he can stay! lol). he made a comment about my age in front of the paperwork people at sean cody, and the person signing contracts with me looked at my i.d., and he said “you’re only one year younger than me?!” the camera guy heard that, and since everyone else made it an issue he did too. i felt like a dear in headlights (though i think i did ok not showing it on cam), but i didn’t see the point of lying. so… i’m an out gay 30-something now. lol

    if i ever have the pleasure of meeting sydney i will definitely ask him his thoughts on your questions.

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