Career opportunities after the lights go down

I hear it said fairly often that being an exotic dancer is a short-lived, unsustainable, no-end career. I would make the same argument about education, given the fact that half or more of new teachers leave the field after five years or less. The point is this: In any career you have to be creative, you have to enjoy what you do, and you have to be willing to evolve. That is how you create your own success.

At some point dancers retire from the stage (many of us do this far later than most people probably imagine – that is a lack of imagination on their part, and has nothing to do with how viable on stage you can remain for a very long time). When a dancer is ready to hang up his thong, he is actually in a position to do quite a few other jobs, especially if he was smart and got experience in other fields as well. I know porn models who are also engineers. One of the dancers at Swinging Richards in Atlanta is a chiropractor. I personally have advanced degrees, work experience in other fields, and plan to become a physical therapy assistant in the coming years. I digress…

(and which have nothing to do with how you look):

1 – Entertainment Director – you will know the ins and outs of getting acts into venues
2 – Club Manager – you will understand the various aspects of running this type of business, if you are hands on about learning it
3 – Sales – you will have the confidence in selling your most important product: you
4 – Public/Motivational Speaker – you would be surprised how much people want conversation and how much they will take to heart what you say, so practice being positive and channel this in new directions
5 – Booking Manager – you could start your own performance troupe of dancers and manage it
6 – Personal Shopper/Style Coach – performers with aesthetic finesse often refine this to an art and can help others with their style choices
7 – Event Coordination/Planning – clubs often collaborate with community organizations, so you should network as much as possible and become the go-to who knows everyone and helps them all get something done together
8 – Fitness Industry Professional – you are probably already involved in fitness, so why not get certified and use your knowledge on a grander scale?
9 – Entrepreneur – just as with sales, many exotic dancers are very bold and confident people who can take their experiences interacting with patrons and turn that into new ideas (didn’t you just give a lapdance to a bank executive??)
10 – DJ – dancers know what music gets a crowd pumped, and with some time in the booth you could learn to spin for parties and events with the best of them

Author: Devon Hunter

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