Dissipations, frivolity, and trivial pursuits

Youths seeking to make gentlemen of themselves should take care to avoid dissipations, wasteful expenditures of time and resources; frivolty, which leads only to a limpid spirit; and trivial pursuits, as they are the height of selfish preoccupation with matters of no consequence. – Unknown

Okay, I admit it: That isn’t a “real” quote by some hardnose from the 19th century. I just made it up. But it exemplifies the attitude of a particular prude with a forced British accent who came into Swinging Richards last night.

“Would you like a private dance?”

“I don’t like to spend money on just anything. I have several trips planned. I part with money with difficulty, but you’re very sexy,” he said as he groped my chest and arm.

“So, you just told me that you have alot of money, that you spend alot of it, but only on yourself, and that you are, therefore, here for the free show.”

“No, that’s not true! I gave that stripper a dollar a little while ago.”

“I hope it’ll cover his rent while you’re in Majorca.”

“Well, I didn’t mean to sound greedy, but money is valuable! I don’t like to be frivolous.”

“I think you just dug a hole that you have zero hope of getting yourself out of. I wrote a blog once entitled ‘Your dollar is worth about 88 cents to me.’ You should read it.”


Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Nice blog man. I like reading something to where I don’t feel like I just wasted time in my life that I can’t get back. Next time, just point out the “prude” and I’ll handle it. haha.

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  2. It never ceases to amaze me that people don’t appropriately tip the dancers. I mean they’ll pay 10 bucks for a crappy movie, but can’t part with a few dollars. If I spend more than a couple minutes “enjoying the view”, I always tip at least a couple of bucks. And if the guy can actually dance (Devon) I escalate appropriately!

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