Oily strippers work my nerves!


Okay, first let me say this: I use a little oil. Why? Because it helps my skin and musculature show up better under the glaring lights onstage. I prefer Neutrogena’s light sesame bath oil. It’s really thin, it works like a liquid lotion, it absorbs readily into your skin, it has no fragrance and it doesn’t clog pores. I apply it conservatively, and I try to make sure it’s all completely off my hands before I go onstage and touch the pole. Avoid leaving oil on any part of your body that will touch the pole, including your palms and your inner thighs.


OILY STRIPPERS WORK MY NERVES! (see my post concerning the difference between exotic dancers and strippers) Stripper, you do not need ¼ bottle of that dollar store baby oil on your body! It does not help you that much, and you get it all over the damn pole, so that my narrow ass flies off it later like I’ve been slung out of a catapult… I did not come up in the club to look like Gonzo on “The Muppet Show” being shot out of a canon by Miss Piggy. Not to mention that your greasy sweat drips on the floor and I look like an asshole later when I’m slipping across the stage like a drunk. Keep your damn mineral oil to yourself!


Speaking of Miss Piggy…

(Sorry, y’all… just had to get that out of my system.)

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Heh. I was just thinking about your post stating that most of the male strippers at Richard’s are straight. Straight boys often need to be taught the art of moderation in grooming. They are far too literal. That’s why when teenage straight boys start wearing cologne, they freaking bathe in it until someone tells them they stink. lol

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